Ravens owner OK with playing the week after London trip


Once the Ravens knew they were playing in London this year, they asked the league to not give them their bye week the following week.

It wasn’t because they didn’t need it after the long road trip, but because they preferred to have their week off later in the season.

The Ravens play the Jaguars on Sept. 24 in London, then come back to host the Steelers in Week Four.

“We felt it was better for us to save that bye week for the middle of the year than it was to give it up,” Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said, via Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. “We asked them – and we’re not guaranteed – to give us a home game [after London] and we got that. It’s Pittsburgh. If I had my druthers, I would have rather it been maybe some other team. But the good news about playing Pittsburgh is we know them well. We know their personnel. We play them all the time.

“Even though it’s going to be one of our toughest games, we certainly won’t have to get back on a plane. We’ll be playing a team, though a very good team, [that] we are very familiar with.”

The rough travel comes the following week when they fly the other direction to play at Oakland, giving them over 12,000 air miles in a three-week span, but coach John Harbaugh and General Manager Ozzie Newsome preferred having their bye in Week 10 (Nov. 12) to give the team a break closer to the end of the season.

“There’s no doubt, . . .that it’s going to be a quick turnaround,” Bisciotti said. “It was John’s and Ozzie’s opinion that we didn’t want [the early bye week]. If we were a West Coast team, that would be a different deal. It’s a 14-hour flight. But going to Seattle [from Baltimore] is about the same as going to London. It’s really not that much different.”

The Colts were the first team to skip the automatic bye after London last year, and they came home and beat the Bears at home the following week.

13 responses to “Ravens owner OK with playing the week after London trip

  1. East coast teams don’t need a bye after a London game any more than they would need one for a game on the west coast. It’s close to the same flight.

  2. I recall Steve Bisciotti when he was a child actor and I have to admit that he has been the most successful person to come out of the Munster’s TV series.

  3. It’s not giving them Pittsburgh after the London trip that jumps out. Over the years teams have regularly gotten horrible draws having to play a key divisional game on a Thursday, after a significant road trip. I despise Thursday games.

    But the California trip to finish off that 3-week span for the Ravens, and STILL being a month out from their bye week after that…yeah, that sucks.

  4. A guy who doesn’t practice, prepare or play says, “I’m fine with playing the week after the London game.” Gee, what a swell guy….

  5. It’s only this far on the map (holds fingers 2″ apart)

    I have seen this type of management with my own two eyes.

  6. Its tough, but he will manage to get into the limo to go to be taken to the owners box and watch the game with only a short week of preparation.

    Sometimes you just gotta tough it out.

  7. As someone who travels more in a month than the average NFL player does in a season, I get a little tired of hearing about the various injustices they are forced to endure in terms of travel. Yes, I know I don’t play a grueling violent sport like they do, but I am also not 25 years old like they are. And I certainly do NOT travel in the luxurious way that they do.

    The flight home from London is not that long, and there is absolutely no reason in the world why a team shouldn’t be ready to play again six days later. Enough with the drama.

  8. Ravens also prob think they can just send their 2nd-stringers and still win without too much hassle. But beware of the trap you guys – Jags actually play better in London than at home (2-2: lost to 9ers in 2013 and Boys in 2014, but having won the last two years against Bills and Colts). So in London they’re more like an average team than a bad one, and so you’re gonna have to show up and work for it.

  9. Hopefully the Ravens won’t do what the Steelers did when they went to Europe – laid a giant egg at the feet of the superior Vikings.

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