Colts, NFL, others quiet about Irsay’s Twitter misadventure

Getty Images

It’s still unclear how or why an extremely NSFW picture appeared on the Twitter account of Colts owner Jim Irsay. It’s becoming abundantly clear that the team, the league, and several media outlets won’t have much if anything to say about it.

The Colts have said nothing, Irsay has said nothing, and the NFL has said nothing about the if-you-had-to-guess-which-owner-this-happened-to-it-would-have-been-Irsay moment. Beyond that, there’s been no mention of the incident on or (Then again, the new Video! Video! Video! strategy at FOX largely entails the use of clips from FS1 shows, and there’s apparently some degree of lag between when the shows are televised and when the videos appear. So maybe by next Monday a video about it will appear on the FOX portal.)

As to the latest Irsay imbroglio, plenty of other media outlets have articles about it. CBS and PFT/NBC are the only league broadcast partners that have addressed it via the web. While it’s possible that ESPN has decided it’s not newsworthy (perhaps in the same way a certain lawsuit filed eight years ago against a certain quarterback wasn’t newsworthy), there’s no way the league-owned or team-owned media platforms will be addressing this one.

That’s one of the basic realities of league-owned and team-owned media. Any reporter who works for the Colts won’t be writing about something that reflects unfavorably on the man who owns the Colts. Likewise, with NFL Media partially owned by each of the 32 teams, that potato will be far too hot for the in-house kitchen to touch.

We’re willing to assume Irsay was hacked, again, even if he hasn’t said so expressly. Even if it was a hack, the fact that he didn’t learn the first time isn’t a good visual for a guy whose Twitter account provided a very unexpected visual to the entire world.