Dak Prescott stops by for special edition of PFT Live

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The regular radio version and NBCSN simulcast of PFT Live are on hiatus for the next few weeks, but we’re still doing regular podcasts to fill the time before everything gets back to normal next month.

Wednesday’s edition of the podcast is a good one thanks to a visit from Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. Prescott joined Mike Florio to discuss what was missing from his rookie season, his relationship with Ezekiel Elliott, his expectations for the coming year and his work with the “Ready. Raise. Rise.” campaign to raise awareness of Immuno-Oncology research and support those battling cancer.

The full video of Prescott’s visit appears here. The interview also will be included in Thursday’s PFT Live podcast, which will be available for free at Apple Podcasts, audioBoom, and wherever else you can get the PFT Live podcast.

7 responses to “Dak Prescott stops by for special edition of PFT Live

  1. DP was exposed in the play-offs. Couldn’t even take the beat up Packers second string. Just another one and done NFL disappointment. You’ll see. I love watching Cowboy fans get their hopes up.

  2. The hate spewing from the first two commenters is laughable. These are the same guys who would probably sing the praises of Carson Wentz. That he showed promise. Potential. And will have a breakout season. Meanwhile Dak who had the best season ever by a rookie quarterback is somehow trash.


  3. You guys sound a bit salty? Probably wishing your team had a 23 year old, Pro Bowl caliber Qb on your team. I’ll revisit this post when he expands his game in his 2nd year and leads us back to the playoffs.

  4. Prescott led Dallas to 31 points in the playoff game while going 24-38 for 302 yards 3TDs and 1INT.

    Dallas’ D managed to give Prescott a 21-3 deficit in the second quarter before a furious comeback. Nothing like making it even tougher on the young man in his first playoff game.

    “DP was exposed in the play-offs.” It sucks that bad football takes aren’t confined to the off season, they just keep coming.

  5. Cool and calm, just like Montana. Prescott might be the best QB of all time when it’s all said and done.

  6. Prescott might be the best QB of all time when it’s all said and done.
    He’ll need 6 more rings to get there and that might not be enough. I’ll bet that when Dak is collecting SS the same 6th rounder will still be at the top of the heap.

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