All 17 referees return from 2016 season

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For the second straight year, the NFL will not have any new referees.

The league announced on Thursday that all 17 referees from last season’s roster will be back for the 2016 season. John Hussey was the last new addition to the refereeing ranks when he was promoted to the job in 2015. Brad Allen, Walt Anderson, Clete Blakeman, Jerome Boger, Carl Cheffers, Walt Coleman, Tony Corrente, Ed Hochuli, Terry McAulay, Pete Morelli, John Parry, Gene Steratore, Ron Torbert, Jeff Triplette, Bill Vinovich and Craig Wrolstad are the other referees.

The league also announced that Terri Valenti will be the league’s first female replay official and confirmed that the title “head linesman” has been changed to “down judge” to “more accurately depict the primary responsibility of the role” as well as eliminating a gender-specific job title.

One of the first crop of down judges will be David Oliver, who joins seven others in their first season as NFL officials.

37 responses to “All 17 referees return from 2016 season

  1. Crap. Walt Coleman and Walt Anderson both call lots of often unwarranted or ticky-tack penalties which slow down games and make them an unwatchable mess.

  2. Working for the NFL is like working for the government. No matter how much you suck at your job, you still have job security.

  3. abninf says:
    Jun 29, 2017 1:54 PM
    Dez caught the ball.

    0 1

    After seeing how Calvin Johnson was robbed against the Bears I knew immediately that Dez didn’t catch that ball.

  4. As a Pats fan I will always make Walt Coleman feel welcomed anytime he visits Foxboro…

  5. When Triplette announces a penalty I can take a bathroom break, make a sandwich, and grab a beer and not even miss the next play.

  6. How are Jerome Boger and Jeff Triplette still in the league? I guess every league needs its Earl Hebner guys.

  7. I’ve got to think there’s at least one guy they could promote from current umpires, back judges, etc. that would be better than Triplette. He is really is an embarrassment.

  8. steelcurtainn says:
    Jun 29, 2017 4:19 PM
    I wonder how many of them are from New England.
    You mean how many of them are on the Kraft payroll?

  9. Head Linesman to Down Judge. Well since the NFL is embracing the PC Culture and Customs, the Washington Redskins will soon change their name. Congratulations Florio your plan worked.

  10. Well, that guarantees the Packers another year of missed holding calls and numerous roughing the passer calls against Rodgers.

  11. I have been watching NFL football since the 60’s, and the officiating is better than ever. The replay system is constantly improving , and the teams are actually deciding the outcomes more than ever before. The league just set another all time record for revenue. It’s obviously a great, great product. NFL football is the greatest entertainment in the world. You don’t become the greatest at anything by being content, so I’m sure the NFL will continue to make improvements every year, and will continue to break revenue records.

  12. When is the NFl going to wake up and get this fixed? Referees need to be much closer in age to the players. It would be smart to identify players not making the final rosters and get them involved in refereeing High School and College games right after they are cut. The USSF (soccer) has already done this and there are no dinosaurs reffing high level matches. Soccer might have figured this out when is the NFL going to figure it out. Walt Coleman, Jeff Tripplett, have no business refereeing these high level athletes. They might have a place in the replay booth but that’s about it.

  13. The officials do a good job, in spite of all those who blame every loss their team has on them. Officiating football games is not easy, especially at the NFL level with all the complicated rules and the speed of the game. Yes, they make mistakes. But it’s easy sitting on your couch calling a game with 5 different replay cameras showing you what happened 2 or 3 minutes ago as opposed to doing it live in the stadium.
    The fact is, if the players did their jobs as well as the officials do theirs, the game would be played at a much higher level than it is now.
    I used to officiate in a men’s flag football league and I never realized how difficult officiating football is until I did that. I had done youth basketball, baseball, and softball games, and football was much harder than any of those. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. You’ll have a different opinion of NFL officials if you do. I found the hardest job in officiating football was being the line judge. There is so much happening so quickly that it makes it very difficult to see exactly what is happening. I can’t imagine doing it at the pro or even college level.

    BTW — has anyone noticed that the female official has been doing commercials? Why has she been singled out to do commercials? I don’t believe any of the male officials have done any. Could it be because she is a woman? That seems to me to be unfair to the men. Just saying.

  14. Frazier28/7 says:
    Jun 29, 2017 1:12 PM
    great news for green bay.

    Anything that causes irritation for a Viking fan is great news for a Packer fan.

  15. contra74 says:
    Jun 29, 2017 7:54 PM
    Well, that guarantees the Packers another year of missed holding calls and numerous roughing the passer calls against Rodgers.

    Any perceived annoyance that causes a Viking fan to grit their teeth is a good thing.

  16. contra74 says:
    Jun 29, 2017 7:54 PM
    Well, that guarantees the Packers another year of missed holding calls and numerous roughing the passer calls against Rodgers.

    The Packer O-line was so good last year and the Viking D-line was so slow, it would be hard for any newbie watching football for the first time to think otherwise.

  17. Oh, joy, the three stooges will cling on again.

    Jerome Boogers (a man who somehow can walk on the field with his head up his), Ed Hockuli (sound of hocking a loogie), and Jeffie Sue Triplette (who just makes up calls that can never be supported in replay).

    Each of these clowns are annual front runners in the Jim Tunney Award for malfeasance in officiating.

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