Zachary Orr trying to make a comeback

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Zachary Orr is making a comeback, after initially retiring because of neck issues.

According to Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network, the Ravens linebacker has received new word from doctors that the neck and spine condition which caused him to call it a career in January isn’t as bad as initially thought, and that he can continue to play.

Orr was the Ravens leading tackler last year, and they were talking to him about a contract extension at the time he retired.

He was also a restricted free agent, and the Ravens didn’t offer him a tender (which made sense considering they thought he was retired). As such, he’s now an unrestricted free agent, free to talk to anyone.

Teams will want to do their own (thorough) checks to make sure they’re comfortable with his condition, but Orr immediately becomes one of the most interesting names on the market at the moment.

22 responses to “Zachary Orr trying to make a comeback

  1. The only question I have is, what’s the split between the doctor and agent ? Awesome plan, worked like a charm. 🙂

  2. While I’d love to see Orr return to Baltimore, I don’t know if the Ravens would consider another high injury risk player after just releasing Dennis Pitta.

  3. If he leaves Baltimore after saying he needs to retire due to medical issues then I’m not going to be happy…

    Can’t blame the Ravens for not tagging a guy who retired due to spinal issues and then he returns 5 months later…

  4. The Raiders are in desperate need of a capable body in the middle. I think it is definitely worth their time to have the medical staff give him a once-over.

  5. Any contract is going to have injury protection for the team in it. What might most make sense for him is to sit until the inevitable injury pops up and a team needs a replacement who can play at a high level. That will let the team put him on a week to week payment plan.

  6. I hope Zachary Orr knows what he is doing. The NFL Network is indicating that other doctors are telling him he can play. If the original Doctors are in agreement with this new information, I would feel more comfortable about it.

    I recall another doctor telling Reggie Lewis what he wanted to hear-that is heart condition was not life threatening and with proper care, he could continue playing in the NBA- it did not turn out that way.

  7. Wow…Ravens are desperate to hang on. They don’t quite get they are rebuilding yet.

    With their D being so mediocre in recent years, this would certainly help, but I also worry about this guy’s future, too.

    Sounds pretty risky overall.

  8. Sorry, I don’t like this for Zach. Anyone can go Dr. shopping to find someone to tell you what you want to hear. He may want to play, but will he ever be able to pass a physical?

    Yes, the Ravens would own his rights, but there is no way they would let him play. Their physicians are the ones who found this and advised him of the situation. How could they then put him back on the field?

  9. There’s not much risk IMO. No one is going to fork out a big multi-year deal for his services not to mention football money is not guaranteed. Anywho- I’m sure there has to be some sort of grievance to be filed if he does end up elsewhere. The team who previously owned his rights were denied a chance to retain him because he was basically done. He’s a raven next season- if he plays.

  10. This loophole (saying you’re done as a restricted free agent and then reappearing later as an unrestricted free agent) doesn’t seem fair to the Ravens …

  11. As a Raider fan living in Baltimore, I can tell you this kid is legit. Reggie, get on the line and get him a first class ticket to Oakland. If he can pass a physical, he’s a gold mine.

  12. BEWARE DETROIT. Is he truly healthy? Is he looking for some guaranteed money? Get under contract and back to the doctor he goes. I see it coming to whatever team he signs.

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