Justin Pugh: I’m “good with” Odell Beckham’s offseason absence


Giants co-owner John Mara said last week that he wishes his club had a dozen players like wide receiver Odell Beckham, which is a pretty good sign that Mara’s not harboring bad feelings about the wideout’s decision to skip the voluntary portion of the team’s offseason program.

That feeling extends to one of Beckham’s fellow starters on the Giants offense. Left guard Justin Pugh said he’s “good with” Beckham’s approach to the offseason after Beckham returned “in great shape” for mandatory minicamp this month. Pugh also said that he thought too much was made of Beckham’s absence.

“Odell, I’ve been with him for three, four years now. I know how he is,” Pugh said on NFL Network. “It’s gotta be tough being him though. I always try to look at things from his perspective and see what he goes through. I see that, and I’m like, ‘Come in, get ready to work,’ he’s in great shape. I wonder if we could get a list of all the guys that didn’t go to OTAs. I guarantee, put them all together and they didn’t get as much publicity as Odell.”

Pugh doesn’t have to look far for a player who fits exactly what he was saying about the reaction to Beckham’s absence. Defensive end Olivier Vernon didn’t attend the Giants’ voluntary workouts either and it was noted with a sliver of the attention paid to his teammate.

Both were back for mandatory work and both will be there for the Giants in the regular season, which is the time of year when true judgments will be rendered for all the members of the team.

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  1. Do you really not understand why there was more of a concern about what an atypically silent Beckham and his 50 cent head might be up to when not attending OTA’s than there was about Vernon not being there?

  2. Justin Pugh has really short arms. Lookin like a T-Rex trying to block some defensive lineman who is trying to sack the QB.

  3. I am a season ticket holder for the NYG. Odell, unfortunately brings this scrutiny on himself.

    The Playoff game against the Packers was the biggest game of his career (to that point of his career). He got off to a bad start in that game, and never recovered. It was also compounded by the fact the Giants lost the game. His trip to Miami the week before the game now gets a lot more scrutiny.

    There is a perception of maturity issues with Beckham- Trip to Miami; Punching a hole in the locker room wall post GB game; issues with Josh Norman; stupidity with the kicking net, etc.

    He publicly states that he is going to mature – then he schedules dental surgery for the Manning Passing camp, and skips the voluntary sessions of the offseason workout – which were both optional. But as someone who has invited criticism for his actions – this happens.

    Best way to shut it down? Lower profile off the field, more results on the field. If the Giants are going to lose a playoff game, don’t let it be because you are dropping the type of passes you are paid to make.

    LT was a menace to society off the field – but regardless of his “extracurricular” activities, you never questioned his effort on the field. It’s funny the things the public will overlook when you deliver on the field and don’t cost your team wins

  4. Because everyone cares about what an OL has to say about it.
    beckham is still an immature diva.

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