High school player says he’ll announce his college on NFL Network

Getty Images

As college football recruiting has grown into a big business that draws interest from millions of fans, top high school players routinely get air time on ESPN to announce their college choices. Now one high school star says NFL Network is getting in on the action.

Ja’Marr Chase, a wide receiver who is mulling offers from LSU, TCU and Tennessee, wrote on Twitter today that he will make an announcement on Monday at a football camp in Oregon. He says NFL Network will televise the announcement and his family will be watching in Louisiana.

“I am pushing my commitment Day back so my family can watch. It’ll be on NFL Network,” Chase wrote.

PFT reached out to NFL Network to ask for confirmation of the plans and did not receive a response. If NFL Network is really getting in on the recruiting game, that would be a surprising decision, as the league has typically tried to avoid any actions that would give the appearance of trying to professionalize amateur football.