Get ready to see Jamison Crowder in various roles

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Washington’s plans for receiver Jamison Crowder don’t simply include making him a full-time starter. The team also intends to deploy him in multiple different ways.

“I’ve said all along Jamison can play anywhere,” coach Jay Gruden recently said, via Mark Bullock of the Washington Post. “He can play outside, inside. He can play running back probably if he wanted to. So we’ll utilize Jamison and try to get him more involved, not just in the passing game and the running game.”

Ultimately, whether Crowder plays running back depends on whether Gruden wants him to. If he does, things could get very interesting.

Crowder primarily has played in the slot for his first two seasons, with DeSean Jackson (gone to the Bucs) and Pierre Garςon (gone to the 49ers) on the outside. Starting this year, Crowder will be all over the place — despite being only five feet, eight inches tall.

“He just continues to prove every day why we like him so much,” Gruden said. “He’s great on option routes, he can run vertical stems. He can run just about anything you ask him to run. . . . He gets himself open because he’s got a great feel. He’s got quickness in and out of his breaks. He plays a lot longer than his size. He has got really long arms. He goes up and gets balls. Sometime he plays bigger than a taller receiver because he uses his height [and] he’s got great jumping ability and times the jumps extremely well. Some tall guys you see, they misjudge it and they don’t jump. But Jamison, he times them perfect and makes big plays.”

Crowder caught 67 passes (second on the team) for 847 yards (third) and seven receiving touchdowns (first) in 2016. With both a full-time role and the opportunities that may come from being on the outside, in the slot, and in the backfield, Crowder could make Washington fans quickly forget the two high-priced receivers that got away. And he could be on his way to becoming a high-priced receiver.

16 responses to “Get ready to see Jamison Crowder in various roles

  1. with very little behind him it will be easier for defense to key in on him…until he gets hurt from overuse of course…

  2. I think the Redskins are trying to save some coin. By decimating the receiver corps, it will be harder for Cousins to achieve the same results he did last year, hence management will have the upper hand when negotiating a long term contract.

    See how forward thinking Bruce Allen is?

    I’m kidding and trolling at the same time. Not a fan of Bruce Allen whatsoever.

  3. So Pryor who had 1000 yards with like 17 qb’s last year and Jordan Reed who is one of the best tight ends in the league mean nothing to those who call the Skins wr corp trash? Jackson was a burner but he would also vanish for 2-3 games straight, nothing wrong with the way the Skins wr corp looks. HTTR

  4. Crowder is a coach’s dream- smart schooled, chip on the shoulder, underdog, consistent, healthy, skilled, performs best under pressure. Love this kid.

    Thanks, Mike, for a quality post on your fav team. Even tho it is basically ripped from the WaPo, it is still worthwhile for those who don’t haunt the Skins WaPo like I do.

  5. ” Crowder will be all over the place — despite being only five feet, eight inches tall.”

    Edelman and Antonio Brown only 5’10” and I think Welker was 5’9″. Heart, toughness and hard work can make up for several inches of height.

  6. Love Crowder. Watched him at Duke and was almost praying for the Skins to take him. With two bigger receivers in Pryor and Doctson working the outsides and Reed drawing coverage over the middle, Crowder should be able to run relatively free.

  7. By the way, anyone who thinks the skinz are dumb for not payong a thirty year old d jax for 12m a year did not notice j crowder was earning his snaps.

  8. Crowder had as many TD’s as Jackson and Garçon combined last year. I’ll miss Pierre, Jackson not so much. Garçon never took plays off, but Jackson was a no show for long stretches, especially in big games. Jackson was no where to be found in our last play game too.
    If we don’t lock up Cousins to a LTD it won’t matter who’s our receivers are.

  9. crowder will lead the skins in catches and will be top ten in nfl for receptions. he was a steal at his draft position and smart selection by scot.

  10. We got to meet JC at a signing event in March and he is a super nice human being. Totally grounded and we are rooting for him. He got within spitting distance of 1000 yds with Reed, Garcon and Jackson on the field at the same time. HTTR!

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