Eric Decker’s incentives may not be difficult to reach

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Eric Decker’s one-year deal with the Titans keeps looking better than expected.

After more than two days of silence regarding the value of the contract (which caused many to believe it wasn’t a very good one), the full details are now available.

Per a source with knowledge of the terms, the base value actually is $4 million, given that Decker can earn $150,000 in per-game roster bonuses. Typically, those bonuses (while tied to the player being available for 16 games) are regarded as part of the base value of the deal.

As to the incentives, Decker will receive $250,000 if he scores four touchdowns. He also will get $125,000 for every 10 receptions starting at 30, maxing out at $625,000 if he catches 70 passes. Ditto for yards, with $125,000 for 450, 550, 650, 750, and 850 — another max of $625,000.

Thus, if Decker catches 70 passes, gains 850 yards, and scores four touchdowns, he’ll get the full incentive package of $1.5 million, pushing his total payout to $5.5 million. Given the circumstances of his release and the lack of money available within budgets and/or under salary caps, and in light of the fact that Decker played only three games last season, it’s a good deal — especially since he hit all three of his 2017 maximum incentive triggers in each of the four seasons prior to 2016.

3 responses to “Eric Decker’s incentives may not be difficult to reach

  1. Can’t see m’Boy MM throwing to Decker too often, not with speedster Corey Davis (WR1) breaking open mucho frequently throughout his upcoming Rookie season. The real on-the-field battle of the WRs will be between Rishard Matthews (9 TDs in 2016) versus Decker. Let the competition begin!

  2. Decker was in a good situation with Denver and a bad situation with the Jets.

    Sharing that experience with Corey Davis will be a good thing.

    Rookie WRs tend to struggle as they adjust to the speed of the NFL. Decker will give them a consistent, disciplined presence while Davis acclimates.

    Good fit.

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