Letroy Guion arrested for drunk driving in Hawaii


Packers defensive tackle Letroy Guion has found trouble behind the wheel of a car again.

Already facing a four-game suspension for violating the league’s PED policy, Guion could now face personal conduct penalties after a being arrested for drunk driving in Hawaii.

According to Sam Spangler of KHON, Guion was arrested early Wednesday morning and charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant.

He was pulled over in Waikiki around 4 a.m., and later failed a breathalyzer test.

The 30-year-old Guion was arrested in 2015 on marijuana and handgun charges, when he was stopped in Florida with $190,028.81 in cash in his truck.

39 responses to “Letroy Guion arrested for drunk driving in Hawaii

  1. He’s done, its finished. He will never get another job in Pro Football, even the Vikings wouldn’t sign him and they take all ex packers, especially if they are over the hill and can’t play any more.

  2. He never had legal issues when he was with the Minnesota Vikings.

    Hows that saying go? Something happens to good upstanding law abiding citizens once they head down to Green Bay.

  3. As the cops were leading him away, Letroy was heard saying, “don’t you know that I was part of the NFL defense ranked #8 against the run?!”

  4. As with most players, their life is a downhill spiral after leaving Minnesota for Cheeseland….a similar downhill spiral that the Pack will experience the next several seasons…they soon will be known as Cleveland 2.0

  5. Patriots would have moved on from a guy like this long ago. Packers keep letting him hang around. Just one of the reasons why the Packers organization are not at the Patriots level.

  6. he’s a jim irsay type of player however the cowboys will give him a hard look as well.

  7. niners816 says:
    Jun 21, 2017 5:03 PM

    I’m just here to read the Packers fans and Vikings fans talk trash to each other. It’s kind of entertaining.

    It’s actually kind of embarrassing–for both sides. Democrats and Republicans. Oh that’s right we are talking football aren’t we? No we are actually talking drinking.

    I’m all mixed up, I think I’ll go have a beer!

  8. artvan15 says:
    Jun 21, 2017 5:12 PM
    Patriots would have moved on from a guy like this long ago. Packers keep letting him hang around. Just one of the reasons why the Packers organization are not at the Patriots level.

    I think you meant to say the CARDINALS would have moved on…because the Patriots signed Michael Floyd after a nearly identical arrest.

  9. whatjusthapped says: “He’s done, its finished…”

    Why is he done in gb? Are you a majority stock owner?

  10. The year after the Vikes got rid of him, I was have dinner with a team member that is no longer a Viking. His first year as a packer he was pretty productive. So I asked him why was he cut. This player told me “he is not real bright coach always had to tell him everything twice.” I think that explains everything.

  11. This is what I think many Packers fans were hoping for, myself included – something that makes it unmistakable that the guy has got to go. If TT and team keep Guion on after this latest incident, then it sends a bad message. The dude should have learned his lesson 2 incidents ago.

    Francois is signed, Lowry is expected to make a leap, Clark will be the stud next to Daniels and Adams will take the place of Letroy. Good riddance – shouldn’t have happened, but it did. Your 3 strikes are up.

  12. He didn’t hurt anyone, but he’s still going to be punished.

    That’s enough reason to hire your own driver, especially when you make millions. In fact, it’s enough to stop drinking period.

    He should have learned from his first mistake. Even though he hurt no one and therefore arguably did nothing wrong, the punishment itself is going to hurt himself and his team his team (again) as well.

    Fortunately for the Packers the incident happened early enough that they’ll be able to adjust to life without their problem-plagued former Viking.

  13. Well, the good news is, Capers loves him some 2-4-5….

    … the bad news is, well, everybody saw it last January, and every January since 2012.

  14. BTW, the only reason Guion was in Hawaii was because McCarthy excused all the players with 5 years experience or more last week from camp which was a shame that they all missed out on that cutting edge egg toss training introduced at Packers camp last week.

    If Guion’s suspension is extended from this incident do you realize that means he will not get to have his egg toss training until next November!

  15. Could a day go by without another story about a Packer being arrested or suspended?

  16. I love how the packers fans try to tie this to the Vikings 🙂
    Hasn’t been almost 5 years since he was in Minnesota ? I need to get some popcorn and watch what next packer short coming will be blamed on the Vikings ? Jeez get a life besides the packers already .

  17. Deplorable:
    Obviously his agent wants him out og gb, rehabed and signing a new contract elsewhere. Ergo, the agent, wins here.
    Two things:
    1.Let's see….already a 4-year suspension for PEDS, now DUI….and that's the strategy for the agent to get him out of GB and sign a new contract elsewhere? At like 50 cents on the dollar for what GB was paying him?; and
    2. Ergo isn't his agent anymore and hasn't been since the PEDs ban. Do your homework.

  18. If Guion’s suspension is extended from this incident do you realize that means he will not get to have his egg toss training until next November!
    It won’t be in GB pal. Adios Amigo !
    He will hit the waiver wire soon.

  19. Packer fan here. I’m not blaming this on the Vikings: Guion is a dumbass and frankly, not a good player.

    In his last 28 games: 32 tackles, no sacks, no fumbles forced or recovered, 1 pass batted down.

    Cut him.

  20. Big PACK guy here. Kinda frustrating because he was arguabley our best line-man. This is a major blow to Caper’s defense which wasnt very good too begin with. Gonna be a long season boy’s. GO PACK


  21. It’s been known for years the guy is a complete dope, but now it appears he’s a stupid guy with a substance abuse problem. Hope he gets some help, but I won’t hold my breath on that.

    And why in hell would anyone be driving at 4am on vacation in Hawaii in the first place? How hard is it to stumble from the bar to the hotel or condo?

  22. Send him packing. After all the Vikings did. He did help shore up the Packer run defense, but his off field issues are piling up. And it looks like GB has been preparing for this event with their FA acquisitions and draft picks.

  23. For all those Packer fans ripping on the Vikings fans here…

    Please give them a break. Imagine if your team had never won a superbowl and all you had available to take the edge off was to come here and post some nasty comments about the Packers, Green Bay and Wisconsin.

    These Vikings Fans suffer from NWSB Syndrome(NeverWonSuperBowl)and just need some where to go to forget for a little while. Its the least we can do for our unfortunate neighbors.

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