Could Tajae Sharpe be on the bubble in Tennessee?

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Titans receiver Tajae Sharpe could be going from Week One starter in 2016 to off the roster in 2017.

As explained by Jason Wolf of the Tennessean, the guy who contributed as a fifth-round rookie a year ago may be in danger of missing the final cut in September. The problem arises from the players the Titans have added at the position, including rookie first-rounder Corey Davis and, more recently, veteran Eric Decker, whose contract has a structure that essentially guarantees him a roster spot.

Complicating matters for Sharpe are a civil lawsuit and companion criminal investigation into an off-field issue and a stress fracture in his foot that, following surgery, caused Sharpe to miss a chunk of the offseason program, and that will make it harder on him when training camp opens.

“Some of them like Tajae [are] going to have a hard time,” coach Mike Mularkey said last week regarding players who will be unable to exercise as usual. “Obviously he’s not going to run right now, but he’s got to do something to stay in shape. You can’t come back and expect to get in shape in training camp. It’s not like the old days. Training camp is short. You used to be able to build into it in the training camps. You can’t do that anymore. You’ve got to be ready to go. No matter what your injury is, there’s something you can do, cardio-wise, to train.”

Ultimately, Sharpe will need to perform, during practice and preseason games. Last year, he caught 41 passes for 522 yards and two touchdowns in 16 games, with 10 starts. This year, the Titans surely want more from a spot that high on the depth chart, which means Sharpe could end up lower in the pecking order. Which could ultimately hinge his employment on the extent to which he’s expected to contribute to special teams.

3 responses to “Could Tajae Sharpe be on the bubble in Tennessee?

  1. I see Rishard Matthews/Corey Davis/Decker/Sharpe/Taywan Taylor being the guys to beat, with Harry Douglas squarely on the bubble due to Decker’s signing (provided Decker proves healthy). Appreciate Douglas’s veteran presence these last couple of years, but a healthy Decker would be an upgrade in the rotation IMO.

    Taylor could potentially fall off that list if he struggles as a rookie in camp, but indications are they like what they see so far.

    I can’t place much stock in that off-field incident involving Sharpe, given the suspect circumstances. Some claims of off-field misconduct are immediately credible, but that one just wasn’t. Can’t see that being part of the equation unless new details come to light.

  2. Wouldn’t be a story except it keeps decker signing story fresh in a very slow time in Nfl. Titans won some fluky games last year. Every team does but they won 4-5 they probably should have lost. They have more talent this year for sure and Mariotta is in season 3 following a really good 2nd year. One of the more interesting teams to watch for sure. But they could go 5-11 just as easily as they could go 11-5. its all on mularkey

  3. He’ll probably get cut. I don’t imagine JRob is gonna have much patience for a guy who’s in trouble. That’s not the kind of team he’s building.

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