Lakers G.M. compares Lonzo Ball to NFL’s best quarterbacks


Typically, new players who arrive in a given sport are compared to other great players from that same sport. For reasons neither obvious nor apparent, the General Manager of the L.A. Lakers has compared the team’s latest first-round draft pick to the two best quarterbacks in the NFL.

“In press conferences, I don’t like a lot of hyperbole and a whole bunch of words,” Rob Pelinka said regarding Lonzo Ball, via Rob Baxter of “I like to tell stories. I think when this really into focus for us was, we knew the talent was transcendent. The way he passes the ball, you look at quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, that just have a gift. There’s clearly a gift, with what he’s been blessed with.”

Apart from the comparison being odd, Pelinka’s comments amount to a potential curse for a player who already will be counted on to return to relevance one of the proudest franchises in the NBA, and who enters pro sports with one of the most high-profile and universally disliked fathers in all of sport.

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  1. “In press conferences, I don’t like a lot of hyperbole and a whole bunch of words,” Rob Pelinka said regarding Lonzo Ball.

    Here’s two words without hyperbole: Over. Rated.

  2. Bad examples….Nobody thought Brady had a gift when he was drafted….6th round remember?

    Kind of the same thing with Rodgers, if the teams thought he was “blessed” at the time of the draft, he would have gone higher as well.

    Now, they did think Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, and Jamarcus Russell were blessed with gifts

  3. For the Lakers sake they better hope this kid isn’t as big of a head case as his father.

  4. Any time someone associated with this kid speaks, they end up sounding like an idiot.

    Strangely, any time this kid speaks, he sounds extremely respectful and humble.

    Wonder which one I care to hear from….

  5. This kid has been hyped so much that unless he’s the actual second coming of Christ he’s probably going to end up being disappointing.

    Also, go back and watch that last Kentucky-UCLA game and then let’s talk about transcendent talent…. Is it something he turns on and off? Because he clearly had it off that game.

  6. Don’t blame the son for the sins of the father. Having said that, this guy tended to fold against elite NBA talent last year during the season and into March Madness, which is not a great indication of what he’s going to do on the next level. However, what are the Lakers supposed to say, of course they’re going to pump him up, they are committed now.

  7. Then he’ll be known as Pick 6…..
    In all seriousness he needs to tell his old man to stop talking. Unless he becomes a perennial all star and champion he’ll be part of a documentary in 15 years as part of the most over hyped players in sports history joining the Boz, Ryan Leaf, Freddy Adu and others

  8. His father has really hyped this kid up. It’s a little different in the NBA from high school and college. Let’s see how he does, and his father needs to keep his nose right out of it too, he’s a “loose cannon”. Just “shut up” .

  9. ibillwt says:Jun 23, 2017 9:39 PM

    AFTER he leads his team to more championships than any other player in league history he can be mentioned with Brady..


    Well you should know that Tom Brady doesn’t own that right as well. He’s tied with Charles Haley for most championships won as a player with 5. So until you win another he wouldn’t have the most for any other players. Also if you really want to go farther with it “Mean Joe” Greene has 6 rings 4 as a player and 2 as a player personnel.

  10. Reputations are made on what you do, not on what you say you’re going to do.

  11. “Big Baller Brand going Bust.”

    Actuallly not. The guy is sitting on 3 potential NBA players. Once which is going to start for the Lakers.

    He has no attachments or strings attached to corporations like Nike, Etc.

    He is basically starting his own corporation with the likes of 3 NBA stars untapped who will be ‘around’ and ‘relevant’ for the next 10 years. These guys are not going anyhere.

    You really think that a clothing company with the attention their family is getting is somehow going to go UNDER?

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