Vic Beasley expecting more attention from blockers this year

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Falcons linebacker Vic Beasley took a big jump in his second NFL season as he went from four sacks as a rookie to leading the league with 15.5 of them last year.

Beasley’s production as a pass rusher off the edge last year helped lift the Falcons to the NFC title and other teams surely took notice of the way that Beasley could impact games by collapsing the pocket. Beasley expects that will mean more blockers devoted to slowing him down in 2017 and he’s spent time this offseason preparing ways to counter that attention.

“It’s just the attention that I’m about to get,” Beasley said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “You get chippers and a lot of attention whether it is two or three men blocking you. [I] worked on things and practiced those type of things out there on the practice field. Then I’ll try to see if I can apply it to the game. When they bring three it’s pretty rough, but the main thing is realizing the play before the play actually happens. That’s when you realize what you are about to get and what’s going to be coming your way. That all goes into the game plan and getting ready throughout the week. I think being well-prepared will definitely help me to become more effective.”

Beasley will have to work out ways to deal with the spotlight from opposing offenses, but the job will be made easier if other Falcons can make teams pay for devoting manpower to Beasley’s side. That was part of the idea behind drafting Takkarist McKinley in the first round and the team hasn’t ruled out a return for Dwight Freeney as another piece to their pass rushing puzzle in 2017.

4 responses to “Vic Beasley expecting more attention from blockers this year

  1. veetan says:
    Jun 20, 2017 12:30 PM
    28-3 – ATL Defense disappeared when it was needed most.
    Especially Beasley. In 3 playoff games Beasley was practically invisible. Against the Seahags in the divisional round game he had 2 assisted tackles and no sacks, then in his next 2 playoff games, NFCCG and SB LI, he had no tackles and no sacks.
    Also in the SB when the Pats were driving in OT Beasley had a chance at an interception in the end zone and the ball bounced off his hands. In the Falcons last 7 games, counting the playoffs, Beasley only had 1 sack. In 10 games out of 19 he played in last year he didn’t have any sacks. Beasley better hope he doesn’t get more attention.

  2. Last year’s Falcons defense had 7 of 11 starters in only their first or second year. It was obvious the young kids ran out of gas and couldn’t close out pummeling the Patriots for most of the game. This is a new year and the Falcons have added depth and experience. See Dontari Poe. Last year was an epic overtime Superbowl and the Patriots are to be congratulated for a great win. This year Brady may just be looking up at Grady Jarrett (3 sacs) and the others for four quarters instead of three 😉

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