Bengals think Andre Smith can be a “terrific” guard

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The Bengals lost two starting offensive linemen as free agents this offseason, leaving them with openings at left tackle and right guard as they built their team for the 2017 season.

They filled one of those spots by reaching out to a former member of the team, although Andre Smith’s won’t be returning as part of the plan to replace Andrew Whitworth at left tackle. Smith played right tackle in his first tour with the Bengals, but is set to take over at right guard for Kevin Zeitler.

Smith said he’s noticed things move faster at guard, something that may be exacerbated by practicing against defensive tackle Geno Atkins, but offensive line coach Paul Alexander says the transition has been a successful one thus far.

“I think Andre has a chance to be terrific at guard,” Alexander said, via the team’s website. “He’s getting to start from the beginning this year with the base techniques and then learn the offense as he goes. If we all of the sudden picked him up a week before the season and said, ‘Go play right guard,’ I don’t think he could do it. But going through this progression I think he’ll be fine.”

If all goes well, the move would benefit both the Bengals and Smith personally as the shift could prove to be a career extender as he closes in on a decade as an NFL offensive lineman.

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  1. Beyond stupid, Smith is a OT he is not an OG & has played Tackle since College, Even if it works their will be huge growing pains. The Bengals should of just kept Smith @ RT & DRAFTED another OG to take that spot.

    The Bengals had MULTIPLE chances to draft the 2nd ranked best OG in the draft in MASSIVE 6″5/315pd (35.5in long-arms) OG Dorian Johnson. AZ ended up drafting Johnson at the very top of round 4 but Cinci picked one pick behind them, they could of traded up a few slots in rd-4 or could of taken in Round 3 once on the clock.
    The 6″5 massive OG Dorian Johnson was ranked as the 2nd best OG in the draft & was expected to be draft at the very top of round 2, and was ranked as high as a very late 1st round pick to mid 2nd rd depending where u looked. Johnson only fell in the draft because come last minute medical re-checks like day before draft Johnson showed Elevated Liver Enzymes causing him to fall in the draft while teams talked to their Drs and worked it out. Turned out to be NOTHING, It is a condition Johnson was BORN with that will not affect his play or ability at all according to Arizona’s team Doctor!!!!
    6″5/315pd OG Dorian Johnson is A MASSIVE Draft STEAL getting the 2nd best OG who was expected to be drafted at the very top of RD2 in/at the top of RD4 is a YUGGE draft steal. In College Johnson was an Elite Mauler of a run-blocker & an absolute technician who was top notch excellent in pass protection. NFL Dot Com says his draft Comp is Jack Mewhort, but I think he is a more athletic version of Elite All-Pro LG Mike Iupati .
    Since arriving in Arizona Dorian Johnson has been playing at an extremely high level for a rookie & is picking the scheme up quickly. It will be extremely hard for Johnson to beat out C/RG Evan Boehm who has Pro-Bowl caliber talent/potential & is starting at RG this year, but if G Dorian Johnson picks up the offense very fast in T-Camp I think he could possibly win it n start.

    The Bengals should of drafted Johnson as he would of been a MASSSSSIVE upgrade to an Offensive Line in Disarray. Cinci could of kept Andre Smith @ RT and played Dorian Johnson at RG giving AZ an extremely stable right side of the line & all Cinci would of had to worry about is LT. Johnson has Elite All-Pro caliber level of talent/ability/potential but they missed out… The Bengals could of even drafted 6″4/305pd RG Dan Feeney in round 3 who was also one of top OGs in draft but didn’t.
    The Bengals messed up BIG TIME, Esp in not drafting elite prospect 6″5/315pd G Dorian Johnson who was one of the top 2-3 OGs in the entire draft who Cinci could of had in RD 3 or 4. The Bengals are going to HEAVILY Regret not taking a top OG as that line is going to be horrible in 2017 heavily limiting Dalton .

  2. Why not. Dave Lapham played all 5 line positions well. Whitworth played 3 or 4 line positions well. If Andre stays healthy he’ll do well.

  3. Great. Now if they can get a terrific Left Tackle, terrific Right Tackle and a terrific Center, they’ll have a pretty good line.

    Right now, they don’t.

  4. Smith has always been a good player when healthy and has the perfect body type for OG. I’m sure he’ll do well there. Cedric Oghbuhi and Jake Fisher at OT are the bigger concerns.

  5. If the Bengals O line can play at a high level this team could end the 26 year playoff drought because they have talent at every position on the field.

  6. Offensive linemen should be able to move down line and play all positions on line, even center. Not a big deal.

  7. Ah Paul Alexander……

    Is this, pray tell, the same Paul Alexander that thought Nate Livings was a better guard than Evan Mathis ?

    Thought so……..

  8. I really hope he will be along with the 2 young tackles because the rest of the offense can be really good.
    Smith is an excellent run blocker so I’m thinking the run game could improve, especially with Mixon back there.
    This season hinges on 2 things – the O-Line and the health of Eiffert. If those 2 things work out this will be one of the best Offenses in the NFL to go with what is looking like a top 10 Defense.

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