Report: NFL players warned about possible financial scam

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The NFL Players Association has warned players about a possible financial scam involving a Chicago-area tax adviser, according to Alex Marvez of the Sporting News.

Per Marvez, the NFLPA issued a security alert Friday about three tax advisory firms operated or controlled by John Richard Burgess after receiving inquiries from players. One player was assessed a fee of $500,000 for services from one of the entities, the NFLPA said.

The NFLPA has a detailed history of criminal charges and fraud claims against Burgess dating to 1988, according to Marvez. The NFLPA, though, said in its memo to current and former members that it was for “informational purposes” and did not claim illegality against Burgess.

The union tries to help players avoid exploitation by financial advisers, though it remains an ongoing problem.

4 responses to “Report: NFL players warned about possible financial scam

  1. Good for the NFLPA. They obviously can’t monitor the finances of all players as they are grown men, but they ought to be consulted and provide advice.

  2. Can only trust one person with your money. Yourself. Players have to learn basic financial management skills and keep a short leash on advisors. Can’t trust anyone. If you are a public figure with multiple millions of dollars you are a target.

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