Vince Young expresses lingering bitterness toward Jeff Fisher

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The Titans made Vince Young the third overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft, and he played five seasons in Tennessee, all for coach Jeff Fisher. Young doesn’t think Fisher did much to help him develop as a franchise quarterback.

Young detailed for Sports Illustrated all the ways he felt mistreated by Fisher, who declined to comment for the story.

“I’m going to expose his ass,” Young said of Fisher, detailing the following issues between them:

1. Fisher leaked private discussions the two of them had to the media.

2. Fisher told the pilot of the team plane to take off without Young the day before a road game during Young’s rookie year, even though Young told Fisher he would only be a couple minutes late to the airport and Fisher had held the plane for other players in the past.

3. Fisher falsely told people that Young was suicidal.

4. Fisher banned Young from team meetings the week after Young walked off the sideline after Fisher pulled him from what turned out to be the last game Young ever played for the Titans.

5. Fisher didn’t respond years later when Young sent him a letter apologizing for his role in their strained relationship.

None of those issues reflect well on Fisher, but on closer scrutiny it’s hard to justify putting all the blame on Fisher for those issues, either.

1. Young is now doing the same thing he criticizes Fisher for doing, telling the media about private conversations the two of them had.

2. Young was late for a team flight. That’s on Young.

3. If Fisher really told people that Young was suicidal to discredit Young, that’s a terrible thing to do. But context matters here: At the same time that Fisher was allegedly telling people Young was suicidal, early in the 2008 season, Young’s own mother was telling the media that Young was “hurting inside and out” to such an extent that he might not want to play football anymore. It’s entirely possible that Fisher was telling people Young was suicidal because Fisher was genuinely worried that Young could hurt himself and was trying to get him help.

4. Young threw his shoulder pads into the stands and stormed off during a game. Fisher is hardly the only coach who would tell a player not to come back after that.

5. Fisher could have been the bigger man and responded to Young’s letter, but Young’s own account of the letter suggests that he realizes he bears some of the blame for his strained relationship with Fisher.

Young sounds like he still blames Fisher for his failures in Tennessee. Perhaps Young should look in the mirror when he wonders who to blame for his subsequent failures in Philadelphia, Buffalo, Green Bay, Cleveland and Saskatchewan.

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  1. Young was far from a model qb but Fisher and the organization could have done more to develop a promising qb. Fishers general disdain for Young was palpable even to casual fans.

  2. I’ve never been a supporter of Jeff Fisher, but I’m with him on this one.

  3. Dear Vince,

    Not hating on you, but he sounds like he was trying to get you to grow up. As I tell myself, sometimes life aint easy, and sometimes it’s on you to be accountable for your success. Excuses are for has-beens and ex-CEOs.

  4. If Vince Young had $20 million in the bank, he would not be bitter. He’s living an average life, he blew the millions he earned in the NFL and now he is pissed at everyone else.

    Hey Vince, maybe it’s time to grow up!

  5. Dude go hang out in Austin, it’s beautiful town. Kiss babies, shake hands, attend games and functions and get paid by UT. Quit whining about how you got jobbed in the league when you had as much or more to do with it than anyone. For once just be happy with what you have, which is a lifetime job if you just act like you have even a smidgen of class…..

  6. whatjusthapped says:
    Ask yourself this, how many Superbowls has Jeff Fisher won?

    Zero — the same number of Super Bowls (two words) Vince Young has won.
    At least Jeff Fisher coached his team to one, and came up just a yard short of winning. Young the QB never made it anywhere near any Super Bowl he didn’t buy a ticket to get into.

  7. Jeff Fisher has had 1 successful QB in his hundred years as a head-coach.
    I’m sure VY was as much of a headcase as advertised but he certainly didn’t go to the right place to help him adjust to the NFL.

  8. That’s OK Vince, most Titans fans express lingering bitterness toward you.

  9. Shocked, shocked I am to learn that Fisher was a source to the media. Being such a source, you would have thought the media wouldn’t have been so tough on him for his coaching deficiencies /s – sarcasm alert.

  10. Jeff Fisher is a bum. Why would anyone waste their time looking for some sort of compassion from him?

  11. Look I am not a fan of VY by any means. But the way the guy was handled in his first few years was wrong. Jeff Fisher wanted Matt Leinart and when he didn’t get him he took it out on Young. Any other coach would of worked with what he had. Is anyone really surprised Jeff Fisher has that big of an ego either? he’s the same guy who sent out draft busts to the coin toss to rub it in the other teams face while ignoring the teams record and the players play on the field.

  12. 6. Fisher also refused to pay for Young’s birthday party during the lockout, forcing him to borrow $300,000 at 20% interest just to enjoy dancing and tequila body shots with some friends.

  13. After watching Vince Young lead Texas over Matt Leinart and high powered USC for the National Championship, there is NO WAY I would ever have believed that the two of them would be major busts in the NFL.

  14. Mr. Ego,

    Don’t blame others for your mistakes and immaturity. You thought you gained so much from winning the NCAA Championship, but honestly it would have been better for you in the long run if you would have lost that game. You have no drive left in that game. You want people to think that is still you and your still that guy. Stop leaning on that 1 season and grow up. Pride/Ego gets you no where in life.

    Jeff Fisher- Learn how to Develop players. My goodness have you let some talented guys just slip right through your hands.

  15. I’ve always heard fisher never wanted young to begin with. Fisher also strikes me as the type of guy you really don’t want to be around for extended periods of time, not saying I’d want to grab a beer with young either but it seems like this was a doomed relationship before it ever had a chance to flourish. I think fisher is an inept coach, and I think young had a chance to be a decent player, as with most situations the fault lies with both here. While both have had forgettable NFL careers, I’ll never forget Young’s championship game vs USC.

  16. Agree with everything you said besides the suicide call. Young never left the house without his gun, he’s stated that many times. He went with a teammate to eat and it was locked in the glove box. Fisher called cops and told them he was suicidal. Found out young was eating wings and told them to stay and wait at the facility. “Someone” tipped off the media and they waited there with the negotiator for young. That one is on Fisher. Sure his mom said he was down and out, but as an all time college winner he never had to deal with that.

    Other than that, Vince is just as much to blame for everything. I throw Bud Adams name in the mix for forcing the team to draft a qb the whole staff had rated 3rd behind Cutler and Matt Lienhart.

  17. Seems like either Fisher hated him, or was trying the tough love approach and failed. Can’t be fun watching your rookie of the year QB disintegrate into a scrub.

    Young would probably be less salty if he hadn’t blown all that money.

  18. “says the bankrupt QB who spent 15,000 AT A CHEESECAKE FACTORY! The bread rolls at that place are like cinder blocks.”

    Yeah but they have some great cheese cakes if you want something like 100 grams of fat in one helping lol

    As to you still sounds like an immature child trapped in a man’s body.

    He was from of the last groups of players to be in the draft before the rookie wage scale was put into place and made huge dollars. If he’s broke now the only person he should be blaming is the one looking back from the mirror

  19. Did Vince Young blow all of his earnings? Yes. Is Jeff Fisher an overrated surly coach who thought Jared Goff was the answer? You betcha.

    Fisher didn’t develop him the appropriate way. Despite that, he still had a decent winning percentage.

    If he held the plane for other players in similar situations, extremely crappy to not do the same for Young when he called ahead.

  20. Vince Young was 30-17 as a Titans starter. He was an erratic passer but could make NFL passes. He also was more of a playmaker than QB. If he would have really thrown himself into his craft may have still been starting in the NFL.

    Fisher also would have been better off if he was less of an a hole and could have reached out to Young better. Once Young was cut I don’t think Fisher had a +.500 season in Tennessee again.

  21. At first I thought you were going to let young off the hook but you didn’t good job. I think Fisher moved on from an immature player who thought he was the man and didn’t study hard enough.. young needs to stop dwelling on the past and live the rest of his life.

  22. Young ain’t no saint and certainly messed things up for himself, but let’s face it Jeff Fisher was always a lousy coach. Great defenses but horrible offenses. How he got hired to ruin the Rams is beyond me.

  23. Some would say VY shouldn’t be doing this. I’m on the fence.

    After the Eric Dickerson thing last season, I’d expose the guy for what he is also.

  24. VY was coddled in high school and he was coddled at Texas. Mack Brown changed his offense to fit VY’s skills.

    When VY was drafted by Tennessee by Bud Adams (an “up yours” to Houston) neither the GM (Floyd Reese) nor the HC/OC (Jeff Fisher/Norm Chow) wanted him. They didn’t change their playbook to fit VY’s style. Former Titans Pro Bowl Center Kevin Mawae once quipped that Young was in his 3rd season and still didn’t know the playbook.

    He was immature, his work ethic sucked, and he had a huge sense of entitlement that should have never existed.

    Don’t get me wrong, VY was talented but he didn’t have all the tools to put it all together.

    He can’t blame Jeff Fisher, he needs to take accountability for himself because last time I checked Jeff Fisher wasn’t in Philadelphia, he wasn’t in Buffalo, wasn’t in Green Bay, wasn’t in Cleveland, and he most certainly wasn’t in Canada.

    When your hometown team is starting Ryan Mallet, Brandon Weeden, and Brian Hoyer and they know you’d do anything (including a hometown discount) to get back into the game, and you can’t even get a tryout? It’s time to retire.

    Please VY, retire. You have no NFL legacy, please don’t ruin your Longhorn legacy by being a whiner. That’s not “Texas Tough.”

  25. ronfai says:
    Jun 27, 2017 6:24 PM
    Jeff Fisher has had 1 successful QB in his hundred years as a head-coach.


    Are you referring to Chris Chandler, Steve McNair, Neil O’Donnell, or Kerry Collins?

  26. Vince was an overrated QB in college. He was not NFL ready.

    Imagine Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, and Johnny Manziel hanging at bar and Young walks in…

  27. Both won championships in college. Young was way more important to his teams championship though. Both were mediocre pros. Conclusion: Young has the same background as Fisher to become an NFL coach. I suggest one of my teams division rivals hires him, and another hires Fisher. Please.

  28. They’re both at fault here. Fisher for being the smug mediocre ‘ I know best ‘ jackass he’s always been and VY for not bringing it his all. His head coach may not have wanted him but the owner was in love with Young. He should’ve used that leverage and perfected his craft.

  29. VY played in a very simple offensive. He would do a quick read and throw or just run. I knew he’d be a big failure in the NFL. I’m amazed someone drafted him that high.

  30. Maybe he has some growing up but saying somebody is suicidal, when they aren’t, is definitely a way for them to resent you years later.

    That’s not something you play with. Also no, Fisher didn’t help develop him. And the last winning season Fisher had was with Young. I don’t know who that speaks for but take it for what it is.

  31. Lot of things don’t add up in that article.

    He said he went to Cancun immediately after the season and found out McNair was dead upon landing. That happened in July.

    Much like a lot of other things with VY, it all sounds good at the surface but when you look behind the curtain. it all falls apart.

  32. whatjusthapped says:
    Jun 27, 2017 6:11 PM

    Ask yourself this, how many Superbowls has Jeff Fisher won?

    Ask yourself this, how many has Young won or participated in?

  33. “says the bankrupt QB who spent 15,000 AT A CHEESECAKE FACTORY! The bread rolls at that place are like cinder blocks.”

    Yeah but they have some great cheese cakes if you want something like 100 grams of fat in one helping lol

    As to you still sounds like an immature child trapped in a man’s body.

    He was from of the last groups of players to be in the draft before the rookie wage scale was put into place and made huge dollars. If he’s broke now the only person he should be blaming is the one looking back from the mirror

    “Immature child trapped in a mans body.” I served my country for 8 1/2 years and made PENNIES compared to Vince. Yet I was smart enough to take my re enlistment bonus which equates to 20,000 before taxes as a submariner, and put it into savings for a house. Yet he gets MILLIONS and blows it all. Your statement is flawed because he received 27 million GUARANTEED on his rookie deal alone. He shouldn’t have these issues, gen is a moron for not consulting the right people/or having discipline.

  34. Are people defending Jeff Fisher after the Eric Dickerson issue? This is really shocking after Fisher has such a questionable career where ever he went…seem like controversy followed him.

  35. Not a Fisher fan at all, but knowing VY’s legendary high school and college story here in Houston, I can imagine Fisher was the very first authority figure in his life that ever told him no, told him what to do, and attempt to hold him to it. Even as a middle schooler he had a status locally. Coddled and spoiled kid plus a rigid authoritarian coach is a recipe for disaster. Bud Adams was a dope to force that draft pick.

  36. According to one website VY got $35 million in total NFL earnings. He got $30 million from the Titans alone.

    VY shouldn’t be bitter. NOBODY could make him an NFL caliber QB.

  37. Well, I said it before and caught flack for , but I’ll say it again. Some of these football players are Born with CTE, before they set foot on the football field.!!

  38. You should indeed harbor resentment. Fisher was a poor example of a head coach and broke your initiative. You definitely had the talent.

  39. It was pretty clear that Fisher was unhappy with the pick and did a lot to mess with Young, especially his confidence.

    The problem is, Young isn’t smart enough to figure his way out of it, let alone articulate it. So he sounds like a petulant kid.

  40. Trying to decide the “winner” between these two is like deciding who to vote for in the last US Presidential election.

  41. Not that I care what Vince has to say, but Fisher is a garbage coach. His greatest success came on the college field with 3 other hall of fame caliber players dragging his sorry butt along for the ride.

  42. “None of those issues reflect well on Fisher…”. What??? I think #2,3,&4 do reflect well on Fisher. #1 needs more information… what private conversation(s) were leaked and # 5 is a matter of one’s personal standards. If you have no interest in re-hashing the past, it’s your choice. Let it be.

  43. Vince Young is an idiot and always has been.
    I heard a radio interview here in the Bay Area when it was thought that the Niners might draft him.
    I immediately determined that he was as dumb as a bucket of hair.
    I haven’t changed my opinion.

  44. Nobody could even name 2 receivers he played with without having to go to Wikipedia or another resource to look it up. The team he had was hot-garbage outside of himself and Chris Johnson and he still got them to the playoffs. Jeff Fisher obviously sucks as a coach and it’s unfathomable how he still has a job in the NFL. He ruined one of the most promising QB’s of this generation.

  45. VY if you want to bitter towards a coach start with Mack Brown. He and his staff did very little to develop your skills to succeed in the NFL. They rode your natural talent to a national title but your skills did not progress from your freshman year.

    On any given Saturday you we the Best Athlete on the field, but on Sundays you were below average. Happens to a lot of great college athlete’s, don’t tarnish your legacy by being negative. Take pride in the fact you led UT to a Natty.

  46. Vince was recently cut from a CFL team in the preseason. He also lost 59-0 to the Patriots. He stinks. What ever Fisher was doing he was dealing with a player that stinks.

  47. VY has not matured….I still remember him saying:

    “I will be the next black quarterback to win the Super Bowl. And I will be in the Hall of Fame.”

    Hall of Blame is where he has ended his career at. Surprised Andy Reid, Chan Gailey, Mike McCarthey didn’t get blamed/flamed for his failures at those franchises.
    No one forced VY to not study the playbook, work overtime, & craft his skills but his entitled, unfocused, lazy self!

  48. Say what you want but it always felt like Fisher never wanted and didn’t trust Young.

    When they started 0-6 in 09 it took owner intervention for Fisher to put Young in over Collins abd that was after they lost 59-0 to the Pats.

    Young always seemed to win with ugly stats as a Titan but as crazy as it seems he led the team to 8-8 seasons twice after the team started 0-5 (including the 0-6 start) and probably helped save Fishers job with the Titans for at least a couple years.

  49. your not telling us anything new, we all know Fisher is garbage and everybody wanted him to get that record for most losses ever by a coach. stupid rams fired him to soon….

  50. The only thing Fisher is guilty of is being a bad coach.

    Vince Young is a has-been QB who never really was, and is crying now like a spoiled kid.

  51. You could take this article and replace the words “Vince Young” with “Matt Leinart” and the words “Jeff Fisher” with Ken Whisenhunt, and you would have to make any corrections to any of the other words!

    FWIW, I will give these four losers credit for a great finish in that Cardinals-Titans game back in November, 2009 so there’s that.

  52. Vince Young sucked as a QB and is a diva who I’m sure if you read more of what he was complaining about in Fisher, you will of course read that Young was mistreated by Fisher because he’s black. No doubt about it. If all else fails, pull out your race card.

  53. Young had every opportunity to seize the backup QB job in Green Bay. When he was there, the job was wid open.
    Green Bay is a place where quarterbacks are developed, starting with coach Mike McCarthy.

    Young was gone after he couldn’t do much.

    Who do you blame for that, Mr. Young?

  54. Vince Young and Jeff Fisher. What a toxic mix.
    Many quarterbacks hated their head coach. Despite the Super Bowl wins, Terry Bradshaw still hates Chuck Noll. Even though no one would know or care who Bradshaw is without Chuck Noll.

  55. Fisher is a Dirty punk and should have been exposed and punished under “Bounty-Gate”

  56. As an Eagles fan, I truly sympathize with Fisher for having to deal with this Putz,

    The whole “dream team” thing still gets brought up weekly here, and it was wonderlic score of 8 VY that caused the whole thing.

    He was put into a great situation to succeed in Philadelphia, and he played terribly. I honestly don’t believe he even knew what the play was when he was calling it in the huddle. Because he truly seemed to be throwing the ball to a CB half the time…not a good player, definitely not a good person.

  57. Jeff Fisher is a douche bag…

    Why hasn’t anyone done an article on how Fisher acquired the Jaguars Playbook in 1999?

    Jags ended the year in the AFC championship game with a 14-2 record. Both losses coming from Tenn along with a Third Loss in the Championship.

    Several NFL Players have stated Tenn had in possession the playbook.

  58. Vince was coddled by Mack Brown and worshiped by fans in Austin. He was uncoachable and Mack Brown made a comment that we just have to let “Vince be Vince”. In other words he’s either too lazy or not intelligent enough to be coached, so we will just let him win on his freakish athletic ability. That worked well in college when he was playing against kids, however it didn’t work long against men.

    Fans in Austin kept telling him to “just be Vince” and he bought the hype. He thought he was above his coaches in the NFL and while Jeff Fisher is a turd, it’s just another reason why Fisher despised him.

    That was a pathetic time in Austin, when you had dorks running around town with Titans jerseys cursing the Texans for not drafting him.

    I’m a lifelong Longhorn and was embarrassed for our fan base during that time.

  59. No one wants to admit this but Young was just too stupid to play at the level required of a NFL QB. Multiple teammates and coaches all say the same thing…he never studied or prepared for games. He couldn’t pick up the playbooks in any of the other NFL teams he went to after the Titans. Then he blew threw millions of dollars like the dumb jock he is. He was pampered through out his college career and also during much of his NFL career. Too bad as he did have the physical skills to be a very good NFL player. He just didn’t have the mental capacity to be an NFL QB.

  60. Hey, why all the hate for 8-8 Fisher? I love the guy! I think the Pats are around 24 – 0 against him. We’ve got to get him back working again!

  61. Vince, you should have handled the professional game with the same tenacity and deliberate determination you played with while playing in the championship game against my Trojans with TWO Heisman trophy winners in that game !!!! You were relentless and a force to be reckoned with. The obstacles presented to you while with the Titans should not have been allowed to escalate to that level. You changed from being a Winner to a Whiner ! Let it go……………….

  62. Vince Young is just another in the long litany of failed qb’s who either lack leadership, accuracy, or ability to read defenses and process information rapidly.

    Young was typically overdrafted as he was big and fast. He had a great last game vs USC. So many forgot to really think about all his weaknesses at the pro level, and they chose not to look at his personality weaknesses. This can be haunting when tough times come, stress, anxiety, and having the ability to take it to a higher level.

    Young is exposed for all his whining and blaming. That is one of the biggest reasons he failed. He is just merely putting the stamp on it now.

  63. If Mr. Young felt he was not receiving sufficient coaching to develop properly he could have hired and worked with a QB coach/guru in the offseason as other QBs have done.

  64. The fact that he bounced around to several teams and was unable to catch on with any of them strongly suggests either a lack of commitment or lack of ability. Maybe a long hard look in the mirror would help him move forward?

  65. OMG. He had a freakin’ gun! I’m in a profession where I’m REQUIRED to contact police whenever something like this happens. Fisher was duty bound to do what he did and protect everyone else associated with the team including himself. The priority for Young was to get help for himself. Fisher also had priorities which was team. Young did NOT make himself a priority and that’s HIS problem. This is NOT Fisher’s fault. Geez…whatever happened to growing up and taking responsibility for your own actions???

  66. I’m so glad Fisher declined comment. Funny how out of a 40 yrs in the NFL as a player, coach, being on league committees, etc. – This is virtually the only person to say anything negative about Fisher in terms of his treatment of others. Everyone else says he’s treats everyone with respect even when he doesn’t agree with them.

  67. These X-NFLers must spend hours trying to figure out how to get them selves some MEEEEEE press time. Nobody cares.

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