Jets have interest in Zach Orr

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The Jets aren’t one of the four unknown teams with whom Zach Orr has visits scheduled, but they apparently have interest in the linebacker. Orr’s agent, Rob Sheets, told the New York Post that he has heard from the Jets and hopes to put “something in the works” to get Orr there for a visit.

Orr is in Detroit and has a visit scheduled Friday with another team and three other trips for next week, Sheets told Baltimore radio station 105.7 The Fan earlier Thursday.

The Jets’ interest in Orr makes sense considering their release of middle linebacker David Harris earlier this month. The Jets have Demario Davis, Bruce Carter and Julian Stanford as candidates to fill the vacancy, but Orr likely would be an upgrade as he led the Ravens with 132 tackles last season.

Orr recently came out of a five-month retirement after additional consultation with doctors about his congenital neck and spine condition.

6 responses to “Jets have interest in Zach Orr

  1. His condition was extremely rare – causing a vertebrae to not fully form. He was originally told playing created a much greater risk of paralysis than for typical players. But now a doc says it’s ok so long as he doesn’t play whilst suffering from any herniated/slipped disc (like the 2 he had last season).

    However, having played (long ago) and having some experience with serious disc trouble (back then and recently), it seems to me to be common sense that an improperly formed vertebrae is likely to be a very weak spot where discs can more easily herniate. If this guy comes back he should be used somewhat sparingly or he will be out injured more than 50% of the time – both he and team would be taking a big risk, hope it doesn’t end in a wheelchair.

  2. If the Jets sign Orr to a multi year contract for market value, are they still considered “tanking”?

    Or can we all finally admit that they are just moving on from aging veterans whose contracts exceeded their value to the team?

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