Riddick is a candidate in Kansas City, but he hasn’t directly been contacted yet

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A strange situation emerged on Sunday morning, when the league-owned media conglomerate (i.e., partially owned by the Chiefs) reported that the Chiefs had reached out to ESPN analyst and former NFL defensive back Louis Riddick about interviewing for the unanticipated G.M. vacancy in Kanas City. Riddick, who presumably would be interested in interviewing for the job given his interest in the 49ers G.M. position earlier this year, took to Twitter to declare that he hasn’t been contacted by the Chiefs.

So what’s going on? One theory, as offered earlier today on the non-vacation vacation edition of the PFT Live podcast (and in the video attached to this post) is that Riddick simply hadn’t been contacted yet, but that he will be. In that case, his more prudent move arguably would have been: (1) to appreciate having his name in circulation for another G.M. job; and (2) to wait for what may have been inevitable.

As one media source explains it to PFT, the truth is that, technically, the Chiefs hadn’t directly contacted Riddick, but that the team had contacted his representation. Which allowed Riddick to technically claim that he hadn’t been contacted by the Chiefs.

So why did Riddick, who definitely is a candidate for the job, shout down the report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Media on social media? It likely has something to do with what he said, or more accurately didn’t say, about the situation to ESPN. Another factor quite likely may be the fact that ESPN’s NFL information machinery ended up being scooped by a competitor — a dynamic that one specific reporter at ESPN is reputed to be very sensitive about, even if said reporter pretends publicly to not be.

For now, Riddick is continuing to pretend to not be a candidate for the Chiefs job, even though he is. It likely is a matter of time for him to interview, unless he withdraws his name or the team decides based on the clunky public denial to move on to another candidate.

17 responses to “Riddick is a candidate in Kansas City, but he hasn’t directly been contacted yet

  1. reid has consolidated power in kc. which means the GM, riddick or otherwise, will NOT have final say on personnel. he will be a straw boss. a rubber stamp.

    and the long, slow decline of the kc chiefs has begun

    phila eagles version 2.0

  2. A Rooney Rule compliance interview if they in fact do intend to speak with Riddick. They will probably give the job to a newly retired QB!

  3. As an extended member of the Chiefs “family”, I will share one thing.
    Riddick was intended to be the candidate that satisfied the Rooney Rule, but Riddick was never going to be offered the job after interviewing.

    However, due to Riddick continuing to deny that he is a candidate, the Chiefs have simply moved on and away from him(who according to many, is not ready for a GM position)

    Mr. Hunt is simply NOT going to turn over the franchise to someone like Riddick, who likely has now hurt his chances at other team positions.

    That is all I will comment on this matter at this time, its time to move along

  4. I’m not saying he doesn’t have the ability to be successful in that role, but I always find it fascinating when teams look to a person like Riddick, or like the Niners hiring John Lynch. There is more to being a GM than just being able to evaluate football ability. The salary cap is pretty complex. Negotiating contracts can be pretty complex. Wouldn’t teams want someone that has worked their way up the ranks of various front offices? Rather than a guy that played in the league, then was on TV for 8 years…

  5. of course, the ultimate extension here is that Tabor becomes a film room fiend studying QB tendencies around the league such that he can coach the backfield if not the entire defence on upcoming plays under certain conditions at critical points in games, if not be there to make the critical stop or turnover himself;

    we shall see just how smart he is;

  6. Like I said before he has been with 9 different teams. Not exactly the stellar record you would look for. On top of that he really doesn’t have the qualifications for a job like the GM needs to have.

  7. Why would Riddick allow himself to be used by the Chiefs when they aren’t seriously considering him for the job?

    They could have at least reached out to him first before going public, it clear they are just trying to comply with the Rooney Rule and using him to do so.

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