Logan Ryan speaks up, pays his brother’s $82,000 in student loans

Logan Ryan signed a three-year, $30 million contract with the Titans this offseason, and one of his first orders of business was to pay off his brother’s student loans — and to speak up about a system that leaves millions of Americans with serious debt.

Ryan posted a picture on Instagram of an oversized check representing the $82,000 he paid to get his brother’s loans paid off. With it, he posted a message about how crippling student loan debt can be.

“Surprised my big bro and paid off his student loans for his 29th Bday!” Ryan wrote. “My man got accepted to college, graduated with honors, and now works as an engineer. He did everything the right way and still lives with a ridiculous amount of student loan debt. The system is broken and makes no sense! I’m Fortunate and blessed to be able to take care of that for him.. Love you big bro you deserve it!”

Ryan, a cornerback who played the last four seasons for the Patriots, also did a good deed recently when he and his wife asked all the guests at their wedding to donate to an animal shelter instead of buying gifts.

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  1. I’m very lucky to live in a country where college is free and you actually get paid (a small amount) to study. The idea of course is to make it possible for everyone regardless of their background to get a good education. The system is not perfect but I think it’s better then the American alternative even if we pay much higher taxes.

  2. Here is a guy who gets it.

    As for student debt, let’s see what happens when college becomes a right.

  3. Why should the government pay which is actually you and me and all taxpayers for a college degree for everyone? What is broken is the ridiculous cost of a college degree from a liberal mecca of progressive bull crap. The liberal progressives that run these colleges and complain about the rich not paying their fair share rob these kids blind it should not cost that much to go to college that is what is broken!

  4. This guy continues to demonstrate outstanding character and I will be rooting for him (not necessarily his team) because of those traits.

    Love the memo line on the check.

  5. Props to him for helping his brother like that. Additional props for calling out a true issue that must be addressed. Many higher education costs have sky rocketed to near crippling levels for those who pay their own way. This means years of paying back thousands of additional dollars previous generations simply didn’t have to pay. It really isn’t a boo-hoo situation. This lowers the quality of life for those individuals and hurts the economy as well. Every month $400 a month or more goes here instead of the economy. I suspect the majority of dislikes to this post will come from those with a “suck it up” mid set who graduated pre 2005.

  6. He is absolutely right. Student loan debt is a carefully crafted mechanism to put young people into “the system” right after college. Then young people are told that their true rite of passage is owning their own home. Hello mortgage. Hello more debt. I know people want to argue that a house is an investment, but that only used to be true. Not with crippling housing prices today (I live in downtown Toronto, where the average house price is over $1M CAD [$765K USD]) coupled with a volatile financial market that could easily go belly up again.

    The enslavement is real.

  7. As a businessman I hate socialist programs, but subsidized education is essential, IMO.

    Too much brain power is going down the tubes in the USA because so many kids don’t have financial backing. Meanwhile, many kids that come from money are in university or college against their will and are wasting their time.

    Student loans only help in theory, not in reality.

  8. Who does Ryan think is paying for all those sports scholarships? Much less paying for all the university building utilities, upkeep, cleanliness, professors wages, etc. Yes, they can get the costs manageable, but no one will like what that looks like.

  9. Yeah the system is broken. You’re making 10 million a year and think your brother should get free college.

    The gears in your head are broken.

  10. The system is broken and it was predictable. Once the government makes money available, throw out all accountability and ability to reason. Government: We will lend money to anyone to get a college education. Colleges: In that case, let’s raise tuition every single year because we know they will just make more money available so people can go.

    It is all so stupid.

  11. Agreed on the cost thing. One thing that is never addressed is that Professors make on average over 100K. Most have lifetime job security and most of use have gone though the system. Most teach 1 class a semester. I live in NYS were the pledge to offer free college to SUNY school. They are using tax payer money. But do they ever address the run away cost at the institutions and professors salaries NOPE! only that they want to use public money to solve the problem.

  12. Way to go Logan, your class will be missed in New England and you are right, the system is broken. Good luck and stay healthy!!

  13. The Clintons pushed and passed legislation that exempted student loans from bankruptcy discharge. That’s true, but perhaps you did not know that.

    Problem with student debt is that many are getting worthless degrees and paying too much for tuition to get them because of bloated salaries to professors and administrators that can do so because of student loans funding things (that students are then stuck to repay at the end).

  14. Ryan is a class act. You will be missed in New England. Good luck with your new team.

  15. Well, lets see… either you pay for his student loans or the rest of us do… and I’m sure you also believe we should all pay for his health insurance, food costs, housing costs, cell phones, and children if/ when he has them… because God forbid someone be responsible for taking care of and providing for their own needs. What an “awful” system that would be!

  16. There were two ways to pay off your brother’s student loans. 1). Pay them off quietly.

    2). Have a giant check printed and publicize that you paid off your brother’s student loans.

  17. In general, college should be looked at as a business decision and not just the natural next step. If you are going to invest in the education, you should be able to answer the question “how long will it take my career to allow me to get my money back?” If you get a lousy answer, don’t go to college. Drink yourself silly somewhere else.

    Kudos to Ryan.

  18. What ‘broken system’? Debt, like pregnancy is a result of choices and actions. Grow up. And maybe start listening to Dave Ramsey. smh

  19. Hey at least he got an engineering degree. Way too many kids getting useless degrees and ending up with 6 figure debt and no career prospects.

  20. he’s absolutely right. the system is broken. as are many, many other aspects. this country is far behind others in so many ways that it’s shameful. but good thing the billionaires are getting their tax cuts!

  21. Great story. Way too much college debt out there. And his brother is an engineer, so he’s being paid okay. Student loan debt, for say, 13th century Greek history major, or sociology is turning our kids into indentured servants. If the debt can’t be paid off within three years of graduating, that’s a serious problem. College tuition is out of control.

  22. But I keep reading here that college players on scholarship play for “free”? $82,000+ to play minor league football for 2-4 years, college degree with no loan debt is a good deal.

  23. College tuition at state institutions should be free. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supported that. Tr*mp, of course, sees it as a business opportunity.

  24. Most of us have been there. Take it up with the tenured professors and school administrators that have turned universities into heavily marked up resorts. Even their “scholarships” are often little more than “fifty percent off!” sales signs designed to lure in the gullible.

  25. The system works just fine. You just have to have parents that start saving for college when you are born. It’s called being a parent. Look into it!

  26. Logan Ryan seems like a great guy. The Pats are going to regret letting him walk for Gilmore.

    And he’s right. College tuitions are outrageous!

  27. the system makes total sense. you took the loans out voluntarily, you should pay them back. lots of people work full time jobs (sometimes 2) in order to afford college.

  28. Part of the problem is government subsidies that keeps the price of college propped up. Another issue is that every degree costs the same, no matter the potential earnings after college.

    It’s easy to say “oh there’s too many liberal arts degrees” (and there are) but simply forgiving all student debt would lead to students not learning the consequences of their actions.

    Educate young people on the real cost of college AND the real (avg) potential payoff after getting a degree. Then let them make the decision and deal with the consequences.

  29. Nice gesture, but does Ryan realize the problem with the system is as simple as the outrageous cost of college? There is no reason a year at a public university should cost over $40,000 annually. Think about it, sending your kid to a college at that cost (or much much more) often to be taught by graduate assistants. When government grants/loans got involved, the price of tuition skyrocketed and it has never slowed down.

  30. Tell it like it is Logan – the system is a mess (because I can’t use profanities here). Oh wait! Maybe not – look what happen to Colin Kaepernick!

  31. Good for Logan Ryan, taking care of his family!

    There are two ways to view the student loan issue.

    1) The Rational View – First the government created free grants, then federally-guaranteed loans. Colleges then realized they could increase tuition as much as they want because there was unlimited government money to be had. (They knew this because any future discussion of reducing the dollars for these grants/loans would get the liberal media screaming that the evil Republicans were trying to kill children.) Grants / loans kept increasing, tuition kept increasing. Now we are at a point where it is virtually impossible to get a 4-year degree without going $100,000 in debt. Colleges should be forced to adopt strict budgets, like a family whose sole breadwinner just lost his/her job would have to do, and decrease the free money flowing to the colleges that the students get stuck with paying.

    2) The Socialist Method – This method has the support of the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and most major media outlets, including the parent company of this website. Send heavily-armed IRS agents to the home of every person on the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest people in America, who have a combined net worth of $2.4 trillion. Put guns to these people’s heads and tell them they are to immediately surrender 50% of their net worth so the more than $1 trillion of US student debt can be completely eradicated, “cuz you can afford it; the 400 of you will still be worth an average of $3 billion each. You don’t need the money.

    I would opt for #1.

  32. Trump and the Republicans want to make sure that people are kept down and the only way to do it is make sure people are in debt that can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. Had Trump not stole the el croon with the help of the Russians, Hillary would have forgave all student loan debt.

  33. Yeah it’s overpriced but you can be smart about it. Go to a state school, don’t get a liberal arts or some other useless degree, or pick up a trade and start working right out of high school.

  34. Ryan was a key contributor for the Pats in their last 2 Superbowl wins. He’s a good CB who is more productive than he looks. Not the most physically gifted, but makes the most of what he has. He will remind Titan fans of a younger version on the CB they lost (McCourty) Most Pats fans will remember him fondly, and are glad he got his big payday from someone.

    That being said, I woiuld have thought that Ryan could have paid off at least SOME of his brother’s college loan before this year. It’s not like he wasn’t making good money (relatively speaking) while with the Pats.

  35. Great gesture. I don’t know that anyone made his brother take out a dime for a loan. That was his choice. I wish I could afford to pay for all of my kids to go to college. I cannot. In fact, college isn’t for everyone as our leaders would have you believe.

  36. It’s a problem because we have colleges more concerned with making profits off of students than educating them; however, his brother has to share in the blame too. Borrowing that much money to go to a 4-year college when you know your job selection isn’t going to allow you to pay that all off quickly isn’t a smart move.

  37. How about highliting the student loan problem by paying a profootballtalk commenters student loans. Mine are only in the 50k range so it’s way cheaper!

  38. In this day and age where every bit of information is so easily accessible now… why is college still a thing?

    Why is school the same set up it has been for hundreds of years?

    Why do they make you memorize instead of teach?

    Free your minds people. “The System” is never broken. It works exactly the way they want it to.

  39. Pay to educate and better our citizens and country? Nah, instead we pay trillions to fight decades long wars against countries that never attacked us. We get what we value.

  40. $82,000 of student loan debt seems like a lot for someone who graduated with honors. How did he not get any scholarships, or did he go to a college that was too expensive for him? I agree, college in general is too expensive today, but $82k of debt is more than double the average.

  41. Two things are broken here:

    First, yes colleges are way too expensive. Let’s lower the cost of undergraduate degrees and slowly work on graduate and doctoral programs later.

    Secondly, most people tend to spend over their means and do not prioritize paying back loans, justifying their actions as “the system is broken, why should I bother.” A guy whose actually working as an engineer is making, depending on where he lives, at least $50-75k/year. In America, we tend to first buy a nice house, then buy a nice car, and continue to live it up. We don’t pay more towards debt and snowball it out of our lives–we accumulate debt as if some sort of magic fairy will pay it off “later”.

    Great job Logan for being their for family. Hopefully, your hard work on the field won’t have to be used to continually help people who decided, not forced, to go to an expensive college.

    I paid off my undergrad, grad, and my wife’s undergrad student loans because we made it a priority. Lived on the cheap, drove used cars, and now can enjoy a life without student loan debt.

  42. I love the “bash the cost of college” comments here.

    Did someone put a gun to your head and make you go to college? Did you actually think that liberal arts or art history degree was going to gainfully employ you when you graduated?

    If you want to go to college and not get tens of thousands in debt be smart….I know you aren’t…but serve a few years in one of the military services and sign up for the GI Bill. If you serve for 24 months they will pay for 80% of your education. A little hint…while on active duty go to school at night for the cost of your books. I did 6 1/2 years and had to actually go to college for a year to complete my bachelors degree when I got out of the military. No student loans because I served. So can YOU!

    Now onto the topic of what to study….STEM is the place to go. Science, Technology, Engineering or Math. Yes these are degree fields where you actually have to go to class, study and turn in work….but when you graduate there will be jobs waiting for you if you apply yourself!

  43. Whatever happened to doing a good deed anonymously? This was not really a gift because Logan received publicity in return. Helping your brother should not be seen as something special.

  44. .
    I pay tuition at the University of Baguio in the Philippines. $500 US dollars pays for a full semester with books.

  45. “Who does Ryan think is paying for those athletic scholarships?”

    Umm….maybe the millions upon millions of net annual revenue that D1 football programs generate from merchandise, ticket sales, TV contracts, and bowl games? But that’s just what immediately comes to mind….

  46. For those who say college professors making over 100K is the problem then let me ask you where you will get qualified teachers? To teach college level classes you need to be an expert. There is already in place a free market system that works, it’s called supply and demand. If professor salaries are too low, it becomes harder to get qualified professors. If too high, the university can try having a one year pay freeze, and see who leaves and how ghard/easy it is to get replacements.

    In addition, 1 professor for 400 students isn’t the problem. The problem is huge over head thats spread across all teh students. College tuition should probably not be that much more than high school student costs. In high school you have 6 hours of class a day compared to 3 hours a day in college. Even factoring in better facilities and highe rprofessor salaries you have some offset with 100, 200, 400 student classes.

  47. On a personal level, I get where Ryan is coming from, but there is no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody, somewhere has to pay. With him joining the ranks of the one percent, I seriously doubt that he would be very appreciative of what federally sponsored college would do to his taxes.

  48. Im at the bottom of the list, so no one will see this, but my wife and I put our 3 children through college ( 2 private and 1 public ) .
    They all graduated debt free. We never had a family income over $ 110, 000. We started saving for college when they were born.
    We never had the latest iphones, the newest cars and only went out to eat once a week. Kids all had jobs in high school after sports and during the Summer. All are off the dole and doing well. It’s called self restraint and personal responsibilty. More backbone and less wish bone.

  49. What’s broken is the idea that everyone needs to get a bs (no, not bachelor of science) degree that prepares them to do nothing useful. Learn a trade, go to tech school, be smart instead of taking out loans to get a degree in “cultural studies”. Everyone is an “engineer” these days. If Logan’s brother is a sure enough engineer, he can get a job that will pay off $82K with common sense. Good for him helping his brother but enough with the “system is broken”.

  50. Wait a minute, Logan. Your brother CHOSE to go to school (to better his life) and CHOSE to take on the debt that enabled him to become an engineer. The FACT that it cost money that your family didn’t have up front does not make the system broken. Why is NOBODY asking how a man that “graduated with honors” and is now an engineer (presumably making about $70-75 K) STILL owes $82,000 in Student Loans???? Has he NOT BEEN PAYING them down (presumably, like a RESPONSIBLE adult should be doing)????

  51. I have a 2 year old and by 2030, public college tuition is expected to be approximately $44K. A 4 year degree will be more than $200,000. To quote Llyod from Dumb and Dumber 2, “That’s insane”.

  52. College shouldn’t be a baseline education goal for everyone. If everyone has a BA/BS then it becomes the new High School Diploma forcing people to take the next step to Masters thereby incurring event more debt.

    $80k debt, which will be much more when paid off, all to qualify for a $40k/year job? BTW, there are schools where you can rack up that much in one year.

    So when everyone has a free degree on the taxpayer’s back, who exactly is going to dig holes, etc?

    We need rank & file jobs. Not everyone needs to go to college but we are all about keeping up with the Joneses, aren’t we?

  53. All you need to do is get into Congress. Work 2-4 years and retire with full salary, full medical (gold plan not Medicare), free college for your kids ect. ect. And while you’re in you get a checking account that you can continuously write bad checks on without so much as a overdraft notice. Easy, see?

  54. I’d much rather live in a well-educated society than an uneducated one. If that means higher taxes, then so be it. We spend an absurd amount on “defense” with bases around the world and poking our nose where it doesn’t belong. It’s much better that we invest in OUR country for education and infrastructure.

  55. What type of brother wouldn’t pay off his siblings $82K in student loans? He is making $10mill/yr!

    No such thing as FREE college. Taxpayers would be footing the bill. And who wants to pay for a underwater basket weaving degree for all the Jeff Spicoli’s coming out of high school?

  56. I saw college as a way to make a good living not to follow “MY DREAMS”….so i went to a community school, got a degree as a RN surgery nurse. i make a very good living with a quarter of the debt had i gone to a private school. there are options.

  57. People shouldn’t even be allowed to borrow money for many of the degrees being offered. A degree in ‘cultural studies’, ‘women’s studies’, art history, dead languages, dance theory, etc. are the educational equivalent of sub-prime mortgages. They simply cannot afford to pay it back.

    I wonder who is going to be without a chair when the music stops this time. Look at your ticket to this party taxpayers, it says standing room only.

    The whole argument of an educated country is fine, but educated in what? Degrees rooted in 3rd generation post-modernism are not good for the student, the country, and specifically the people.

  58. We don’t need to become Russia, but the evolution of our country has reached a point that calls for socialization in many areas. European societies went through the same process. High levels of growth over centuries eventually end up with countries that can no longer expand and grow within it’s boundaries. Globalization has really stalled the natural process where the US could start eliminating several capitalistic practices such as privatization of public social systems (healthcare, higher education, utility companies, etc.)

    Insurance is the most profitable industry in the world right now with the most powerful political lobby in the U.S. It’s going to be a long road.

  59. ***Jun 28, 2017 12:20 PM
    Government intervention leads to higher costs.*****

    Easy money and loans allowed colleges to go cost crazy. Keep charging more…the students can take out loans

  60. I’m a veteran who couldn’t afford the 100 dollars a month for 12 months to qualify for the GI Bill. Not trying to have a pity party, but I’m about to turn 50, and will be paying off my loans for another 20 years. It is what it is.

  61. We spend 100x more on college “research”, societal entitlements, and “global warming” than we do on national defense.

    Stop it with the anti-military crap.

  62. Well, lets see… either you pay for his student loans or the rest of us do… and I’m sure you also believe we should all pay for his health insurance, food costs, housing costs, cell phones, and children if/ when he has them… because God forbid someone be responsible for taking care of and providing for their own needs. What an “awful” system that would be!

    you are absolutely clueless. His brother is an engineer. His brother would be paying his loans but instead he offered to pay because of his new found wealth. Class act by a guy I know very little about..

    Oh and please tell me of what government subsidized program that you know of that would make your claim true “either he pay them or the rest of us do”. That is not how student loans work. They cannot be discharged in any way shape or form. Fail to pay and they withhold your tax returns and garnish your wages… So please, oh smart one, how would we be paying his loans if he wasnt?

  63. We spend 100x more on college “research”, societal entitlements, and “global warming” than we do on national defense.

    Stop it with the anti-military crap.

    We spend more money on defense then the next 9 nations COMBINED, it’s time to stop playing world police for everyone else while we foot the bill. Defense spending is where cuts need to be made.

    The defense budget is 600B (over half of discretionary spending), 100 times that is more money than exists on earth, so check your facts

    and social security makes up the largest part of non discretionary spending and we all pay into that so it shouldn’t be counted

  64. Many colleges and universities, even those that are state run, seem to have lost sight of what their missions should be.

    It’s the same old problem. When you allow people to spend other peoples money they are not thrifty. Government and grant money just allowed colleges increase the tuition while wasting money.

    How about eliminating all the extra expenses items are not related directly to teaching.

    Maybe colleges don’t need to have numerous centers and departments all staffed as political patronage “change the world” positions having nothing to do with actual classroom teaching.

    The mission should be to give the students a great education without putting them into massive debt and let them go out and change the world.

  65. There is no such thing as free college, it is only a question of who pays for it. The US taxpayer already subsidizes the cost of state universities and helps the poor with Pell grants and subsidizes loans.

    Students should invest in themselves too AND they should make smart decisions about what they are going to study.

  66. If you want to go to college and not get tens of thousands in debt be smart….I know you aren’t…but serve a few years in one of the military services and sign up for the GI Bill. If you serve for 24 months they will pay for 80% of your education. A little hint…while on active duty go to school at night for the cost of your books. I did 6 1/2 years and had to actually go to college for a year to complete my bachelors degree when I got out of the military. No student loans because I served. So can YOU!


    Sounds like a good way to ensure that only poor kids serve in the military & risk their lives for the rich kids who go straight to college. And those rich kids are the ones who will eventually be the ones making the decisions on sending those poor kids to war. Great plan!

    PS – I did serve in the military & used the GI Bill to pay for college. But that should not be the only way poorer kids can go to school.

  67. jpoh333 says:
    Jun 28, 2017 10:14 AM
    Whatever happened to doing a good deed anonymously? This was not really a gift because Logan received publicity in return. Helping your brother should not be seen as something special.

    Of course he received attention. That’s was part of the reason he did it.

    Don’t you bozos ever read articles?

  68. Things that have made America great in the past include: higher taxes on businesses to fund public works projects and infrastructure; higher taxes on the wealthy to nearly fully fund higher education.

    This is why the 1950s economy was so awesome — the government taxed the rich at a high margin to pay for the social improvements that made ALL our lives better.

    Too bad Republicans don’t want to steer us back toward that part of the 1950s, and instead they focus on the all-white lunch counters and anti-woman messages.

  69. When you buy a house, the loan officer shows you an amortization schedule that discloses the true TOTAL cost of the loan if you pay it pack on the normal schedule. A $300K house can easily equal $750K in principal and interest.

    This disclosure is mandated by law – why isn’t this required for college loans?

    I think if students given this disclosure you’d see much better decision making (like not going to college unless its necesary to get a productive job), and THEN, it would be fair to say “you took out the loan, pay it back.”

    Right now, these kids are being sold into an economic hole and not being told how deep it truly is.

  70. In 1999 I graduated with over $100,000 in student loan debt, despite working all through high school (since I was 16), working through college (dining hall, delivering pizzas, cleaning bathrooms, etc.) while others were taking spring break trips and partying, and worked while in grad school. I paid everything myself. Graduated, got a good job, worked hard, lived like a pauper, and paid the loans off in less than seven years. I now have three kids and I was a millionaire by age 40.

    Here’s the thing. I use coupons at the grocery store. I drive a 14 year old car. I’ve never had a car payment in my life. I don’t buy the latest and greatest phone or TV. I’ve never borrowed money (other than student loans and a mortgage). I don’t spend money on credit cards. I think a lot of people nowadays just waste money on starbucks and cars and Iphones and clothes and then complain about having no money. Live below your means and save save save. It’s not a difficult formula. My student loans were the best investment I ever made.

  71. Classy guy, but did you know he is supposed to pay a gift tax on this? Thanks, liberals.
    As long as Uncle Sam backstops college loans, universities will continue to jack up tuition. Same as what happened to housing with Freddie and Fannie guaranteeing loans. How about making the school have skin in the game? Finally, countries that heavily subsidize higher education – to the point of free tuition – have far fewer people going to college. No country can afford “free” university for the entire population, nor is it necessary.

  72. State universities have jacked up their tuition partly if not mostly because state legislatures have greatly reduced financial support for academic institutions. State subsidies for state universities have fallen dramatically in many states. Students should also avoid “for profit” colleges, which do little but rip people off. Their degrees are third rate and they charge a lot of money.

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