What’s next for John Dorsey?

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Despite today’s news of his ouster in Kansas City, there’s a chance John Dorsey will be landing on his feet, sooner than later.

In January, Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel dubbed Dorsey, a former Packers executive, as the “best bet” to succeed Ted Thompson as the General Manager in Green Bay. The more immediate question is whether the Packers will be inclined to bring Dorsey back into the fold before such a move is made.

For his part, Dorsey subsequently called his time with the Chiefs the “greatest four years of my life,” and he expressed a desire to stay with the team long enough for his six-year-old son to graduate high school.

Dorsey, who has a year left on his Chiefs deal, can take the year off with pay, stay put in Kansas City, and plan his next move. A respected figure in league circles, he’ll surely find something, somewhere.

He may end up finding the G.M. job that arguably has more job security than any other, since there’s no one person in Titletown who can get up on the wrong side of the bed or catch a wild hair and fire the head of the football operation.

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  1. Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel dubbed Dorsey, a former Packers executive, as the “best bet” to succeed Ted Thompson as the General Manager in Green Bay.

    That’s where my $$$ is at.

    I’m just not buying Eliot Wolf as Thompsons successor, regardless of who his father is, or the investment the Packers have in him at this point.

  2. John Dorsey would be a great hire. The Hunts really screwed up letting him walk. I’ll bet Mike Hunt got rubbed the wrong way and that did it. Let’s hire him as soon as possible.

  3. Hard to understand the decision. I suppose mismanaging the cap was his downfall. Personally, I think drafting Mahomes was the best move the franchise has ever made to transform the team for the better.

  4. Good comments so far.
    Dorsey could come back to GB. That would be nice. I agree the Chiefs made a mistake. We will see once Reid has a couple years to get players he wants.

  5. I’m not going to speculate on what’s going on here. It will be interesting to find out what the plan is going forward. If there’s one guy I trust, it’s Andy Reid.

  6. I wouldn’t guarantee Dorsey to top job in Green Bay just yet. Ted Thompson is still in control and a lot of young talent already on the executive staff, and if John Schneider is interested in the job when Thompson retires he might also be considered.

  7. KC has built a nice roster. Not sure how far the QB can take them, but they drafted Mahomes anyway. Kinda looks like a power struggle that AReid won and Dorsey lost.

  8. Dorsey will land on his feet for sure. He wasn’t perfect, but I thought he did a very good job in KC. Cap and dead money were big issues. Getting Alex Smith probably killed our chances of winning it all. But he did a helluva a job. He will make some other team very happy.

  9. If Dorsey was so good – good enough to succeed TT at the Pack — why was he canned? It will be interesting to see if the underlying reason for this termination is ever disclosed.

  10. Good eye for talent but the Chiefs are seriously strapped for $$$$ due to bad contracts & dead money, that’s all on him. Not at least trying to renegotiate with Marlin then cutting him the way he did might have been the final straw. Not saying Maclin didn’t need to go but he was a classy player & good for the locker room, deserved to be told in person or at least a conversation……..not a VM.

  11. 74 million is dead money in his 4 years hurt. His handling of Eric Berry’s contract, and the way he treated Maclin finished him off. When Clark Hunt has to come in and do your job for you, you signed your own death warrant. He’s got a good eye for depth, but still has quite a bit to learn about the GM job overall.

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