Ravens haven’t decided whether to pursue Zach Orr, Orr’s agent says

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The Ravens haven’t decided whether to pursue linebacker Zach Orr, according to Orr’s agent.

In an interview with 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore, agent Rob Sheets said the Ravens are conflicted about their leading tackler from last season.

“There are a lot of variables that the Ravens are having to deal with,” Sheets told the radio station, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN. “There’s a lot of internal consternation. One side of the line fighting to get Zach Orr back, and another line saying we need to move on.”

Orr announced plans to return to football after additional consultation with doctors about his congenital neck and spine condition. He retired in January. The Ravens didn’t offer him a tender as a restricted free agent, making Orr an unrestricted free agent.

Orr is visiting the Lions today and meets with another team Friday, according to Sheets, with three additional visits scheduled for next week.

“We’ve spoken to 15 teams,” Sheets told the radio station. “In essence, half the NFL is curious to do their own ‘due diligence’.”

Some Ravens players have pushed for Orr’s return, using social media to make their case.

8 responses to “Ravens haven’t decided whether to pursue Zach Orr, Orr’s agent says

  1. He should sign a one year contract with the Lions. They need linebackers so he’ll play. He can show his stuff and then sign a lucrative long term deal next season.

  2. If he signs it will be a one year deal at the veteran minimum with all kinds of protections for the team. He will only get the injury protections provided for in the CBA. His market value is markedly diminished. Perhaps a team starving for defensive help will overpay for him but I doubt it. Can you imagine the uproar if a team signs him and he sustains a severe, debilitating, lifelong injury? Any team interested in Orr will have him undergo a battery of tests and examinations before any signing takes place. If I were a GM I would advise the young man to retire for good and go home. If you shop around long enough and pay a doctor enough money they will say whatever you want them too. Dude should retire for good.

  3. Considering they’re in cap hell and can’t afford him, Ozzie Newsome just got taken to the Cap Cleaners once again.


    Defense mediocre, no O Line, starting RB suspended, no WRs that scare anyone.

    No TE.


  4. Heading back to the Ravens on a one year deal is an easier way for Orr to prove he’s ready for a big contract. He knows the defense so can jump in and make a bunch of plays right away instead of learning someone else’s D.

    Ultimately just hope his new doctors are looking out for his well being.

  5. He’s looking for a big contract. He’s proven he can play. He’ll have to pass a physical first and I’d imagine any team is going to want an injury clause. Wherever he plays, I hope it goes well for him!

  6. According to the initial doctor’s report, the injury risk isn’t just for paralysis.

    Because it’s the C1 vertabrae that underdeveloped, if Orr gets hit wrong, he dies.

    I wish all the luckj to Orr in the world, but I would not take that risk as a GM, especially if I knew it was a possibility.

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