Which teams have faced ridiculously high expectations?

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In the same way that the abrupt decision of the Jets to cut linebacker David Harris created the impression that the Jets are taking a nosedive in 2017, the abrupt decision of Harris to join the Patriots becomes a layer of icing on top of the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake in New England.

The Patriots have firmly entered “crown their ass” territory, with the coming season seemingly an exercise in watching and waiting for whether enough injuries will derail the inevitable.

So with the Patriots facing ridiculously high expectations, here’s your PFT Live question of the day: Which teams from the past have had ridiculously high expectations?

I’ve got a few ideas, but I’ll be happy to take a few of yours off your hands. Chime in below.

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19 responses to “Which teams have faced ridiculously high expectations?

  1. 2007 Patriots Tom Brady to Randy Moss-Duh!

    ’85 Bears looked like they were ready to peak after losing in the playoffs to S.F. The year before.

    ’73 Dolphins How much more expectations can you have than have gone 17-0 the season before? Well, they took it and went 15-2 and won another Super Bowl 24-7 over the Vikings.

    Just a few. Let’s hear some more!

  2. It still comes down to health. Football is a brutal game. The team you have on paper now is not the same team you will take to the playoffs.

  3. Recently the Patriots are the only team with very high NBA like expectations because they can win their division in their sleep so they are guaranteed a top 4 spot. Win probably 2-3 more games to get homefield advantage. Get rest and bye week to play 2 games in Massachusetts in January. Get another week off to play in warm weather or dome(usually). All they have to do is keep Brady healthy all season and its Lombardi city.

  4. The Patriots are the only team for whom a Super Bowl loss triggers the suicide hotline in these parts. A championship is expected and anything less is unacceptable. 31 other teams are just happy to be there. Oh, and this season can we please stop the Aaron Rodgers is the best QB crap. It’s Tom Brady and I’ll take him at age 40, 45, or 50.

  5. Pats have a good chance at 19-0. Goodell cheating them is still fresh in their minds, regardless of the team taking the high road.

    The Revenge Tour is like the Dead tours of the 1980s….It just keeps going.

    Night night, Rogie. It’s all gravy now. Time to bury you once and for all.

  6. I admit, I had to be resuscitated at some point in the third quarter during the Super Bowl.

    Brady brought me back to life!

    The Pats, definitely, the Pats

  7. Panthers last year. As Bear Bryant says “There are two types of teams: those that are humble and those that are about to be.”

    Also, Manziel did the same thing with his money sign and “wreck this league” nonsense. If you recall, he a guaranteed to win the Super Bowl for the Browns before he was drafted.

  8. Packer fans expect their team to win the Super Bowl every single year and no amount of postseason collapses will change their minds.

  9. Pats….for 16 straight years it’s been superbowl or bust. Always getting the other teams best shot because it is usually their biggest game of the year.

  10. 1967-68 Packers. Had won two straight World titles and the first Super Bowl and were expected to win it all again despite having an aging, depleted team.
    And behind Lombardi and Starr, they won the third straight – no one else had or has.

  11. Vikings’ fans seem to have unreasonably high expectations for their teams. Then the inevitable happens; which is the most one-and-done playoff losses, the most playoff losses in the history of the NFL, the 26th worst playoff win percentage, and 0-4 in the Super Bowl.

  12. Pats are under the most expectation pressure every year. I mean they are the only 17 year Dynasty in the history of Pro Football. All you can do is marvel take your hat off to GOATS Belichick and Brady.

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