Vince Young still doesn’t close door on football

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The Vince Young CFL Experiment ended poorly, with a hamstring injury resulting in Young being released by the Saskatchewan RoughRiders before the launch of the regular season. But even after that experience, Young isn’t slamming the door on playing football.

Maybe I’ll play football again,” Young told Greg Bishop of Sports Illustrated in an article that chronicles the quarterback’s more-lows-than-highs career. “You never know.”

You never know because Young knows (or at least thinks) that he is as good or better than guys currently playing in the NFL.

“I’d see a quarterback and be like, ‘Dude is garbage, and I’m over here in the kitchen cooking turkey necks?’” Young said. “I hate to name-drop, but [Ryan] Fitzpatrick is still playing? He leads the league in interceptions, and he’s still f–king getting paid? I mean, what the f–k is going on?”

The full article paints a picture that isn’t surprising but is nevertheless informative. Entitled and coddled as a young star quarterback, Young didn’t do enough to maximize his talents. Then, after things fell apart for him in Tennessee, he didn’t do enough to prove himself all over again.

The self-awareness that led him to Canada came too late. If he’d done it a few years ago, maybe he’d be the one leading the league in interceptions. For now, he’ll continue to have as many interceptions in the NFL as he’s had touchdown passes, passing attempts, completions, and rushing tries since 2011: None.

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  1. That’s a fair set of criticisms as to why he’s no longer in the league. The exact same could be said (but isn’t) about Kaep.

  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick also leads the league in IQ. The guy is a Harvard Business School graduate and understands the NFL is a business. Fitzpatrick for what he lacks in talent is great at getting deals done.

  3. Not too worry Vince….in a few years some liberal filmmaker will post a documentary how you were wronged… Besides the fact, that you were spoon fed every opportunity to succeed…you’ll get some residuals…

  4. Maybe work on your craft more instead of complaining about some other dude’s good fortune.

  5. If it based on talent alone, I’d say sign him to a meager deal to back up Prescott. Based on what’s upstairs, I’d rather roll with kellen moore…

  6. Fitz is intelligent and can memorize any playbook in a matter of days……thats the difference…..

  7. @completefan
    That’s nothing, a few years back we had two teams named like that, the Saskatchewan RoughRiders and the Ottawa Roughriders, in a 9 teams league.
    Only in Canada!

  8. Vince Young is delusional. He isn’t one third the NFL player Ryan Fitzpatrick has been.

    Vince Young passed for 9,000 yards in the NFL.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick passed for 26,000 yards in the NFL and is still playing.

    Vince Young threw for 46 TD and 51 INT in the NFL.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown for 166 TD and 133 INT in the NFL and is still playing.

    Vince Young has never been Offensive Player of the Week let along Month.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick has been Offensive Player of the Week 4 times and Offensive Player of the Month 2 times.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick has played in the NFL for 12 season more than anyone posting in this thread. He hasn’t been a great QB or even a very good QB, but he has had a few good years and he’s been paid more than $50mm since 2005 to do a job (play in the NFL) anyone here would love to do for $50k per year.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick has been happily married to his college girlfriend (who herself was an athlete) with six healthy kids. Vince Young has declared personal bankruptcy and can’t maintain an adult relationship.

  9. Its sad that no one has ever sat him down and told him what his weaknesses are.

    You’ve got agents that could help, not to mention countless personnel people in the league who have either decided to cut him, or not sign him.

    100’s of top NFL talent evaluaters have watched tape on him and determined hes no good.

    But no one will ever actually sit down with him and share the truth – its a shame this man has to suffer with this delusion.

  10. Keep in mind Ryan Fitzpatrick has been mostly a backup or a fill in starter for most of his career.

    When he finally got to start to Buffalo, he had some good games and some not-so good games, and a lot of turnovers. And they were glad to cut him. Never made the playoffs with the Bills.

    Most of his numbers are the result of playing for a while. While much better than Young, it does not mean he is a good QB.

    Average at best–he never led a team to the playoffs. And when he had a shot with the Jets, he choked pretty badly.

    Now, that is pretty great for a 5th round pick that was eventually cut and was a true journeyman for a while.

    Vince young was the 3rd overall pick that year–so yeah, he was a monster bust. It didn’t help that the owner sided with young over Jeff Fisher, and promptly proved Fisher right.

  11. Said owner was more interested in frustrating Houston than making good decisions.

  12. Pro Football did not close the door on Vince, YOU close the door on yourself, enjoy your 45 million, already blew it, to bad, look in your mirror and you will see what we see. Bill

  13. Uh…how many months in the calendar year end in “ber’ Vince?

    Yep four of them….sorry you missed that one on the Wonderlic Test….a 16…yes a 16….still in the top 10 worst scores for an NFL football player!!!!

    Yep it was all Jeff Fisher’s fault in Tennessee….

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