Saints place Nick Fairley on non-football illness list

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Saints defensive tackle Nick Fairley has been visiting doctors recently for opinions about a heart condition that created concern about his ability to continue playing in the NFL.

It looks like the consensus is that it is better for Fairley to put his career on hold. The Saints have placed Fairley on the reserve/non-football illness list, which means he will not be playing football for the team this season.

Coach Sean Payton said earlier this month that Fairley visited with three doctors and that at least one of them told him to stop playing football.

The Saints also have the option not to pay Fairley while he is on the list. Fairley signed a four-year, $28 million contract with the Saints after recording 6.5 sacks for the team last season, but Monday’s news casts serious doubt about whether he will be on the field during the life of that deal.

6 responses to “Saints place Nick Fairley on non-football illness list

  1. Too bad for the Saints they need defensive help. Too bad for Nick that his health may keep him from his last big payday. Good luck Nick, get healthy.

  2. If it’s that serious then his exit strategy needs to be not only to stop playing football, but to drop at least 80 lbs since he won’t be needing all that mass anymore. He looks like that kind of guy for which that kind of weight loss will be a very tall order but if it’s the heart then every extra pound really makes a difference.

  3. As an Auburn fan, I’ll always be grateful for his major role in the championship year of 2010. Hope his heart will keep beating for many years. #WarEagle

  4. Nick is probably top 15 in the NFL in terms of interior pressure.

    Tough loss for Saints D – and tough situation for Nick & his family – hope he ends up playing again – best wishes bro.

  5. Only the best wishes for Nick! Proud of the SAINTS for putting his health first and making the hard decision – at least for now.

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