Dave Gettleman: Panthers “feel like this is 2015 all over again”


The Panthers spent last offseason talking about trying to avoid the Super Bowl hangover. They did not avoid the Super Bowl hangover.

But Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman thinks an offseason spent plugging in veteran parts has his team closer to the group that went 15-1 in 2015 than last year’s 6-10 mess.

“Last year we were tired, and I think guys got carried away,” Gettleman said, via the team’s official website. “It’s hard – I’ve seen a Super Bowl hangover after you win it and after you lose it, and it ain’t pretty.

“There’s a different attitude this year. I feel like this is 2015 all over again with this group.”

Many of the key pieces are still in place, but the Panthers shored up obvious weak spots by signing free agents including left tackle Matt Kalil, defensive end Julius Peppers, cornerback Captain Munnerlyn and safety Mike Adams.

Coupled with a year of experience for the rookie corners who were thrown into the fire (because Gettleman pushed them there when he pulled the franchise tag from Josh Norman) and drafting potential offensive impact players in Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel, Gettleman hopes he’s checked off all the necessary boxes.

“I feel good about the roster, I feel good about the team,” Gettleman said. “I really like where we’re at.”

And because it reminds him so much of when they were similarly stocked, he can’t help but feel optimistic.

17 responses to “Dave Gettleman: Panthers “feel like this is 2015 all over again”

  1. Your QB is Cam Newton, but the biggest look-at-me smack talker in the building is your self styled genius GM. Welcome to the Carolina. Gettleman probably wouldn’t bother to cover a loose ball with the SB on the line, either.

  2. When the QB is more concerned with what he’s wearing for the post game presser than winning the game you’ve got a real problem.

  3. How else would this clown feel? He is the architect of either a very good team or a huge disappointment. I will be glad when Gettleman is out of Carolina. The sooner the better. Never liked him at all.

  4. i recall Dave being happy with the roster last year as well…the fact of the matter is the QB is coming of rotator surgery and according to his coach has lost his confidence…the middle LB is another concussion away from being done…the O-line is still not good…they have no real pass rush threats…no play makers in the secondary…a fat WR and two of their veteran FA signings are guys that the team previously let go…but hey…keep pounding right??

  5. I’m betting on a 10-6 finish with a possible wild card. That division is looking to be tough this year if the Bucs start the season the way they finished last year.

  6. 8-8 is your ceiling. Nobody wants to follow a moody QB. Absolutely no one will follow a QB who watches key fumbles get recovered by the defence. By the way, what is the current status of the pounding? Do we start now, or wait for this team to get a legitimate quarterback?

  7. Im betting that the Panthers and the Falcons bring up the rear of not only the NFC South but the entire NFL. Cam hasn’t even thrown yet..

  8. Carolina signed a bunch of guys from my favorite team this off-season to “shore up” their weaknesses. Good luck with that — my team went 8-8 last year.

  9. 2015 again? Only problem is that the division won’t be the ludicrously bad division they were in the 2015. You will actually have to earn it this year and looking at his career W-L record, not sure how you figure a return to only the 2nd winning season of his career. Dare to dream I guess.

    2011: 6-10
    2012: 7-9
    2013: 12-4
    2014: 5-8-1
    2015: 15-1
    2016: 6-8

    Total – 51-40-1 – Not exactly screamin HOF’r

  10. It’s amazing how many trolls that the Panthers have these days. This usually means that the trolls are worrying about the team that they feel a need to troll. They should be looking for ways to improve their own teams rather than complaining about another team.

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