Ron Jaworski says he’s “in limbo,” unsure if he has a future on ESPN


Ron Jaworski’s name has been included in some reports about ESPN’s recent round of layoffs, but Jaworski himself says he doesn’t know if he’s done at ESPN or not.

Jaworski appeared on a podcast with Matt Mosley and Ed Werder and said he isn’t sure if he’s going to be part of ESPN’s NFL coverage in 2017.

“I wish I could give you a definitive answer but I don’t have one,” Jaworski said. “I’m absolutely very grateful and thrilled to have worked at ESPN for 27 years. I still may continue to work at ESPN. I do not know what the future is going to hold. I still have a contract with them until May 31st of 2022, and if they choose to want to use me in some other areas, that is being talked about with my agent basically as we speak. So I’m a guy in limbo right now. But I do want to continue some broadcasting. I love what I do.
I still maintain my office at NFL Films and the film wonk that I am, I try to give the audience something that they normally don’t get. It may be a little bit drilled down football, but I think there’s far too much football on TV that doesn’t scratch the surface and I try to drill down and give the viewers and the listeners something they don’t get anywhere else.”

Jaworski has long served as one of the analysts on NFL Matchup. ESPN has confirmed that Matchup will return in 2017, but there’s no word on who the analysts will be.

“The Matchup show was on the air before I started at ESPN. If I do it or not in the future it will still be a great show,” Jaworski said. “There was a time when people said, ‘The fans don’t care about Xs and Os.’ That is bull. People care about football.”

People care about football analysts, too, and ESPN still hasn’t told people who the network’s analysts will be this year. Jaworski might be on the air, but right now he’s in the dark.

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  1. Wasn’t this the guy that announced at the draft that “We will come around to like a guy for doing the right thing”

  2. Jaworski could be one of the greatest analysts ever. The sky is the limit. He has an incredible skill set.

  3. Sometimes people work REALLY REALLY hard at their job, and they still suck at it. That’s Jaws. Both as a QB, and as an analyst. Maybe he should look into accounting or something.

  4. Some team should jump on this opportunity and put him in charge of drafting QBs! A guy with his talent in that area only come along once in a generation!

  5. The worldwide joke of sportscasting continues to bleed its life away.

    Lolz and good.

  6. He is one of the few people at that network who actually knows anything about football. A network that employs Max Kellerman and fires this guy is surely one that will not be in business long

  7. amace020 says:
    Jun 21, 2017 6:16 PM
    Jaworski could be one of the greatest analysts ever. The sky is the limit. He has an incredible skill set.

    This why he will probably be gone. ESPN has not fallen because of Jaws or Tom Jackson types, where you learn something. They load up on Stephen A and other “Best Ever ” hype types.

  8. He and Kaepernick would make an amazing pair at ESPN. A three hour mixed talk show format on social issues slotted from 5-8 pm on Sundays during the season would be a fast track back to success for the network.

  9. Never have been a big fan of Jaws. Still, it seems ludicrous the way ESPN is replacing accomplished, effective, and knowledgeable journalists with what sometimes amounts to vacant, babbling idiots who know nothing about sports. At some point, you’d think the realization would have to hit that all the marketing and distribution in the world can’t save that sinking ship.

  10. When he first started out and he was “green”, he sucked. He has improved so much I don’t hate him anymore and has earned my respect for his insight.
    If he stays at the Micky Mouse Sports Club, he’ll probably have to take a pay cut and be eligible for food stamps on what they will pay him.
    Pay hundreds of millions to buy broadcast rights and then fire TALENT is right out of the Clear Channel radio handbook. They bought THOUSANDS of radio stations to try to price fix advertising rates in hundreds of markets and fired THOUSANDS of DJ’s and used pre recorded announcers and their ratings tumbled and they lost hundreds of millions of dollars.
    Try getting ESPN off you basic cable cost. Good Luck. I think it’s over 20 dollars a month.

  11. Bust on Jaws all you want. But if I could get a dime for every one of the dollars this so called moron is worth, I could retire tomorrow. The “Polish Rifle” has invested very wisely over the years in various ventures, and needs ESPN’s money about as much as Rosie O’Donnell needs a Philly cheesteak. He’s got to be doing this because he loves it, not because he needs the job or The Bristol Clown College’s money.

  12. They must have come across a voting record where he pulled an “R” lever… so he must go.


  13. One thing people forget is guys like Jaws do what they do the way they do it because it’s the way ESPN wants them to do it. It’s why he so often says outlandish things (such as “Kaepernick is already the best QB ever”).

    I respect Jaws because he was a blue collar player and he always does his homework. I wish he could be himself more rather than the Bradshaw-like goof that ESPN wants him to be.

    Still — if they fire him it will be another good football guy they’ve gotten rid of.

    It’s clear that ESPN wants all their reporters and analysts to be millennial types who wise crack and have little knowledge of the subject at hand and no knowledge of the 178history of the sports they cover.

  14. He played for the Eagles so everything he does is just like them… irrelevant

  15. terripet says:
    Jun 21, 2017 6:41 PM
    Go to NFL network morning show this is the worst show on tv

    Good Morning Football? I couldn’t agree with you more! The show that puts PC and gimmicks ahead of actual NFL news or knowledge.

  16. Yes, the self proclaimed expert on quarterback play proclaimed that Kaepernick would be the next transformational quarterback. It didn’t matter that Kaepernick had no touch on his passes, Jaworski made that declaration. He owns it. Everyone gets a free pass, but he went out on a limb and the fall was hard.

  17. I love Jaworski and I think he’s the best in the business. I used to watch Monday Night Countdown, and Monday Night Magazine (or whatever those pre-game shows were called). He’d give you so much good insight. He spent hours upon hours grinding film because he loved the game. He’s a good guy too. He was so well prepared, he didn’t have to rip people to get an audience. That’s the sign of the great ones. Ripping on people is the lazy way out. Gruden is much the same way. Those guys work so hard because they love the game, they have all kinds of positive stuff to share. I know that all good things must eventually come to an end. Jaws is in my HOF.

  18. Perfect timing for Jaws to leave BSPN exactly when Kaepernick could use an agent who really believes in him and isn’t afraid to talk a lot.

  19. Don’t like Jaws but he’s not the problem at ESPN. The problem is guys like Stephen A Smith and their stupid fluff pieces that get shoved down our throats. 30 for 30’s are cool. How about being funny and edgy? Anytime it slows down and the sappy music comes on and they close up on an anchor for some feel good story I immediately switch to something else. The best reality show is between the lines.

  20. Jaws breaks it down with the best of them, calls it like he see’s it and can speak intelligently. Hilarious some of the new hires because they might be younger but cannot speak. Love ya Ray Lewis

  21. As much as I abhor BSPN, I end up watching them in certain areas due to their depth and quantity of people. Jaws, and Trent Dilfer were tow of them I liked to listen to. It will be easier and easier next year not to watch them for pro or college football analysis.

  22. Love Jaws. Agree with putting him on the NFL Network’s morning show. I have no idea why they took off the NFL AM show in the first place. Good Morning Football is simply not good.

  23. Aw shucks, Jaws! Well, you know Donovan (McNabb) is still the best-est QB that Philly has ever seen the likes of (e.g., five (5) NFC Championship berths/one (1) Superbowl appearance). That’s something to be proud of.

  24. Jaws breaks the game down as well as anyone on TV. He takes the job seriously and offers great in-depth analysis. So it’s not surprising that espn would get rid of him. Gotta pay for the 85+ people they put on NFL countdown every sunday

  25. My favorite Jaws line from 1986 when Randall Cunningham was nipping at his heels: “Mobility is overrated.” Jaws was placed on IR with a questionable injured pinky finger later in the year and released during the offseason. One of Buddy Ryan’s best personnel decisions.

  26. Jaws famously called now jobless Kap one of the best QBs of all time. Hilarious.

    What most of you fan boys dont know, and this is cool, Jaws owns a small company that buys closed/distressed golf courses. He buys them for pennies on the dollar, has his team restore them, resells them, and makes big bank. He is doing quite well with this endeavor.

  27. Those cheering the demise of ESPN please consider the following.

    ESPN is a social media company which focuses on sports content. The sooner some of you realize this, the sooner you will realize that ESPN is not going under.

    Yes, they were late to realize how cord cutting would affect their business model and they absolutely overpaid for premium NFL and NBA content. However, they’ve rebounded and will ride out this storm.

    The days of the stuffy white guy sports announcer are over. ESPN’s customers want personalities delivering the sports content they consume. There aren’t going to be anymore Mike Francescas or Don Imuses.

    Embrace the new and stop opining for the way things used to be. Who knows… you may actually enjoy the new world you live in.

  28. As a Bears fan I would love to have Jaws become our QB coach or even our OC. This might make up for the time the idiots at Halas Hall passed on signing him as a backup to I think Jimmy Mac.

  29. Enough with the Jaws/Kap stuff. The guy was wrong! Should that one (big and public) error in judgment define him forever?

    His job is to provide second-level insight. He does this day in and day out, relatively spot on, but makes one admittedly foolish forecast (probably at ESPNs prodding for more sexy statements) and he looked stupid. He’s paid that price. No we can move on and consider the body of work, not the example of foolishness.

    That said, he could use to tone it down a bit. A well-timed pass in traffic while accurately reading the movement of the linebacker gets this guy way too excited.

    But hey, maybe that’s all the more reason to keep him? The guy clearly cares. He puts his entire heart and soul into what he does. The kind of thing we demand and commend of players. That should account for something, both at ESPN and among us, the viewing audience.

  30. Jaws was a great football player in his day, but his on-air blather is just downright irritating. He adds nothing to a broadcast. Bring on a fresh face, please.

    If ESPN keeps Jaws after ditching John Clayton, ESPN needs to take a long and hard look in the mirror.

  31. I have never been a huge fan of Jaws but one thing I will give him credit for is that he does his homework, is passionate about his job, and does have some good insight at times.

    ESPN better be careful on the road they are headed down. They get rid of analysts that know what they are talking about and replace them with people yelling at each other, social issues, e-sports, and basically all we get from them is the constant NBA anymore.

  32. NFL Matchup is one of the few things left that ESPN hasn’t screwed up yet……at least until now

  33. I agree with him that most fans are too stupid to care or have the desire to learn Xs and Os. Just go to a game in person ( or even a sports bar ) and look around, drunk idiots everywhere, paying more attention to their beer than the game. But there are some that are interested and like watching his show.

  34. I find his delivery to be grating, but the fact that he breaks the Xs & Os down so thoroughly is a refreshing change from the empty screaming that takes place on just about all studio shows, not just ESPN. I rarely watch any of the studio analysis shows on any network anymore, mainly because actual information from people like Jaws is in such short supply. If ESPN gets rid of him, I’m sure he will get another gig very quickly.

  35. As with all talking heads, we can do without him. I do find him interesting when he breaks down a play. He knows X’s and O’s. Of course espn will fire him, he’s a white guy that knows about sports

  36. BarbequeTime says:
    Jun 21, 2017 7:40 PM

    “For what its worth, I’m not even sure ESPN has a future on ESPN.”


    Sir! Outstanding post.

  37. I love NFL Matchup but one for the Suggestion Box, get rid of any studio hosts or announcers who scream at the camera. I was in broadcasting for a decade. Who is teaching these folks to yell at the camera? We can hear you using a normal tone of voice because of these modern devices, microphones.

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