Andy Reid signs extension with Chiefs

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The Raiders signed their quarterback to a contract extension on Thursday and one of their AFC rivals has done the same with their head coach.

The Chiefs announced that they have reached agreement on a new deal with Andy Reid, who was in the fifth and final year of his current contract. There were no terms announced.

“I’d like to thank Clark and the entire Hunt family for the opportunity to continue my coaching career here in Kansas City,” Reid said in a statement. “We’ve made quite a bit of progress over the last four seasons, but we are not done yet. We are going to continue to work towards our ultimate goal of winning championships. I’ve been blessed by the support of the community, our fans, the Hunt family and the entire Chiefs staff. I’m looking forward to the years ahead as the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Reid has gone 43-21 in four seasons with the Chiefs and has taken the team to the playoffs in three of those years. The extension will give him a chance to improve on those totals while overseeing the expected transition from Alex Smith to 2017 first-round pick Patrick Mahomes at quarterback.

23 responses to “Andy Reid signs extension with Chiefs

  1. One of my all time faves.

    Still dissappointed Ron Wolf let him get away after 1998.

    Hope he gets another Ring before he takes off the head set.

  2. exinsidetrader says:
    Jun 22, 2017 4:11 PM

    Who did they sign to manage the clock for him?

    I guess you’ve already forgotten how bad KC was before Reid was hired.

  3. So Chiefs fans have more years to look forwards to pretty good teams that fail to show the slightest sense of urgency at the biggest moments of the biggest games.

    As you watch them stroll to the huddle, take their time and stroll to the line when you’re down by 10 and only 2 or 3 minutes left you’ll be screaming at the TV to get their rear ends moving.

  4. Reid is a very good coach with some fatal flaws that bite him year after year. He’s a great guy so I hope he some day has such a dominating team that his coaching issues won’t stand in the way of getting a ring.

  5. Good to see Reid doing well in KC.

    He’s sort of the NFL equivalent to longtime Braves manager Bobby Cox.

    Sneered at by folks who only count rings. But excellent at building quality teams that win lots of games over a long period of time.

    Both of them liked to have lots of veterans on the roster, but neither was afraid to let go of a popular player if they were done.

    Go Big Red.

  6. As a Raider fan, I’m unhappy to hear about this extension because Andy Reid to me is like an updated (but chubby) version of Marty Schottenheimer. They both took over horrible Chief teams and turned them into a winning regular season team and Reid also beats my Raiders regularly like Schottenheimer did.

    The only silver lining for me is that Reid’s Chiefs (like Schottenheimer’s) generally make early playoff exits.

  7. The only silver lining for me is that Reid’s Chiefs (like Schottenheimer’s) generally make early playoff exits.

    Reid has won only 1 of his last 8 playoff games. (OUCH!)

    He had won at least 1 game the previous 7 seasons his teams made the Playoffs.

  8. Even though he is supposed to be an offensive mastermind, he’s only ever gone as far as his defense has taken him.

    Jim Johnson was the real superstar coach of the eagles team and once he died the Eagles defense fell off the map and so did Andy Reid’s teams. Does anyone remember the unparalleled disaster which was Reid making the Offensive line coach his defensive coordinator? Did that even have a chance of working on paper, let alone the field?

    Reid went to a Chiefs team that had 8 1st team pro bowlers on the roster and a QB that every announcer, GM, and fan said was holding the team back for years.

    He got rid of Matt Cassell and let the defense win games. As we get further away from that defensive core that was there when he arrived the worse the team does. It’s not an aberration, it’s a pattern.

    Look for Andy to draft a 30 year old lineman in the 1st round next year if they don’t find a GM.

  9. I thought Reid and the general manager were on equal footing. Reid could have voted the Maclin release if he really wanted to. I do not see this ending well for the team.

  10. Reid might be a decent coach…. but you have to be delusional to think he’ll every win a Super Bowl.

  11. Good for Andy. Very few coaches can win as consistently as he has at that level. While he has his flaws that others have pointed out, he has always been a class act. I can’t help but root for the guy.

  12. Raidernation210 says:
    Jun 23, 2017 8:40 AM
    raidernation says thank you!!


    Another genius raider fan. Reid is what, 7-1 vs Oakland as Chiefs HC?

  13. Once again, the Raiders do all their winning in the off season. The Raiders are good and the Chiefs have their hands full, no doubt. Let the games happen. I enjoy a good Chiefs Raiders rivalry.

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