Koetter: Bucs used silent count at home in 2015

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So why did Bucs coach Dirk Koetter urge fans not to sell tickets to Raiders fans as Tampa Bay prepared to host Oakland last year? Koetter knows what can go wrong when too many fans of the road team invade a stadium.

“The first year I was here, and we played a couple of those teams from the northeast, the traditional teams that travel well,” Koetter said on The Ira Kaufman Podcast, via JoeBucsFan.com. “I mean, we had to go to [the] silent count in our own home stadium, and that’s just not right.”

Koetter typically treads lightly when talking about his belief that fans should support the team, possibly because he knows that the response will be, “Give us something worthy of support.”

“The organization, the fans and the team has to play better, OK?” Koetter said. “Any time I start talking too much about my role with the fans, they’re going to slap me right back down to earth. And there’s always going to be a bunch of people [saying], ‘Hey, Dirk, worry about coaching the team.’ And I get that; that’s my ultimate job. But I’m always looking to give us every advantage we can get because it’s all about winning. I’m worrying about motivating my team, but I want the fans’ help. Because we need the home field advantage.”

This year, it shouldn’t be an issue, as long as the team delivers. Optimism is running high, but that means so are expectations. With the Bucs in one of the widest-open divisions in football, they’ll need to win early. Otherwise, there will be plenty of fans of the visiting team visiting Raymond James Stadium as the season unfolds.

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    All three Florida teams are victims of modern technology. The fans choice is to either pay both a high ticket and parking price to sit in the 90° heat while quaffing down $8 hot dogs and $12 drafts. Or, lounge in the air conditioned comfort of his own home watching direct ticket /red zone on his 50″ HD flat screen with a fully stocked commissary only a few feet away. You make the call.

  2. Nuts to the greedy Glazers. Drop the prices on concessions, parking.
    Move the team so we are not forced to watch these losers.
    Red one is the way to go, anyway.

  3. a sea of purple when we were down there in ’14

    same thing with Jacksonville last year.

  4. @orangedestroyer, according to another well known website’s Ultimate Rankings (2016), the bucs have the second cheapest gameday experience.

    “they have the distinction of offering the second-cheapest tickets in the NFL, just $64 on average for 2015. Even after a 24 percent increase this year, Tampa Bay has among the NFL’s lowest prices…..The Bucs’ $25 parking is $6 below the NFL’s average, and soda and hot dog prices sit below the average, as well.”

    Yes, the NFL is pricey. No, the Glazers are not inordinately greedy with their pricing

  5. Money, money, money. It seems all you people do is whine and cry about the cost of things. The tickets, the parking, the food, the beer. Do you really expect bleeding heart sympathy because you are to cheap or too poor to afford the live experience at an NFL stadium? No one is going to lower prices because you have alligator arms and don’t want to reach into your wallets. Look, either pay the going rate or just shut up.

  6. Since I went to college (to play baseball and get a degree) in the Tampa area, I got to see the original Buc teams from 76 through the 79 seasons.

    Even thought I’m a NY’r, I’m a secret Buc fan (love the Giants, laugh at the Jets) and I loved Selmon and Williams and couldn’t believe it when they passed on Dorsett.

    I loved those days, even though they were bad, it was a great time in life.

  7. If it is a sell out and mostly opposing fans with home fans not being able to go, I can see it being upsetting. If there are plenty of tickets still available for the home team fans, you need to win more.

  8. “This year, it shouldn’t be an issue”
    It’s not going to get any easier for them with the Bears, Lions, Pats, Giants and Jets all coming to Tampa. Most people here seem to be originally from the NY, NE, Chicago and Michigan. Only way it would be worse is if the Cowboys and Steelers replaced Jets and Lions.

  9. This year isn’t going to be an issue; Young core of talent that is built around winning football games along with a few good looking free agent additions. Beautiful video board and updates at Raymond James stadium. My daughter will be 3 in July and looks foreword to her first buccaneer game this year!

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