Hearing on Michael Floyd’s suspension was held last week

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Now that Vikings receiver Michael Floyd has clarity regarding his situation under Arizona law, he’ll next learn his fate under the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a hearing was conducted in Floyd’s case last week. Under the current policy, he faces a two-game unpaid suspension, at a minimum. Given that he pleaded guilty to extreme DUI, the penalty could be even greater.

“Absent aggravating circumstances, discipline for a first offense will be a suspension without pay for two (2) regular or postseason games,” the policy provides. “If the Commissioner finds that there were aggravating circumstances, including but not limited to felonious conduct, extreme intoxication (BAC of .15% or more), property damage or serious injury or death to the Player or a third party, and/or if the Player has had prior drug or alcohol-related misconduct, increased discipline may be imposed.”

Floyd’s blood-alcohol concentration was measured at 0.217 percent when he was arrested last year, putting him above the threshold for enhanced penalties.

There’s a separate question as to whether Floyd’s recent violation of the terms of his house arrest, arising from a positive alcohol test, constitutes a second offense under the policy. If it does, he’ll be subject to a separate suspension of eight games.

While that would seem excessive (and thus likely wouldn’t be the outcome), the 0.055-percent reading generated by the in-home testing procedures could be regarded by the league as a violation of Floyd’s treatment plan, assuming he was in the league’s substance-abuse program at the time of the positive test. Depending on his precise status, the incident could potentially trigger separate discipline.

The good news for Floyd is that, once he completes his house arrest, he will have no further obligation to avoid alcohol. This doesn’t insulate Floyd from consequences under the substance-abuse policy, if his treatment plan prohibits alcohol use.

24 responses to “Hearing on Michael Floyd’s suspension was held last week

  1. How does one get a BAC of 0.217 percent?

    You’d have to chug a pint of whisky and go driving.

  2. I for one am extraordinarily upset that he is not spending the next year in jail. For failing the courts, his team, his family and his life.
    He is clearly and alcoholic and a low life. And I hope all the resident psychologists at the pft comment section will agree

  3. Blowing a .217 translates into drinking a 55 gallon drum of kombucha tea if you choose to believe the enabling Minnesota Vikings.

    Still, the team has little to worry about, they claim to have a strong support system surrounding Michael Floyd so if he gets 2 or 4 games, surely they will be there to dissuade him from drinking copious amounts of alcohol during his suspension. As for the rest of us, we might need it to watch Treadslow do his impression of an NFL WR in Floyd’s absence.

  4. The more I read about this, the more the Kombucha Tea story strains credulity. I’m really starting to wonder about Vikings leadership. They are either incompetent or lying to us. Neither is satisfactory to me.

  5. He will not help the Vikings this year. His alcohol addiction impaired his on-field performance for the Cardinals last year, as was obvious. As long as he is still drinking, he will be of no use to the Vikes.

    Lesson learned?

  6. With a BAC that high, almost everyone else would be in jail. Floyd got off with a slap on the wrist which would mean serious jail time for everyone who isn’t a professional athlete. No wonder professional athletes feel like they can do whatever they want and get away with it–they can.

  7. intrafinesse says:
    Jun 27, 2017 10:59 PM

    How does one get a BAC of 0.217 percent?

    You’d have to chug a pint of whisky and go driving.


    You must have been really lame in college and in your 20’s if you can’t imagine having a BAC of .217…. swing by any college campus/major city in the country at 2am on a Saturday night and you will find hundreds if not thousands of people above that

  8. I know this is whining, and I’m sorry about that … but this is no longer a Cardinals story. Yeah, it happened when he was with the team, but it does not matter at all to Cards fans. If they are Floyd fans, they’ll click over for Vikings news.

    That is all.

  9. Why does it take the NFL so bloody long to announce any suspensions?

    It’s time for the NFL to assign a permanent team to deal with any suspensions within a proper length of time. This team should be employed throughout the calendar year so they can even deal with issues arising in the off season.

  10. Can we stop with the Floyd stories he doesn’t deserve that much attention for what has done in his career.
    Bad move Vikes.

  11. I was watching the highlights from offense during OTA’s number 18 wasn’t in any of them. Bad signing.

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