Bruce Smith wants to mentor Myles Garrett

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After watching film with Myles Garrett on draft day, Bruce Smith’s observation, according to Garrett, was that the former Texas A&M star is “slow off the ball.”

Smith said it was intended as constructive criticism. He wants to help Garrett live up to expectations.

“There were occasions in which he was just a little slow off the ball, and that fraction of a second of being slow off the ball is the difference of whether that offensive lineman is set in a certain position to be able to take you on,” Smith told Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal. “If you get off the ball simultaneously to that ball being snapped, sometimes you’re going to beat that offensive lineman out of his stance, and then on other occasions, it’s going to be the difference of whether you get a sack, forced fumble or just a hit on the quarterback or just a hurry.

“Then there are some other areas where the play went away from him, and those are situations that he potentially could have had an impact on the play. But I think sometimes we as players take for granted that someone else is going to make the play, and we can’t do that.”

The Hall of Fame defensive end wants to mentor the No. 1 overall pick. Smith likes what he has seen from Garrett both on and off the field, believing that Garrett can become something special.

“He’s got all of the physical talents, the God-given talents,” Smith said. “He just needs to learn how to be a pro now. There’s a difference between being a college player and being a pro in the NFL. That’s the process that he has to undergo. We all had to go through it.

“He’s going to be successful. It’s just the level of success that he reaches could be contingent upon the decisions that are made for him at an early stage of his career. The advice, the coaching, the tutelage that he gets right now could determine whether he’s an impact player in his first or second year or his fourth or fifth year.”

8 responses to “Bruce Smith wants to mentor Myles Garrett

  1. If Bruce Smith offers to mentor you the decision to take him up on it shouldn’t take more than half a second.

  2. Bruce Smith is arguably one of the top 5 DE’s in history and probably the 2nd-3rd greatest DE of our era (Only Reggie White was better)

    If he wants to help you listen.

  3. Bruce was dead on with his observations …

    I couldn’t understand why Myles went #1 when he would show a lack of effort and coast through plays that were away from him …

    I guess it is the potential that I missed …

  4. Yeah, Garrett is slow off the ball because of all those blades of grass that trip him up and cause injuries on the way into the practice huddle. Gotta get softer grass. If Garrett trips over a misplaced blade, he could be out for the season.

  5. This would be great for a young player. Obviously, Smith sees a lot of potential in Garrett, criticisms or not. I’m actually really surprised to see so many negative comments about Garrett. He was an obvious number 1 overall pick DUE TO HIS POTENTIAL, which is the only measuring stick a team has in the draft. It wasn’t even a discussion. Not even close. I’d call it as close to 100% consensus from people who actually know what they are talking about as you can get, this includes a HOF legend like Bruce Smith.

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