It’s still too early to come to any conclusions on Kirk Cousins

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The never ending news cycle abhors a vacuum. So when nothing is going on generally, specific situations in which nothing is going on get dusted off from time to time. Enter the Kirk Cousins situation, which periodically will become the focal point of #breakingnews as the true pay-or-get-off-the-pot moment arrives.

As noted last week, anything said about Cousins is “noise” for now, and nothing is going on between himself and the team. The question becomes whether breakthroughs happen as the July 17 deadline approaches.

The safer guess at this point is that a deal won’t get done, primarily because Washington has done nothing over the past two years to show a willingness to get a deal done on the player’s terms. With Cousins now having more leverage than ever, it’s unlikely that Washington will throw great money after good, given the annual missed opportunities to extend Cousins for much less than it would cost now.

In this regard, last week’s Derek Carr contract means nothing. The numbers for Cousins are and have been simple; he has $23.94 million in hand for 2017, and for 2018 he’ll have: (1) $34.47 million under the franchise tag; (2) $28.7 million under the transition tag; or (3) a clear shot at the open market. Coupled with the $19.95 million Cousins earned a year ago, he holds all the cards when it comes to cobbling together a long-term deal based on 2017 and 2018.

Absent a sudden decision by Cousins to make a concession against his leverage or an epiphany by Washington that causes the team to forget that it could have had Cousins for less a year ago and even less in 2015, stubbornness and pride will keep the clock ticking toward Washington having to spend even more to keep Cousins — or watching him walk away.

Either way, the answer won’t come until at least two weeks from now. And if a deal isn’t done, don’t be shocked if Washington leaks the last offer rejected by Cousins, since the magnitude of the number in comparison to the stature of Cousins will make the team seem reasonable and fair, and the player neither.

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  1. I don’t watch Washington a lot, so I can’t speak to Kirk Cousins’ talent-level very well. But what I have seen of KC simply does not justify those numbers.

    I’ve seen Derek Carr play exactly once and could already tell he’s a surefire talent. Cousins, to me, looks like “just a guy”.

  2. Slow Joe in this day and age it seems mediocrity will still get you paid well. Especially when your management team gives you all the leverage. Not Cousins fault for finding himself in the enviable position he is in.

  3. He’s smarter than to sign an extension with the Deadskins.

    He’ll be in the playoffs in 2018 with the Niners and their revamped defense.

  4. Everyone keeps saying Cousins has all the leverage, but it will be harder for him to improve on last years numbers– new wide receivers, new offensive coordinator, injury prone tight end, unproven running backs. And, his QB rating actually dropped from 2015 to 2016. Plus, he will be 29 years old to start the 2017 season. What if he gets hurt? I don’t see him getting much better than he currently is. He will probably start to decline. In the most important game of the season last year against the Giants, he threw a late interception and didn’t get the win. Why tie up $125M on one good, but not great QB? I say let him play out this season on the franchise tag, use the transition tag next year, and see how many teams are lining up to sign him. Are the 49ers or any other team really going to want to make a 30 year old QB one of the highest paid players in the league?

  5. The Red Mesa High Redskins, located on a Navajo reservation with native Americans proud of the Redskins name, could beat the Washington Redskins.

  6. “the magnitude of the number in comparison to the stature of Cousins will make the team seem reasonable and fair, and the player neither.”

    1. The owners never care about being “reasonable and fair” why should Cousins?

    2. The team blew their chance to have him much cheaper the last couple years. Now you think they’ll try and discredit him in the eyes of fans and media as a way to conceal their own failure, and you think he should be “reasonable and fair” with them?

    Hope he tells them to stuff it.

  7. Cousins is an Andy Dalton Matt Schaub type QB smart enough to execute the offense but not really talented enough to win on his own in the playoffs overcome a really tough D

  8. Cousins is no dummy. He reportedly got a 4.0 grade point average (even if it was at Michigan State – ha), so he’s smart enough to know he has leverage over the Snyder dopes running the Skins. He’s already made more money in two years than anyone has a right to earn playing a game. But more power to him. I admire the way he’s played this, and suspect he will in fact make a ton more money this year. He’s a good, not great, QB and the players seem to like him. Stays out of trouble, works hard. The Skins could do worse…. Remember RGME?

  9. Cousin Kirk is only good with a running game, if he has to drop back with everyone knowing it (playing from behind) he’s garbage. The Racials Slurs will botch this, be it overpay him or let him walk to win a Super Bowl elsewhere.

  10. This isn’t really too hard to figure out. If the team is losing and Cousins is playing well, then you trade him, tank and draft one of the quality QBs that will be coming out of college next year. If he is playing mediocre, then the leverage will be with the Redskins, who ought to be able to strike a team friendly deal. If they are winning and he plays well, then you slap the transition tag on him, pay him the extra $5 million and try to work out a long term deal. They may wind up paying too much, but at least at that point there will some justification for paying him big money.

  11. Great or just good, it doesn’t matter. Barring injury or a complete collapse, KC will be able to hold this team hostage. Next year, someone will pay less than 34mil the Skins have to pay Kirk, but more than the 24 mil they’ll want to pay him, and the Skins have bungled this enough that KC won’t be cutting them any breaks. I hope Nate Sudfeld is good, because it looks like he will be starting in 2018. Well, him or someone like Glennon…

  12. Kirk Cousins don’t desrve more than Carr, and here’s why. Kirk doesn’t have the Gunslinger mentality. He is a smart quaterback with a decent arm in a great system. But, and I am a true Redskins fan and will be with or without Cousins, but Kirk doesn’t have the killer instinct you want in a quarterback. He walks to the line in pressure situations and you see the uncertainty in his eyes, you know a check down is forthcoming. The Redskins can with Kirk but he won’t carry the team in a consistent basis of he doesn’t have a plethra of talent around him.

  13. It’s interesting how different teams can be incredibly dumb in different ways when it comes to the QB spot.

    The Skins can’t gin up the cajones to pay this pro bowler what he’s worth, and he’s the best QB they’ve had since Theisman. Cousins has what it takes to go the distance – even though the rest of the team doesn’t. Cousins threw for over 300 yds/game for these chumps last year, and they can’t figure out how to pay him?

    On the other hand, a team like the Dolphins gets all jumpy about continuity and locking in “their guy”, and they seal their fate by committing long-term to a mediocre player like Tannehill who can’t get the job done no matter how much talent they put around him.

    I’m just glad Reggie McKenzie did it right with our boy Carr. Future’s so bright I gotta wear shades…

  14. Living in the DMV and hearing all the noise about how Joe Flacco’s contract decimated the ravens (not true) and Cousin Kirk who hasn’t done even 10% of what Joe has in the league is about to get 25M a season

  15. Kirk is smart enough to know Snyder and Allen are jokes. They wanted RGme over Kirk when every player on the team knew RGme could not run a pro style offense. Snyder and Allen had the opportunity of watching Kirk every day at practice over the last 5 years and they finally came to the conclusion that Kirk can win.When Shanahan left the Redskins he was quoted as saying if you want RGme to be your QB of the future you better trade Kirk Cousins because RGme has no chance to beat out Kirk in a pro style offense. This was at the end of 2013. Cousins wants to win a SB not just be a playoff QB.The Redskins may keep Cousins but it will cost them a lot of money.

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