Falcons promise affordable food and drinks at new stadium

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When the Falcons open their new stadium this season, they say they’re going to have something unusual: Food and beverages that aren’t a ripoff.

Falcons President Rich McKay told Fast Company that fans have spoken up repeatedly that food is too expensive in stadiums, and NFL teams haven’t done enough to listen. This year, the Falcons will have $2 hot dogs, $2 sodas, $5 beers and other affordable options.

“Every year we survey them on everything,” McKay said. “Every year they say the same thing: Food and beverage, don’t like the value, don’t like the price.”

McKay said the Falcons view ticket sales as the way to make money and don’t want to gouge fans on food after that.

“Our tickets in the NFL are not inexpensive, and we can’t use this as an opportunity to hit them harder,” McKay said.

Fans will certainly approve of that.

46 responses to “Falcons promise affordable food and drinks at new stadium

  1. After robbing the taxpayers of a pound, they propose to return to them a penny.

    Yes, that’s certainly something of which fans should “approve.”

  2. I wouldn’t believe it if they sent it to me in writing via mail.

    This is the South. The need to bend over and take it will cum in the mail sometime after we have f ‘kd you.

    They may as well announce free parking for monster trucks.

    That I would believe

  3. I haven’t bought concessions at a NFL game in years. I hope this starts a trend league wide. Decent seats for a family of 4 can already cost $600 or more. Who wants to spend another $100 on crappy food?

  4. Fans also requested more first aid choking posters, you know, because hotdogs are the second leading choking hazard behind Falcon Super Bowl appearances.

  5. “Affordable food and drinks.” Yeah, after paying for a racket called a PSL, things are “cheaper.” I don’t care how much I love my patriots, the best seat is in my house, with my cooler of yuengling, a readily available grill, and the ability to avoid morons getting beer muscles and starting crap with our fan bases for the sake of their fans being in the wrong stadium 🙄.

  6. I saw the menu.

    Small Water…..$21.50
    16oz Domestic Beer…$35.00
    Hot Dog………$17.50
    Small Personal Pizza….$45.00
    Blowing a 25pt lead….$Priceless

  7. The Falcons will raise ticket prices (which every fan has to pay) and lower the price of optional food. And somebody thinks this is “fan-friendly?”

    It’s like states without income taxes (looking at you, Texas). They make up for it with higher sales and property taxes.

  8. If only the rest of the sports world would follow suit. Prices for concessions at games are outrageous these days.

  9. Affordable is a relative term. It doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. Additionally affordability doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with a persons income as much as it has to do with how much a person is willing to pay for a product. For example, I can easily afford a 12 dollar beer but I will never spend 12 dollars for a beer.

  10. The water coming through the big hole in the roof that won’t close due to “design difficulties” will be totally free!

  11. Small concession for not being able to drop a banner on the home opener.

    It will take a decade for that team to rebound from that lose, and a total change in régime.

  12. People are just like sheep. A Lower Level PSL can cost as much as 45K a seat. For that price food should be free. What next 10K to shop at a super market, but the hot dogs are half off. In the words of Fred Sanford, you big dummies.

  13. Will they be selling any more of the local Sweetwater’s “Patriot” pale ale?

    Anyway, sorry but all those “affordable” food and beer options at the $1.6bn stadium are in reality heavily subsidized by $600M public funds and over 40,000 PSLs. Beers and seats may cost more at Foxboro (but hey, you’d expect to pay more at a perennially top team and they aren’t quite the most expensive), yet to his credit Robert Kraft paid 100% of the cost of his stadium and has steadfastly promised never to use PSLs.

  14. a promise to attempt a field goal when you are up by eight points and on the 22 yard line of your opponent in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl would have been more than sufficient.

  15. This is kinda a gimmick. They make the same amount on average anyway. In this case they raised Ticket prices and lowered food. However, I go to minor league baseball games and the concession prices are always reasonable. Therefore you buy 2 hotdogs instead of one. Everyone wins in theory: profit margins are the same or more and product moves for the suppliers, so the ballpark gets higher volume deals. Simple economics.

  16. Super Bowl special: $1 hotdogs are half off. Looks like their fans won’t have to deliver the 3rd and 4th quarters either.

  17. If fans can afford to pay the PSL and the price of the tickets, why do they expect “welfare” when it comes to the concessions? Of course these people are the minority as I see packed stadiums every week around the NFL. Most people don’t mind paying the going rate for concessions. It’s just a vocal minority who cry “poverty” when it comes to NFL prices.

  18. I gave up attending the games when a single average ticket cost $130 and nosebleed parking was $35. I love my Sunday NFL Ticket, big leather couch, Samsung flat tv, Bose sound system, friends over, chilli on the stove, meat on the grill, beer in the fridge, my dogs under my feet. Unlikely I will ever go to a another NFL game. Why?

  19. As a fan, I appreciate the gesture but as a citizen it rubs me the wrong way since this is the literal definition of “bread and circus”.

    Not much has changed over a few thousand years, “pay your taxes, don’t ask questions, and we will entertain and feed you.”

  20. So, with the county commissioners’ help, they steal from ALL of the taxpayers, but “give back” to those who buy tickets. How sporting of them.

  21. So if you’re rich enough to afford tickets & parking, you get a perk. Otherwise, to heck with you.

    That’s the generosity of the elite for you.

  22. Better View at home, cheaper booze and the best part is no traffic jam to fight through after! Gone to Cleveland browns stadium many times but always end up thinking this would be better from my couch, plus I can throw up in my own bathroom after we lose again!

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