NFL has no comment on Supreme Court’s decision to take up New Jersey gambling case

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Previously, the NFL had plenty to say about its opposition to efforts by New Jersey to legalize sports wagering. With the Supreme Court agreeing to take up the question of whether New Jersey’s attack on the federal law prohibiting the expansion of betting on football games and other sporting events, the NFL has nothing to say.

The league has declined comment regarding the development, which puts the controversy on the docket for the next Supreme Court term commencing in October.

The NFL currently is tiptoeing through a minefield of hypocrisy when it comes to gambling, given the decision to allow the Raiders to eventually move to Las Vegas. Despite insistence by the Commissioner that the league continues to oppose betting on games, more and more people connected to the league believe that the legalization of wagering is inevitable — and that the NFL can make billions in profit from it.

The first step toward widespread gambling will be the elimination of the federal law that prevents states from adopting sports wagering. That could happen either in the Supreme Court, or through the legislative process.

7 responses to “NFL has no comment on Supreme Court’s decision to take up New Jersey gambling case

  1. It’s over. Congress may as well go ahead and repeal it. There is no chance, zero, that this court rules that the law is not unconstitutional. It is, it always has been, and it has only survived this long because it has only been challenged before courts that are bound to politics above ethics.

    SCOTUS members are appointed for life, no matter who nominated them. They can look at this obviously unconstitutional law and get rid of it. And they will.

  2. If the NFL were smart they should get in on it and take over the market and cash in. They have to be solid with their boundaries but they are in the best position to capture the market. Who wants to be left in the dust like Sears and Blockbuster by Amazon and Netflix. My guess – the owners will let the gold slip through their fingers and some other company will capture and dominate the legal sports gambling business probably the future merged draft kings and fantasy duel company.

  3. Surprise the heavy-handed tantrum throwing NFL isn’t threatening to keep the Super Bowl or the draft out of the United States like they do with ever region that passes a piece of legislation they disagree with.

  4. what argument could possibly be made that this ISN’T unconstitutional?

    It’s legal in nevada so if a state wants to pass similar laws i’m not sure what reason could possibly be given to deny them yet continue to allow vegas

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