St. Lucie Mets already cashing in on Tebow effect

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The St. Lucie Mets already are witnessing the Tebowmania, even if he still hasn’t played a game for the Single-A affiliate of the New York National League team.

Tuesday’s debut, which was rained out, had 500 advance tickets sales, via David Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Typically, the St. Lucie Mets have no advance ticket sales.

“This is to see if he can walk on water,” said one fan who showed up for the game that wasn’t played due to the weather.

And so the ice cream stand that was opened for the first time this season will have to wait a day, as will the tables of No. 15 T-shirts at $28 a pop. Likewise, Tebow will have to wait until a Wednesday doubleheader for the next step in what started last year as a One-Man Fantasy Baseball Camp.

I’ve got a long way to go,” Tebow said, via Hyde. “But I’ve come a ways, too.”

Not as far as his recent elevation would suggest, however. As Hyde notes, Tebow’s .220 batting average with the low-A Columbia (S.C.) Fireflies was higher than only 10 other players in the entire league. Tebow also struck out 69 times in 64 games, against low-A pitching.

The real question is whether he can do enough to pass the eyeball test at this level to go the next one. Eventually, chances are he’ll land against a level of competition that puts him not only on the wrong side of the Mendoza line, but also dangerously close to the Blutarski line.

Wisely, Tebow isn’t obsessing over that possibility.

“It’s a scary place to get caught up in, the ‘Where’s this going to lead?,’ ‘What’s going to happen to my future?’, ‘What is the next day?'” Tebow said Tuesday, per Hyde. “I get today. Tomorrow’s not promised. I’m going to make the most of today.”

The mindset is admirable. The circumstances remain daunting. For as much as he has overcome to get to this point, it’s about to get a whole lot harder. As long as it remains profitable for the minor league teams that will see an influx of cash thanks to Tebow’s presence, that may not matter.

15 responses to “St. Lucie Mets already cashing in on Tebow effect

  1. Big surprise. Someone realized how much money they could make if he were playing in Florida.

  2. The Mets will call him up in September for one reason and one reason only-to sell tickets and jerseys, he is a horrible baseball prospect, this is all about money

  3. I do have to give Tebow props. The guy hadn’t played baseball at any level for about a decade and is at least showing he can play at that level. Sure his name is what got him through the door but he hasn’t been a disaster on the field either.

    Good for him I say.

  4. The guy is still young and has won a playoff game. Why no opportunities? Is it because of injustice? No. Tebow brings a level of distraction and sideshow with him that his talent doesn’t outweigh in the NFL. For as flawed as Tebow was as a QB he was still better than and won more games as a starter than many QBs currently in the league. What is so hard to understand that teams don’t want the sideshow. Kapernick would bring an enormous sideshow with him.
    There is NOTHING sinister about a team coming to that conclusion and not wanting that around their team.

  5. “Typically, the St. Lucie Mets have no advance ticket sales.”

    Pretty sad. I used to live in a very small town with a A team with no celebrities and it was hard to get tickets the day of a game except for bleachers/standing room. That’s one of the reasons I was a little skeptical about the economic boost of this experiment, but after doing some research I see these teams really could use the help.

  6. orangedestroyer says:
    Jun 28, 2017 11:07 AM
    28 bucks for a t shirt.
    A sucker born each minute

    Says someone on a NFL site that probably buys a jersey for $100+ or more depending on brand.

  7. Tebow and the Mets have become a sideshow, nothing more. It’s sad to see what he’s been reduced to.

  8. uninformed fans along with most sports writers seem to forget the reality that pro sports is and will always remain a business. Hence the Tebow Experiment will keep going until he cannot maintain the minimum level of mediocrity and the business cannot make money off of him and his notoriety.

  9. I can’t understand the Tebow-bashing. He’s a Christian, he’s humble, and he works hard. 90% of Americans identify as Christians and who doesn’t like a humble guy who works hard?

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