Jets name Matt Bazirgan college scouting director

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The Jets are in the throes of a big rebuilding project and part of the responsibility for its success or failure will rest on the people tasked with adding players out of the college ranks in the coming seasons.

There will be a new head of that scouting effort. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the the Jets made Matt Bazirgan their new college scouting director and the team’s website reflects that change.

Rex Hogan was hired after Mike Maccagnan became General Manager in 2015 and held that job for the last two years, but left to take a post in the Colts’ front office this offseason. Bazirgan has worked for the Jets since 2004 and was promoted to pro personnel director following Maccagnan’s arrival in New Jersey.

3 responses to “Jets name Matt Bazirgan college scouting director

  1. The Jets could name Mahatma Gandhi to the scouting and coaching staff and it would not make any difference. The season is tanked and the Jets will suck as usual. Last place finish in the AFC East and the sound of laughter you hear is coming from Boston. Same old Jets clown car.

  2. Again, I’d rather tank with a team that dumped all higher priced veteran talent than go 5-11 with a team of guys near the end of their career- and spent most of the week complaining in the press about the team.

    2017 will suck for the Jets, but even the Cowboys went 1-15 to get Troy Aikman.

    If the Jets can get a good QB –either Hackenberg now–or a quality QB that is a 10-15 year starter in 2018 draft, this will be worth it.

    No more 1-2 year stop gaps. They also still need to rebuild OL anyway. The drafts of Idzik really messed the team up and a rebuild is needed.

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