Jets fans have no issue with tanking, but don’t approve of owner

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The Jets currently aren’t good. And they seem to be embracing the opportunity to be as bad as they possibly could be. And their season-ticket holders don’t seem to have a problem with that.

As explained by Brian Costello the New York Post, a survey of Jets season-ticket holders shows that they have no objection to the team’s apparent tanking.

Question: “What do you think of the Jets’ current plan to get rid of older, expensive players and sacrifice the 2017 season in order to get a high pick in 2018?” Of the 110 who responded, 79 percent approved of the approach. Still, 80 percent of those who responded will still root for the Jets to win.

But that’s not because of the current owner. Fifty-six percent of the season-ticket holders said they don’t approve of the job Woody Johnson is doing. For them, the good news is that his brother, Christopher Wold Johnson, will eventually be doing that job, once Woody becomes the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Some think that could be better for the Jets, putting someone/anyone else in charge of what could be a long-overdue turnaround of the franchise.

30 responses to “Jets fans have no issue with tanking, but don’t approve of owner

  1. Although tanking a season is not considered cheating it sure as hell is poor sportsmanship. and I think reflects poorly on the organization and it’s management and owner.

    As a Bills fan and former season ticket holder, it is one thing to field a crappy team because of poor management or the coaching is inept, but at least they are trying. To tank on purpose is another thing altogether. To me, it’s a stain that can never be washed away.

  2. Woody Johnson cost the Jets Bill Belichick. BB was okay with the organization when it was Mr. Hess

  3. Shouldn’t be surprised that Jets fans are ok with tanking. Loser fans for a loser franchise.

  4. I think this re-destroying plan will meet great success and lead the Jets to a long term position of double digit loss seasons and high draft picks.

  5. Does anyone really think the Jets will pick a future star QB by tanking the season?

    I can practically guarantee the Jets won’t get to the Super Bowl with whomever they pick.

  6. I have thought about this long and hard…Woody with all his wealth is never going to get us to a Super Bowl…The butchering of our “Older, High Paid” players late in the off season is a prime example of no leadership. I am going to root for David Harris to burn us to exemplify why Woody is a worthless owner. Is it too late to bring back Leon?

  7. Only 110 respondents and you say “Jets fans” approve of it? Maybe if tickets were dirt cheap tickets with free beer they would approve of tanking. Otherwise who’d even think about paying all that money to see them lose intentionally.

  8. I agree with teal379. When I coached football, I took the Mike Singletary approach and benched players for lack of effort. When I was informed by one of these very talented, benched players that we would lose because he was much better then the guy that I put in his place. My reply was , I know, but at least that guy will give me his max effort.
    I want the most out of my team and my players. I can accept losing. Sometimes they are bigger, faster and stronger. I can’t accept not trying. So what JeMarcus Russell ?happens if we tank and get Tim Couch or

  9. patriotsdefense says:
    Jun 26, 2017 2:20 PM
    Woody Johnson cost the Jets Bill Belichick. BB was okay with the organization when it was Mr. Hess………………………………………………………………………………

    Well except for the fact that Woody didn’t own the team yet so there’s that

  10. What good is a high pick if you pick the wrong player. Good thing the Patriots tanked to get Tom Brady. Oh, that’s right. He was a sixth round pick. Teams with good talent evaluators will dominate the teams with high picks. Why do you think a lot of those teams pick high every year.

  11. Hows the league’s “Integrity of the Shield” doing Roger?

    Ripping teams from cities and fans where a 1/4 of the league’s team names aren’t played in that actual city.

    Denying CTE symptoms.

    Tanking talked about openly.

    Domestic abuse issue… couldn’t have been handled worse by anyone anywhere.

    Ratings dropping because of the BS listed above.

    Real bang up job Roger and Co.!

  12. I’ve never wanted teams I’ve liked/followed to tank in order to get some benefit. I want them to win, want them to get better players, but in the meantime I want an honest result.

    Cowboys fan here. People make fun of years of 8-8, but say what you like about them, they are not a team that gives up to cheat the system. They’ve tried to get better by getting better and not giving up. In some ways it’s been a slog for teams and fans alike. But it’s also been genuine, and that makes success feel better when it arrives.

    What the Jets are doing now and, for example, what the Colts seemingly did to get Luck are things I don’t respect. And if you can’t respect the process, what’s the point of the result?

  13. I am not not sure I understand the tanking narrative with the Jets. They were 5-11 with overpaid,self satisfied and underproducing players which they have gotten rid of and replacing them with younger,hungrier and cheaper players. These players will finally get a chance to get gametime experience with the overpaid veterans out of the way. That to me is moving forward in letting young guys play and using the extra money to pay for better players in the future.Sure worked for Jimmy Johnston when they purged the roster in Dallas back in the day.

  14. There are two problems with tanking (unless you were an already decent colts team) is 1) you are teaching your already bad team to lose 2) if they do take a qb 1st next year, by the time they have the talent to actually win, your qb will have already lost his all important confidence. Ask the browns how easy it is to go from a losing tradition to a winning one.

  15. I would be pissed off if I was a season ticket holder. The cost of going to a NFL game is ridiculous to begin with, add in the team I am spending my hard earned money is making no secret it is tanking the season and for what, the hope that it can get a good QB in the draft? They are more than a qb away from being able to field a competitive team. If I was Bowles I’d demand a huge raise for the embarrassment they are about to put him through.

  16. How will Las Vegas odd makers play this? Will they not have any bets on the Jets games?

  17. firecracker87 says:
    Jun 26, 2017 2:53 PM
    Jets cheating? Noo! Can’t be so!

    Replace Jets with Pats and how much of a firestorm would this be?!?!


    Patriots tanked the year before last. Lost in the AFC championship. The Patriots live by a higher bar than most teams so losing a Superbowl is treated as a losing season their critics crow about for years and an AFCCS loss counts as outright shameful tanking. Their critics (the guys that also celebrate when their own teams miss the playoffs by less than usual) are very vocal making sure everyone knows this.

  18. Belichick could inherit the Jets’ roster and have them competitive immediately, in the playoffs within 2-3 years, and kicking butts in 4 years. Screwed up biblically when they let Parcells hang around as GM to try and take credit for another Belichick super bowl trophy as HCNYJ. Tanking teams stay losers because they have loser GMs and/or coaches.

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