Dak Prescott ranked higher than Tony Romo ever was in top 100

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Tony Romo’s supporters have even more ammunition in arguing the former Cowboys quarterback was underrated and underappreciated during his 14-year career.

It took Dak Prescott exactly one season to rate higher in NFL Network’s top 100 than Romo ever did. The poll of 902 NFL players ranked Prescott 14th. Among quarterbacks, only Derek Carr, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan ranked higher.

Romo, according to Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News, never ranked among even the top-20 players. Romo’s highest finish ever was 34th after the 2014 season when he led the league with a 69.9 completion percentage and 113.2 passer rating in going 12-3 with 3,705 passing yards, 34 touchdowns and nine interceptions. NFL Network has conducted the poll since 2011.

Romo retired holding most of the team’s passing records.

In his rookie season, Prescott went 13-3, completing 67.8 percent of his passes for 3,667 yards with 23 touchdowns, four interceptions and a 104.9 passer rating.

Running back Ezekiel Elliott is the highest-rated Cowboy in the poll, ranking in the top 10. NFLN will reveal the order of the top 10 on Monday.

The poll, of course, has created controversy among both players and fans, so let this debate commence.

27 responses to “Dak Prescott ranked higher than Tony Romo ever was in top 100

  1. He had a great rookie season but it’s preposterous to say he’s the 14th-best player in the league. Let’s see him do it again before he’s anointed the next Johnny Unitas.

  2. Another dumb opinion poll. All it means is that Prescott is liked better around the league. How much of the favor is based on his actual performance vs how much better than expectations he played?

  3. This yr will give a better idea of his true level, this yrs opponenets(unlike LY) know he’s the QB, have studies his tendencies extensively, along with 2 new parts to the O-Line.

    If he performs close to LY he is the real deal. If not, then maybe not.

  4. The previous polls obviously counted Romo’s previous years of melting down in critical moments and winning an average of 1 playoff game every 3 years and NEVER 2 in a row. Prescott’s ranking will fall too if he ends up with a similar record. He’s the newest flavor and exploded on the scene so no baggage to hold him back yet. Wasn’t RG3 ranked similarly after his rookie year? I rest my case.

  5. 700levelvet says:
    Jun 21, 2017 2:35 PM
    The…”Most mediocre franchise in sports”…

    Quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ll read for the next 12 months. 5 Superbowls, 32 times they have made the playoffs since their inception in 1690….that ties them with the Packers…who go back to 1921. Franchise record of 493-367-6 which means they have won 57% of their games.

    Now if you want to claim the last 20 years have been mediocre……I wont argue…but to say the franchise is the most mediocre….thats just ignorant!

  6. That top 100 poll is pretty flawed. I would rather see rankings by Pro Football Focus which are driven more by metrics than by NFL players who don’t even play against all teams and other players.

  7. I remember when Josh Freeman was high on the top 100. Look where he ended up

  8. Must be nice to enter the league and have the best O-line and running game.

    Poor Matthew Stafford’s never had a 1000 yard rusher since entering the league #1 overall in 2009 (they were ranked 32 and 30 the last two years and haven’t had a 100 yard rusher in 2 or 3 years) as well as a forever weak O-line.

    Talk about privilege!

  9. Prescott may be overrated in these rankings, but that doesn’t mean Romo was underrated.

  10. 32 times they have made the playoffs since their inception in 1690

    Okay, but that’s only making the playoffs less than 10% of the time over the last 327 years so that’s nothing to brag about.

  11. Ever wonder why it is that Cowboys fans always bringing up old moldy Super Bowls they won over 20 years ago???


  12. So Dak > Luck, Cam, Russell, Ben, Eli, Brees, Rivers….. shall I go on?

    Now Cowboys fans, thumbs up or you’re as delusional as Jerruh.

  13. Dak ranked higher than Brees????

    tells you all you need to know about the credibility of this poll. Every yr., “who is the prettiest Denny’s waitress this month?”

    For almost a decade, Reuben Brown made the Pro Bowl (thru the same kinda vote) in Hawaii after mediocre seasons because ………he bought the most beers in Honolulu. True Dat! And many more tales like that.

  14. There was a reason that Tony Romo wasn’t drafted and that is why the Cowboys failed to make the playoffs while Romo was QB.

  15. The hate on Dak is real. a bunch of princesses on here complaining about a list–a list, If i may remind ya’ll is voted on by current NFL players, in other words, Dak’s peers–let it go ladies, he’s likely better than your QB and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Woooooooooooooooh!

  16. Calm down Saints fans. You act like your entire self worth is attached to where Bree’s is ranked. Prescott might not be the 14th best player in the league, but he’s pretty damn good still.

  17. The funny thing is, in spite of my comment above this one, I actually came here to defend Prescott, and i’m not a Cowboys fan. He went 13-3 as a rookie, & had the second highest passer rating in the NFC, topped only by Matt Ryan, who did advance to the Super Bowl. If the Cowboys rebuilt defense holds up, they should do better this year. They actually got stronger at wide receiver, with fourth round pick Ryan Switzer already drawing comparisons to Cole Beasley. I was more dumbfounded by Ohio State’s Noah Brown falling to them in the seventh round. The guy hauled in a touchdown using a defender’s back, and he fell to the seventh round? If you want to see it, go on YouTube, & type in Noah Brown circus catch, i’ve never seen anything like it!
    I guess his problem now is, the hype is so high, if they don’t go far, he will come crashing back down to Earth on next year’s Top 100.

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