Giants memorabilia case has a second curious email

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The list of hard-to-explain emails in the memorabilia fraud case against the Giants has doubled, at a minimum.

In addition to the 2010 message from quarterback Eli Manning to Giants equipment director Joe Skiba, in which Manning asks for “2 helmets that can pass as game used” (the Giants claim the email has been taken out of context), an exchange between Skiba and plaintiff Eric Inselberg complicates the effort to establish innocence.

Asked Inselberg, in August 2008: “Hey Joe, my buddy was offered an eli game used helmet and jersey. Are these the ones eli asked you to make up because he didnt [sic] want to give up the real stuff? Let me know because I will tell him correctly so no flags are raised.”

In response, Skiba didn’t say, “What are you talking about?” Instead, Skiba said, “BS ones, you are correct.”

The email exchange is included in the lengthy article from Will Hobson of the Washington Post regarding the lawsuit. Though a September 25 trial date has been delayed, the case is still pending. Absent a settlement or a dismissal, the Giants at some point will have to respond to these and other accusations in court.

29 responses to “Giants memorabilia case has a second curious email

  1. Well. The glorious sheen is off my qb too now. Bright side–he only ripped off some bottom feeders. Not like he gave fake helmets to kids cancer. God I hope not. Lol

  2. Eli Manning will be portraying Sgt. Schultz in the upcoming big screen adaptation of Hogan’s Heroes.

    It will be easy for him as he only has to repeat one sentence over and over.

  3. Where is Goodell on this one? That so important image of his so precious shield. Oh it’s the Giants sweep it under the rug. You have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see that mr squeaky clean Eli was ripping off people. Pathetic .

  4. Though this doesn’t look good for Eli or the equipment manager, doesn’t the plaintiff essentially incriminate himself by admitting he knows the items are fakes?

  5. Roger??…Roger???

    Where are you???…If this was Brady or NE, the Supreme court would already have documents filed.

  6. Glad this is in the courts–NFL can’t cover it up. A lot of integrity issues here, Roger. When it comes time for the NFL to act, the Patriot deflategate penalties should be the starting point.

  7. …This must be, “out of context”, as well.

    Any punishment from Roger would, most definitely be, “out of context”.

    The Mannings are the most entitled scumbags to have graced this league, and yet nobody really seems to care.

    Why is that?

    It turns out that a good portion of people in this country really don’t mind being lied to. I’d say about 34% of them.


  8. “Though a September 25 trial date has been delayed, the case is still pending. Absent a settlement or a dismissal,”

    Isn’t it wonderful in this country how rich people can just settle (pay back) when they get caught committing a crime.
    If Eli was selling fake stuff because he didn’t want to give up real stuff, he should be in jail. Along with those that help him.
    But that is not going to happen. He will “settle” .

  9. redclaw1314 says:
    Jun 30, 2017 6:21 AM
    Glad this is in the courts–NFL can’t cover it up. A lot of integrity issues here, Roger. When it comes time for the NFL to act, the Patriot deflategate penalties should be the starting point.
    You mean like when the courts found Brady innocent but you still believe the NFL cover-up?? 1st court found Brady innocent (when NFL admitted no evidence), 2nd court merely determined Goodell’s rights under the CBA to arbitrate his own rulings and suspend as he sees fit – it did NOT rule Brady guilty and yet you and many haters still believe NFL lies. The phone? – that doesn’t destroy texts. Brady offered logs which Goodell refused but he accepted logs in the Zeke Elliott investigation.

  10. What a cheapskate, he makes $20 million a year and peddles his uniform. People who buy this aren’t all bottom feeders as one jerk commented, some people collect it and never will sell it, keeping it in their family for generations.

  11. The big questions are how will Eli do in prison, and how many tattoos will he get.

  12. I wonder if these were not sold but were give aways? Like it was promised to some annoying, but important person on the team staff or in the NFL who probably didn’t really deserve it, so they gave them fakes to shut them up and get them to leave you alone? If so, not as big of a deal. If they were sold, then yes, throw the book at him and as someone said earlier, look at the Minnesota coach that sold tickets and Brady fake deflate gate fiasco as the starting point. Maybe it was to an NFL staff person and that is why Goodell is quiet on this one! It would be hilarious if it happened to Goodell!

  13. What an idiot, imagine if this was Tom Brady though…be headlines news. Instead…I bet he gets off with a warning or not even a response from Goodell

  14. There is already more evidence against E-Lie than there ever was against Brady, and more sinister at that, not to mention this isn’t just integrity of the game BS, this is real fraud. But yet, E-lie isn’t getting smeared through the mud here. I really don’t get it.

    Forget whether you like the Pats or hate the Pats. Brady was accused of violating rules that slant the field of play in his teams favor. I get why people would absolutely be disgusted by that. But the accusations against him were only inside the lines of a game. The accusations against E-Lie are criminal, outside the lines. And yet, its crickets from the people that acted like Brady bombed a children’s hospital cancer treatment

  15. Report comment
    boxscore20k says:
    Jun 30, 2017 3:46 AM
    Where is Goodell on this one?
    I can answer that – the Giants (and Eli) are the Patriot’s kryptonite. Roger will do nothing as long as the Patriots are in contention for the SB. Also, John Mara holds Roger’s puppet strings, so there’s that too.

  16. Eli is a scumbag and a theif plain n simple. This should b brought up any time prople talk about him like they do with other athletes who get in trouble. This multimillionaire robbed HIS FANS. Not some randoms, his fans. That is beyond improbable and disgusting.

  17. I think the New York Nightmara Family Crime Syndicate should be fined $500 million and lose all draft picks for five years for this obvious criminal conduct.

    I say this since the Nightmaras wanted to fabricate a salary cap in an uncapped year that could not be supported by anything and that family lobbied to punish teams in the same division. Since the Nightmare team is strict constructionists to the law, we can only conclude that the book be thrown at them.

    And we should also have any wins that they might have in those five years thrown out and a ban for five years from the playoffs as a result.

    This is criminal conduct – outright fraud – and that makes the charges against the Redskins and Cowpies as lightweight in comparison.

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