Cam Newton throwing again, vows “100 percent” by training camp

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It wasn’t on the practice field during minicamp as coach Ron Rivera suggested was a possibility, and it wasn’t even on a field at all.

But Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is throwing again.

Last week, Newton did some throwing inside the stadium with head athletic trainer Ryan Vermillion, his first since undergoing surgery on March 30 on his throwing shoulder.

Newton described the process to Bill Voth of the team’s official website in an exclusive interview/staff meeting.

“Cool, a lot of anticipation,” Newton said. “Obviously, it’s still not 100 percent, but seeing the ball come out of my hand in a throwing motion was good. . . .

“When I say it’s not 100 percent, I’m noting the range of motion part. Like if you sleep with your legs hanging off your bed the whole night, you’re going to wake up and be super stiff. Or like sitting on your hands, or sitting in an awkward position and finally getting up and moving – that’s how I feel.”

Newton acknowledged that waiting so long to have surgery was a difficult decision, since he played the last meaningless month of the season with the injury. But he insisted he stayed on the field at something less than full power because of his commitment to the team.

“I knew something was wrong,” Newton said. “I knew it was going to hurt, continuously hurt. No matter what the treatment was, it takes just one hit or fall and it’s going to inflame again. And it did. Some of it was stubbornness, but I wanted people to know what I’m willing to do for this franchise. At the end of the day, no one could say I quit. . . .

“I figured it would heal on its own. I was trying to get the proper treatment, overtreatment. Get it stretched, get a massage, get the ice, stem, everything. Over time I was like, ‘You know what? It’s just not getting better.’  So when I came back to Charlotte, I got another MRI, and by that time, everything had pretty much cleared up. It wasn’t as swollen as it was during the season so they could see and it showed up as a partially torn rotator cuff.”

Newton said “There’s no doubt” he’d be ready for training camp in a month, saying he should have the kinks worked out in two weeks. It’s an important time for him and the team, as they’re tweaking the offense to make things easier on him, and he’s done little more than watch through the entire offseason.

16 responses to “Cam Newton throwing again, vows “100 percent” by training camp

  1. Boy, can Cam talk, so much. This team reminds me of the one-year dynasty SheTalks but without the ring.

  2. And that’s the part I don’t get…

    It really was a MEANINGLESS final month of the season… so why not have the surgery in DECEMBER… in stead of MARCH?

    It’s not noble to play hurt… during meaningless games. Wouldn’t being smart count as ‘what you’re willing to do for this franchise’?

    Wouldn’t being 3 MONTHS ahead on recovery and healing be more important for THIS season… than playing hurt in meaningless games at the end of last season?

    Cam thinking… SMH.

  3. I don’t care how good he’s throwing, once he hears those footsteps and starts looking over his shoulder (like the beat down he got since the Bronco game) he’ll be just mediocre at best !!!

  4. bernieknowsfootball says:
    Jun 26, 2017 12:21 PM
    I don’t care how good he’s throwing, once he hears those footsteps and starts looking over his shoulder (like the beat down he got since the Bronco game) he’ll be just mediocre at best !!!

    Pretty good chance that every qb in the NFL would have taken the same beat down only not gotten up as fast. Cam actually got beat down worse game #1 last year when the refs allowed the Broncos to spear him about every play..

    Cam may talk too much….may have not jumped on that fumble but the boy can take a hit.

  5. How quickly people forget the year long performance that earned him the title of MVP. Panthers go 10-6 this year.

  6. 100% won’t put himself in harm’s way even for the biggest game of his life.

    What a team player.

  7. danimal1974 says:
    Jun 26, 2017 2:08 PM
    The difference in the way the NFL treats hits on Cam vs. hits on Brady shows that racism is still alive and well in the old boys club.
    No, not really. Its the way cam carries himself is why the refs dont like him. Always the race card isn’t it? Sooner or later that deck is going to run out.

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