Kenny Wiggins doesn’t intend to hand starting job to Chargers rookie guards

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The Los Angeles Chargers drafted guards with two of their first three draft picks in May.

But Kenny Wiggins wants to make it clear that he’s not going to step aside and just hand Forrest Lamp and Dan Feeney starting jobs either. Wiggins, who has appeared in 28 games with nine starts for the Chargers over the last two seasons, intends to put up a fight.

Obviously they’re good players,” Wiggins said in a story for the team’s website. “They got drafted where they got drafted for a reason. But I’m not the kind of guy to just roll over and let them take the job. They’ve got to go through me first. That’s my mentality. I’m ready for the challenge. I understand they’ll get every opportunity that I didn’t get as a rookie. I’m OK with that because I should have played better in college. But right now, this is my spot to lose.”

Wiggins was an undrafted free agent out of Fresno State in 2011 and spent three years trying to crack the active roster of an NFL team. He was signed by the Baltimore Ravens in 2011 and spent two years trying to earn a spot with the San Francisco 49ers before landing with the Chargers in 2013 after being let go by the 49ers at the end of training camp.

The right guard spot had been his this offseason prior to the selections of Lamp and Fenney during the draft. But just because they were highly drafted players, Wiggins is going to make them beat him out for the job.

“They are both good players and people,” Wiggins said. “I hold no animosity at all. They are doing what they were brought in here to do, and I’ll help them however I can. We’re part of a team, and we want to win games. But I look at the starting spot as my spot to lose.”