Ravens tight end Darren Waller suspended for a year

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The NFL continued its streak of holiday weekend news dumps, and the Ravens continued a streak of bad luck at the tight end position.

The league announced tight end Darren Waller was suspended for at least a year for violating the league’s policy on substances of abuse. He can participate in training camp and the preseason, but his punishment will begin at the start of the regular season.

He was suspended the first four games of last season for a similar violation, but caught 10 passes in the next 12 games. He talked about his marijuana use after his last suspension, but there’s no announced cause for this violation.

There were other personal issues, and [marijuana] was the one thing I always turned to,” Waller said last fall, via the team’s official website. “It was just about finding more positive outlets for me to do, like talking to people about it and things like that. I’m definitely at a better place with that now.

“It’s knowing that it’s bigger than me around here. When I’m here, it’s not a problem. I work hard and am involved in everything and positive. But when I leave here, am I still taking that mindset with me wherever I go?”

The Ravens already lost tight end Dennis Pitta to a likely career-ending hip injury this offseason, leaving them thin there, and counting on the return of Benjamin Watson.

14 responses to “Ravens tight end Darren Waller suspended for a year

  1. lol

    Yeah, it was just weed you were suspended for. Sure. Sure.

    Just like Von Miller, TWICE, even though it was amphetamine in his system.

  2. What is the use of playing in the preseason, way I understand it, contracts are only paid once the season starts.

  3. He gone!

    But seriously… what a moron. You’re already a bubble player transferring to a new position (former WR) and our TE corp is already depleted.

    You blew your chance buddy…. c ya!

  4. Maybe Eric Wexdle can play tight end…seems like he can do everything (from playing safety and recruiting free agents) except cover Hogan and tackle Antonio Brown on the goal line.

  5. The new theme song for the NFL should be:

    …..whachoo gonna do when they come for you …. bad boys bad boys…….

    It’s hard for me to believe that drugs hold such a power over these young men that they are willing to jeopardize making millions of dollars just to get high.

    No matter how anyone feels about drugs, the fact is they control the person using them, it’s not the way around.

  6. Amazing how we never hear of anyone failing a test for coke, crack, heroin, or anything else but weed. Since, of course, the Adderall excuse stopped working. lets see the test results, Waller. The league may not be allowed to even say what you really did but you can make your results public.

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