Ezekiel Elliott wants to follow in Marshall Faulk’s cleat marks

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Ezekiel Elliott wants to be more like Marshall Faulk.

The Cowboys running back, who led the league in rushing as a rookie, wants his growth to follow that of Faulk. Elliott calls the Hall of Famer a complete running back.

“With now being more comfortable in this offense and not really worrying about having to learn what I have to do, I kind of want to grow more as an overall player,” Elliott said, via Matt Mosley and Ed Werder in The Doomsday Podcast. “One of the guys I looked up to growing up playing football was Marshall Faulk. You hear stories about him about how he was kind of like a second quarterback back there with Kurt Warner. So this offseason, I’ve just been focusing on kind of learning the offense outside of roles. I’m just kind of being able to be back there and be helpful to Dak [Prescott] and just kind of … learning what everyone else is doing and how I fit into my job.”

A big storyline this offseason has been the Cowboys’ intention to use Elliott more in the passing game. Elliott had only 32 catches for 363 yards and a touchdown last season.

Faulk caught 52 passes for 522 yards and a touchdown in his rookie season of 1994. In a five-year stretch from 1998, his final season in Indianapolis, to 2002, Faulk averaged 83 catches per season.

“For sure I think I can [do that],” Elliott said. “Just when you follow Marshall Faulk’s career you see in his earlier career he was definitely involved in the passing game, but he was more of a guy who kind of got grinded down. He had a lot of carries and really rushed for great numbers when he was in Indianapolis, and then kind of as he got older, he grew more as a player. I just like the fact that he was a guy who was great in all aspects of the game.”

7 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott wants to follow in Marshall Faulk’s cleat marks

  1. Ha Ha Zeke is no Marshall Faulk. Elite All-Pro RB David Johnson is very similar to Faulk as Johnson is a true Elite WR and Elite RB, Johnson can do it all lining up outside, slot or catch out of the backfield. Zeke is DEF NOT going to be beating double coverage consistently like Johnson does. Johnson broke Faulks record last year, posting 15 games with over 100+ YDs from scrimmage. Zeke is a good back , but he most definitely is not the elite dual threat RB built in the mold of Faulk or Johnson.

  2. Zeke is going to have a blow out this year.

    (I know what you’re thinking. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? The answer: yes, yes it is…..)

  3. I admire him giving props to one of the greats, recognizing that he has to work hard to even be considered one of the greats, and is willing to put in the time to do so. Good luck young man!

  4. To say Zeke is not elite like David Johnson is a joke… You must not have watched the games. Zeke is just as elite as Johnson, and he was a rookie which more than likely means he is only going to be better as a receiver this year. Go back and watch the Pittsburgh game, and then try to say Zeke isn’t on David Johnson’s level.

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