Eagles trying to build a running offense

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The Eagles hope they drafted their franchise quarterback last year in Carson Wentz, but this year they think the best way to help him develop is not to ask him to do too much.

Toward that end, Eagles running backs coach Duce Staley said, head coach Doug Pederson wants to make sure there are plenty of carries to go around for the newly arrived running backs Legarrette Blount and Donnel Pumphrey.

“Oh, Doug communicated it himself,” Staley said, via ESPN. “He talked about running the ball: ‘We’re not bringing these guys in here just to sit them up on the shelf. We want to run the ball and we want to impose our will.'”

Staley said Blount’s size and power should make him an imposing problem for opposing defenses.

“Just get back to pounding the ball a little bit, just imposing your will on these defenses, being able to get Blount out there in the secondary,” Staley said. “I’m pretty sure those safeties will think twice about hitting him.”

With safeties thinking twice about Blount, life may be a little easier for Wentz.

18 responses to “Eagles trying to build a running offense

  1. As a close friend of the organization it is interesting to see the Howie still holding onto Ryan Mathews. I wonder what they plan on doing with him moving forward

  2. Mathews is still here because, by rule, he cannot be cut while injured. Either he gets cleared and is cut or they will eventually reach an injury settlement. I’m sure that the team is hoping for the former.

  3. ‘As a close friend of the organization it is interesting to see the Howie still holding onto Ryan Mathews. I wonder what they plan on doing with him moving forward’

    Waiting for him to pass a medical so they can cut him

  4. Trades up to get a QB #2 overall, then builds a running offense to not ask the QB to do too much… Hmmm… Where have I seen this? Mark Sanchez?

  5. With Doug “Little Andy” Pederson at the helm, that plan will last the first half of the first game, tops.

  6. Uhh durr they have Carson Wentz?!?!? Why even run the ball? I could watch him airmail passes and have other players take the blame for it all day every day.

  7. Eagles are going to have to blast Dallas size holes in order to get Blount anywhere near the secondary.

  8. As a silent minority owner of several NFL Teams (special NFL EXCEPTION) this is tremendous thinking by The Philadelphia Eagles!
    This will greatly help Carson Wentz to emphasize the running game. Multiple running backs with multiple skill sets will add even more to the running back.
    It will also add to my net worth for the Eagles!

  9. The very large Buddy Ryan defense-loving / Andy-Reid offense-hating contingent of the Philly fan base will not agree with me, but I’m gonna say it anyway:

    Pederson showed signs last year of being more committed to the run than his pass-happy mentor.

    However, the loss of Lane Johnson and the mid-season skid by the defense made it harder to keep that commitment. The defense put Wentz and the offense in must-pass situations far too often.

  10. if only this were true. eagle fans have heard this same tune for nearly 20 years, and it never changes. the pass happy coach (except little chipper who had his own issues) tries a couple running plays, starts passing after that and then says in the post game interview that he should have run the ball more….

    this team is built to be able to set up the pass by running and bringing up the d backs, but we’ll be lucky if we see it.

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