Rams trying to keep the lid on ticket sales in 2017

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The Rams are trying to sell fewer tickets this year. And the plan does not include simply showing highlights of the 2016 Rams.

According to Vincent Bonsignore of the Orange County Register, the Rams are trying to cap ticket sales in the 70,000 per game range, to alleviate crowding at concession stands and in parking lots.

The Rams sold more than 70,000 season tickets last year, and made 80,000 or more tickets available to games last year. That’s far from capacity at the Coliseum (93,607), but the Rams heard from their customers that the “fan experience” was compromised by the sheer amount of people.

“The environment in the building was spectacular,”Rams vice president of ticket sales Jake Bye said. “But what we learned was that the tradeoff at times came in ways that sometimes compromised the fan experience. The ability to purchase concessions in a quick orderly manner. Or the challenge of parking around the building, which was strained by putting that many people in the building.

“Now that we have a year’s worth of research in that building and seeing how NFL fans behave and when they arrive and what gates they are going through and what items they are buying at concessions stands, we can really take all that information and be so much smarter in how we approach the building and delivering the best experience in year two compared to year one.”

The Rams drew more than 80,000 for five games, and more than 90,000 for the opener. And they’re keeping the option to sell more tickets for certain opponents (i.e. the ones people want to see).

But trying to rein in the number of tickets available should help keep the supply and demand in control, and also give them a chance to head off talk that a potentially bad product simply isn’t going to bring fans in the gate, since it’s not new and shiny anymore.

10 responses to “Rams trying to keep the lid on ticket sales in 2017

  1. Last year I took a road trip to a Bengals game. They had a very good solution to this problem. They have guys with tubs of beer in cans on ice in the concourse. Beer was I believe $ 5.00. You walked up gave the guy a $10 or $20, and walked away. This cut the concession stand lines down so it wasn’t a hassle . Great idea, especially $ 5.00 beer in stadium.

  2. Am I the only one that thinks it’s odd that they didn’t know that fans would have to park, get in and out of the stadium, and buy concessions LONG before the Rams left St. Louis for LA?

    But that does confirm what I have always suspected. Actual fans are literally the last thing the NFL front office thinks about.

  3. “…and seeing how NFL fans behave…”

    i saw several youtube clips last year featuring fan behavior at rams games, most notably a screaming man. but mr. bye, what did you discover? do tell…

  4. Not to worry….If they play like Rams, they will easily reduce the number who attend their games…

  5. It took the Chargers long enough to sell out their little facility that holds only 30,000. They are going to become the Jets of the AFC. They will sell out regularly in the new building based on spillover from the Rams, who won’t be able to handle the demand. Of course, if the Rams have no quarterback, all bets are off.

  6. So they post a 4-12 record, fire the HC one loss before he sets the record for most career losses, their 1st round pick (#1 in the draft) plays in less than half the games and may not be the starter this year – and now management needs to figure out how to keep people away?????

  7. I saw two games on TV this year and if there were 80,000 people there many had to be disguised as “empty seats”. They may have SOLD 80,000 but that does not mean they all went to the game. It is semantics because Stanley doesn’t care about how many showed up!!

  8. The first bad thing they did was deciding to play in a large stadium.. Unless they improve, and keep improving – people in LA will stop going. It’s not a football town.. And the worse thing you don’t want 50k in a 93k capacity building. Which is why most recent stadiums are much smaller these days..

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