Adam Gase gives Ryan Tannehill vote of confidence

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Adam Gase wouldn’t make a prediction on Ryan Tannehill’s future a year ago after being hired by Miami. But after the Dolphins quarterback established career highs in completion percentage, touchdown percentage and passer rating in going 8-5, Gase gushes about Tannehill.

“We were put in a lot of tough positions last year,” Gase said, via Clark Judge of the Talk of Fame Network. “And I felt like — especially in our fourth-quarter games, which we had quite a few of them, he did a great job of leading our team [and] finding ways to win.

“Sometimes they weren’t pretty as far as how we had to win them, but I love the fact that he’s the same guy from start to finish. You see him get excited every once and awhile, but it’s probably one of those plays where he makes a good throw, and he gets crushed. But he’s the same guy all the time. And when you can find a guy like that there’s a lot there for us to just keep working on and find ways to get better.”

Gase wants Tannehill to become more aggressive this season, letting it rip, but Gase likes how far the former Texas A&M star has come in the past year.

“I think he’s really made a lot of strides from when I got here,” Gase said. “A lot of it has been his own development through experience.”

Tannehill, 29-35 in his first four seasons, has quieted critics for at least the moment.

8 responses to “Adam Gase gives Ryan Tannehill vote of confidence

  1. We have a tough schedule this season and for some reason the Patriots always get the benefit of the doubt. I’m not saying this year, but next year the AFC east belongs to Miami for at least the next 5 years. #newmiami

  2. Cam Newton’s record through his first 4 seasons: 31-33-1.

    Tannehill also has a better career passer rating than Newton… As well as Flacco and Eli Manning. Tannehill’s only problem is he hasn’t had the teams or coaches those guys had their first 4 seasons.

  3. Offense has much room for improvement

    30th in offensive time of possession

    23rd in yards after the catch allowed

    30th in “3 and out drives”

    32nd in the least amount of offensive plays

    31st in1st down Differential
    our offense has produced 97 first downs
    and allowed 128 first downs for a terrible -31 differential
    Arizona leads the NFL with a +33 differential

    32nd in
    Run Efficiency Ratio, This ratio gives you the number of rushing yards a team generates for each rushing yard they give up.

    32nd in ten play or more drives

  4. Tom Brady would struggle behind the offensive lines he’s had to work behind. It’s still a concern.

  5. Dolphins have made great stride. Culture and identity was a issue for a long time. Philbin was trash and it showed. Gase has turned this around and I think more good things are to come. Been waiting along time for this. Go Phins!

  6. The probably with Tannehill is he chokes at the end of close games. He could be leading the team downfield in the final minutes but you can count on him getting strip sacked or throwing a pick.

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