Packers spend offseason working on defending the pass

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The Packers concentrated on the passing game — and defending the pass — during 11-on-11 work during the offseason. Mike McCarthy had reasons for reducing the number of run calls.

The Packers coach insists run calls in no-pads practices create unrealistic looks, leading to linemen and running backs developing bad habits. The emphasis on the passing game served a second purpose in giving the defensive backs more work as defensive coordinator Dom Capers spent the offseason preaching improved coverage.

“We’ve really focused on the pass,” McCarthy said, via Pete Dougherty of USA Today Network.

The Packers have three new players expected to upgrade their secondary. They brought back cornerback Davon House in free agency and drafted cornerback Kevin King and safety/linebacker Josh Jones with their first two picks.

The Packers ranked 22nd in total defense last season, including 31st against the pass, so it’s obvious why Green Bay made changes in both personnel and practice plans.

25 responses to “Packers spend offseason working on defending the pass

  1. Oh, I thought he said, “We’ve really focused on the pastries,”

    It made way more sense. Ya know, since we don’t do defense. And Mike obviously does lots of pastries. My bad.

  2. I will believe in our defense when Aaron plays both ways. On the field, that is.

  3. The emphasis on the passing game served a second purpose in giving the defensive backs more work as defensive coordinator Dom Capers spent the offseason preaching improved coverage.
    That’s it!! The defensive suckyness of the Packer’s secondary last year was due to lack of Dom Capers preaching improved coverage! It is good to know for Packer fans they got that figured out and let Capers preach away.

  4. Ugh can we please get rid of Dom clown now. I bleed green and gold/yellow. The game has past this guy by.

    Go pack go 12 more wins this year sounds about right.

  5. these sorry group of clowns should be happy they have a job! probably 6 high school students who could fill in on Sundays with the same result.

  6. And they still owned the Vikings… as usual. It’s almost becoming boring. Thankfully, there’s a decent chance the Packers can inflict the last remaining humiliation on the purples this year; winning the Super Bowl in their 1.2 BILLION dollar burden.

  7. Yes, but let us not forget that Green Bay’s secondary ranked 6th against the pass in 2015.
    Did the infusion of young talent suddenly fail?
    Did they all forget how to cover from one season to the next?

    The injuries sustained to our DBs, Shields, Rollins, Randall and Hawkins had more to do with the late season slide than anything else.

    But Hey, who am I to contradict a classic Barney/PFT narrative.

  8. I have said it before but we are getting healthy. Randall and Rollins looked great as rookies and both got hurt. Bring them back healthy and plug in a young S that is faster than the vikings WR’s and a stud rookie CB and they could be respectable this year.
    I don’t know why the vikings trolls are yapping the Pack scorched their secondary for 38 last year.

  9. The Almighty Cabbage says:
    Jun 23, 2017 8:07 PM

    And they still owned the Vikings… as usual. It’s almost becoming boring….


    The teams split last year, but hops and rotted dairy residue in the brain can cause short term memory loss. Still, I hear ya…that’s the same logic that says Green Bay and New England are the league’s most successful franchises.

  10. Won’t be enough GB. Easily the most overrated team going into the season. The Cheeeeesers act as if Marty Bennett is a top 5 TE and will get them to the bowl. They got fleeced probably right about 12th in the league.
    I do think Erin is pretty good, although he did play way over his head to end the year. You can’t keep counting on that Cheeeeser brains.
    One OL injury away from Erin screaming like Erin does and your year us toast.
    Can someone explain how splitting games and division titles over the last two years yields the tag “ownership”? I gather that the Vikings own GB just as much. Hhhhhmmm

  11. Two steps forward, one step back. Last year was one step back.

    Haters. Please. Stop pretending the Packers aren’t the team to beat, again, in the North Division. You won’t turn to stone if you say it out loud.

    Everyone but you knows it’s the truth. Wake up and smell the pigskin.

  12. One of the things I’ve always liked about our D is that they respect our coaching staff so much that they actually run the plays that are called.

    Believe it or not, there are some incompetent teams that really struggle with that.

  13. Packers had problems with passing D so they worked on it. What’s the big deal? Any coaching staff would do that. If they hadn’t, of course Mini fans would be saying McCarthy isn’t smart enough.
    Let’s see – one team got to the NFCC with a bad defense, and one team finished third in the division with their “All World” defense. Which team is in better position? That’s a puzzler.

  14. McCarthy has the sort of self confident swagger that you only see in Super Bowl champions.

    He’s a bed wetter.

    Watch for a repeat perfomance… unless 2011 Aaron Rodgers makes another appearance.

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