Andy Dalton: Players aren’t thinking about Marvin Lewis’ contract situation

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The Bengals have employed Marvin Lewis as their head coach since 2003 and they’ve kept him in the organization with a series of one-year extensions in recent years, but that’s not the case this time around.

Lewis is not signed beyond the 2017 season, leading some to wonder if this will be his final year on Cincinnati’s sideline if the team doesn’t make progress after going 6-9-1 last year. Quarterback Andy Dalton says the coach’s status isn’t weighing on the players as they head toward September.

“He doesn’t talk about contracts. He doesn’t talk about his situation,” Dalton said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “It’s all about having a good year. So, the guys aren’t thinking about that.”

The players may not be putting particular focus on Lewis’ situation, but it’s not because they don’t like the coach. Cornerback Adam Jones and punter Kevin Huber both said they love Lewis, but pointed out that nothing about this offseason is too different from a player’s perspective.

If players don’t perform well, there’s a good chance they’ll be off the roster when the next year gets underway and that’s true whether Lewis is signed for four more years or four more months. Or, as Jones put it, “if you’re winning everything is good” and players have a lot more control over that than any decision owner Mike Brown will make if they post another losing record.

8 responses to “Andy Dalton: Players aren’t thinking about Marvin Lewis’ contract situation

  1. “It’s all about having a good regular season. So, the guys aren’t thinking about playoffs.” Dalton said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer.

  2. There is something to be said for the consistency of a long term Head Coach and the system that he employs.

    However, Lewis needs be held accountable at some point… He’s had a lot of great players come through there and to not win a playoff game in 7 tries is pretty terrible.

  3. Nothing wrong with keeping you options open. If Zimmer has another down season in Minnesota he might be out so maybe the Bengals are waiting on him. I also think this is Marvin’s last year regardless. He has put in 15 solid years and is getting to that age of calling it a career. By not extending him this is allowing the Bengals to not be on the hook for any extra cash which Mike Brown likes. It also keeps the possibility of Zimmer returning if he gets canned. That is the best case scenario. What will probably happen is they will promote OC Zampese or DC Gunether to HC which would be awful. They have both demonstrated that they are a couple notches below who they have replaced in Zimmer and Jackson respectively. Brown will justify it as keeping the continuity of the team together but who cares about continuity if they go 6-10 again? I think its fairly obvious this is Marvin’s swan song.

  4. Marvin said awhile back that he’s hanging around until his son gets a job somewhere then will probably hang it up.

  5. There’s something about mediocrity that makes NFL owners into believers. There are decent, non-champion coaches who will always have work because they can sometimes – maybe often – get their team to the playoffs. Make no mistake, though; these guys (Lewis, Reid, etc.) are not championship coaches. Their team owners may be satisfied but the fans starved for a championship will just go on starving.

  6. natijim185 says:
    Jun 22, 2017 1:12 PM
    As a Bengal fan please Bengal players tank this season so Marv can move on!


    A few years ago Marvin apparently said that if they won a super bowl he’d retire. This is what I’m rooting for, although as a Bengals fan I think what you’re hoping for is probably more likely

  7. Marvin wil get signed again, and again, and again. The Bengals ownership has finally found a guy who’s JUST good enough to keep the team competative but not great. That’s fine with them, because if the Bengals EVER did get to the Super Bowl they would have to PAY him….(which they would’nt)

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