Buccaneers looking forward to new indoor facility

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The Buccaneers will no longer be a slave to the elements.

According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the Bucs are making progress on the construction of their new indoor facility, which is scheduled to open by the start of the regular season.

In recent years, they’ve had to use the nearby indoor baseball stadium, and they used to use a parking garage during their Super Bowl season. But through the years, the unpredictable Florida weather has long been an issue for them, which is why their owners decided to spend $20 million of their own money on the new facility.

Bucs coach Dirk Koetter has coached in plenty of hot places (Arizona State, Atlanta, Jacksonville), and believes the new building should help his team last.

“And one thing that’s become very apparent, I’ve heard other coaches who coach in the south and the Southeast talk about it, is over the course of a season, the heat does take a toll on your players,” Koetter said. “It takes the elements out. Also, it can help you manage the heat. It gives you a sterile environment when you bring guys in to work out. It gives you a turf field. It’s something that I’ve pushed for. I thank the Glazer family for making it happen.”

The facility will also include 3,500 bleacher seats, which they’ll use during training camp.

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  1. @elyasm
    Have you ever practiced for 2 hours in 50 lbs of equipment in the heat? Even with all the water breaks we took, I would loose two or three lbs of water weight each practice. We’d have kids dropping from heat exhaustion despite the coaches efforts. Image being a 300+ lbs man. They can do it, but it isn’t easy.

    Out of the rain is not as big a deal. Playing in wet conditions is part of the game. 19 days out of 21 in the sun takes its toll. Ask any SEC football player. Ask any high schooler. Texas games are played at night to help with the heat. A couple of days in the sun will do them good for game time, but Friday/Sat before Sunday should be in cooler weather.

  2. “But through the years, the unpredictable Florida weather has long been an issue for them”

    There’s nothing unpredictable about it. It’s hotter than Hades and thunderstorms roll through every afternoon like clockwork throughout camp. After 20+ years of working feverishly and being too committed to winning to even take notice of the weather the Glazers seem to have finally looked up from their endeavors long enough to realize it.

  3. I’ve been in FSU’s IPF and it is a delightful place to practice. meet and play football. The Bucs will not regret developing their own. The AC alone makes it worthwhile.

  4. Everyone is associating this indoor facility to escape the heat….while there is some merit there, Florida is the lightning capital of the world. The Bucs had many practices cancelled due to lightning. Toughness is a not the issue here…Safety is.

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