Michael Vick throws eight touchdowns in inaugural flag football game


Michael Vick is still capable of putting up big numbers.

The former Falcons quarterback led his team of retirees to a 64-41 win over the team led by wide receiver Terrell Owens in last night’s debut of the American Flag Football League in San Jose.

Via JuliaKate Culpepper of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Vick threw for 547 yards and eight touchdowns. And that may or may not really mean anything within the context of flag football (one game, small sample size, and we haven’t seen opposing quarterback Jimmy Clausen’s stat line), but it’s a big number so it’s the kind of thing that catches your eye.

Amazingly, numbers like that weren’t enough to win him MVP honors for the game. That would be former Bears, Bills and Buccaneers tight end Evan Rodriguez, who had nine catches for 210 yards and four touchdowns.

“Tonight’s game was a massive success and displayed how exhilarating and competitive flag football can be when played by the best athletes in the world,” AFFL founder Jeff Lewis said. “Every player was very dedicated to this brand of football out on the Avaya Stadium field. They had that competitive spirit it takes to be a pro athlete – Michael and Evan’s performances were outstanding.”

Last night’s game was a test-drive for the launch of the league next year, and in the middle of the summer when nothing else is happening, if they can put an entertaining product on the field, people will probably watch it.

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  1. “That would be former Bears, Bills and Buccaneers tight end Evan Rodriguez, who had nine catches for 210 yards and four touchdowns.”

    I’m a huge Buccaneers fan, and I have absolutely no idea who this guy is. I looked him up on PFR and he appeared in one game for the Bucs in his third (and final) year of his career; he appeared in seven games for the Bills in his second year, and had . . . zero catches on all of one target. However, in his rookie year for the Bears, he caught four balls. For 21 yards.

    I’m gonna suggest him being the MVP maybe says something about the quality of competition here.

  2. This is a great idea. You can have former NFL stars that got a bit too old for all the hitting but still have plenty of skills, in a high scoring less injury entertaining game. The big names can still carry over. And you can play it indoors during the hot summer months, capturing that dead time when between NFL/NBA/NHL seasons and baseball is still too early to be exciting. I’d watch it.

  3. I watched Ice Cube’s 3-on-3 basketball league the other night and I think it will do pretty well. Former players competing and having fun is interesting to watch. Paul Pierce joked about getting in the league next year with Kevin Garnett and Kobe on his team – who wouldn’t want to watch that.

  4. I guess those are big numbers but we get the same stats in our local pick up league. I guess if you put the polish of over the hill celebrity on something mundane it will look cool to the masses.

  5. Football is fun, man! I’d watch the hell out of some flag football during the off-season, if real, NFL athletes (retired or otherwise) were playing in the games. It beats sitting around, speculating on who will be the best ‘whatever’ when the season actually starts.

  6. Heck, I would watch this during the slow months. Probably all or most of us have played flag. We could sit there and say, “I could do that!” Then go get another beer, of course.

  7. Most of us prefer high-scoring games, so the final score indicates that it was at least interesting. I suppose if they had a 6-8 team league and played during June and July, I’d at least take a flyer on following/watching it. What else am I going to do, watch every Yankees game be nationally televised while having to follow my Indians by watching a computer cartoon of the game on my phone?

  8. Do they have Flag-Dog fights? Maybe they can merge with the 3-3 basketball league and have Flag-Basketball/Football games… You can shoot the ball until someone pulls your flag… except you throw the ball instead of dribble, aim for a tire 20 yards away, and can only take 3 steps…

    What’s up with all the retired pro-player league sports recently?

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