Jameis Winston closing in on Buccaneers career TD pass record

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Jameis Winston’s first two seasons have provided the Buccaneers with plenty of reason to believe that they found their franchise quarterback when they drafted him with the first overall pick in 2015.

That is something that the Bucs have been trying to find for much of the franchise’s history, something that is well illustrated by how high Winston ranks on the all-time franchise list in several areas after just two years in the league. Winston ranks seventh in completions, passing yards and passing touchdowns and, as Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times points out, is within reach of the touchdown record this year.

Winston has 50 touchdowns through his first two seasons and Josh Freeman has the franchise record with 80 touchdown passes during his time in Tampa. If that seems like a low number, there’s good reason because no other team has a record holder with less than 124 touchdown passes. That team is the Texans, who are led by Matt Schaub and started play in 2002. The Bucs, meanwhile, have been around since 1976.

The notion of Winston throwing 31 touchdowns in 2017 isn’t outlandish given the jump he made from 22 to 28 scores last year and the addition of DeSean Jackson to the receiving corps.

Winston also ranks seventh in career interceptions, but has a lot more ground to make up even after throwing 33 picks in his first two seasons. Vinny Testaverde’s 112 interceptions should remain the Tampa record for a while even as Winston takes over the top spot in several other areas.

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  1. So basically the Bucs have never had a consistently decent QB for more than a few years… Sounds like the Jets

  2. Franchise guy for the Bucs? He’s already there. Elite QB? He could get there if he can learn to stop overthrowing open receivers. That’s the main reason for his INTS.

  3. That’s really eye opening to how much the NFL has changed.

    For the past 11 years the Bucs have been a part of a passing league. The 27 years prior to that they were in a running league. During my youth, James Wilder, Mike Alstott, Warrick Dunn most certainly trumped the Buc’s QB’s back before the “point of emphasis” 2006 rule changes set forth by Bill Polian to help out his Dome QB that couldn’t win outside in the post season.

  4. Can’t believe Doug Williams only played less than 5 full seasons with them and had 73 TD passes – that contract issue/USFL thing was really screwed up.

  5. One of the more incredible things I leaned here is Testaverde’s 112 INTs (to 77TDs) as a Buc. Amazing he stuck around in Tampa as long as he did considering he didn’t have a single season there with more TDs than INTs.

  6. I was surprised to learn it is Josh Freeman that currently holds the record. Last time I saw him on TV, it was a national embarrassment. Then again, it was the Vikings so you could say that I’m being redundant but it was as sad of a performance as I have ever seen.

  7. Wow in 3 years, I guess the Jets aren’t alone with a history of bad QB’s …except for the fact that the Bucs drafted 2 pretty good ones in a row one’s hall famer they didn’t know how to use and another guy that played in the league for 21 seasons .

  8. Now all he has to do is steal it and walk out the front door to some unconscious victims house. Good for him. He’s enabled to do anything he wants.

  9. He’ll take over Vinny’s stat and Big Bens stat with the women !!!

  10. He has a 1.5:1 td:int ratio, a completion percentage under 60, a passer rating in the 80s, a losing record, and no playoff appearances and we’re annointimg him a franchise quarterback? Seems premature, no?

  11. Josh Freeman was a legitimately good QB for a few years and really looked like he was going to be one of the next big young QBs in the league. I look forward to the 30 for 30 on his epic flameout, because he went from pretty great in 2010 (25/6 TD/INT ratio, loads of comebacks, looked awesome) to just utterly imploding a few years later.

    Also, the stat that the career mark is already within reach isn’t shocking. This is a team that in the last 15 years has had starting QBs of Josh McCown, Mike Glennon, rookie Bruce Gradkowski, and Brian Griese on two separate occasions. The Bucs’ QB legacy is awful.

  12. That’s more a reflection on how poor most of the Bucs QBs have been than how good Winston is. The bar is set pretty low on this “record”

  13. I grew up in Tampa. I was suffered through 0-26. I was there for the first home win against the St. Louis Cardinals. 2-26 and the fans stormed the field (beat NO on the road the week prior). Tore down the goalposts. It was like the Super Bowl.

    Since then the Bucs have had SB winning QBs Doug Williams, Trent Dilfer, and Steve Young on the roster. That’s right HOF QB Steve Young was a Buc. It’s been a sad sorry state of affairs in Tampa for a very long time. This post magnifies the pathetic history of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

  14. Pretty surprised that Doug Williams had only 73 TD passes in his 5 seasons in Tampa, I would have guessed many more.

  15. Closing in? He is just past halfway there. At his current pace, he will break the record in 2018

  16. thekillernacho says:
    Jun 29, 2017 8:37 AM
    It’s easy to forget just how bad the Bucs have been historically.


    And somehow they won a Super Bowl with Brad Johnson! I looked it up and Johnson had 64 TDs in 49 games.

  17. Legit insane that he could break a franchise career record for TD passes in 3 seasons.

    Hopefully Winston has a decent career and brings the franchise records to respectable numbers.

  18. That’s almost as bad as having to say Jay Cutler holds your team’s record in TD passes, or Brett Favre is in the top 10 in TD passes for the Minnesota Vikings or that Jim McMahon owns as many Green Bay Packers Super Bowl rings as bears SB rings.

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